Zeldin shares takeaways from ex-Trump adviser’s testimony

Zeldin shares takeaways from ex-Trump adviser’s testimony

100 thoughts on “Zeldin shares takeaways from ex-Trump adviser’s testimony

  1. You dont need to wait for Pelosi to hold a vote… they keep saying this is an impeachment inquiry…so act like it… start sending out subpoenas and make up your own rules just like the Dem's are.

  2. It is going on behind closed doors but Republicans are on the other side of it too. When the investigations are over the charges will be made and then defendant testimony can start.


  4. The Democrat Party is committing a Hostile Act of WAR on Americans! On ME! On MY FAMILY! ON ALL OF US!. Treason!

  5. President Trump outplayed these Democrats by releasing the transcript of his call with the Ukrainian President. This torpedoed the Democrats' plan to leak the whistleblower's lies in a drip by drip fashion. Oops.

  6. There's a reason why Adam Schiff is in control here… the American voters chose that in the Midterms…
    The Republicans can't be trusted.
    It's like one of those cheesy horror movies, the killer is inside the house, and it's Trump.

  7. FULL TRANSPARENCY,?? WOULD'NT THAT BE CALLED OUT AS FAKE NEWS??… rep/dem, right/wrong, good/bad, true/false. its all the same, aint it…

  8. I’m so pissed Off that this Schiff demon is not being held accountable for anything And this corruption is being!
    When will the rule of law take place here !! What the hell is going on we are going to fight back expect us

  9. Do we need to storm Congress and make them tell us what the hell is going on and why they are not following the rule of law?? This is disgusting example of injustice! We are raising up expect us to fight back

  10. We know you're / Trump / Republican's, are all being treated unfairly, wrongly, unconstitutionally. What are / is the Government prepared to do about it? You suggest the people should not accept this and they don't, if you mean the people should do something like protecting the constitution (something the government is paid to do) then what do people need government for?

  11. The American public is demanding fairness, but if those representing us are not allowed to voice our demands, what are we to do, storm the halls of government? That might just be what it's going to take!

  12. Look even if you think trump should be impeached, this isn't the way to do it. This under the table impeachment hearing doesn't look at all legitimate. This looks like a midnight coup. We are not Zimbabwe. We have rules and traditions. Get off the TDS Koolaid and do this impeachment right.

  13. Hey Zelda. Go tell Trump to be transparent. Release his taxes and stop stonewalling Congress. You pathetic hypocrite.

  14. Breaking news Fox news is the new national inquirer. Be on the lookout for more information about nothing. If you find some facts about the inquiry please make the facts more appealing to the Fox news audience which love conspiracy theories.

  15. before with russia you guys said "there is no collusion", now trump is asking foreign countries to investigate biden out in the open, that is by definition colluding with a foreign country to influence an American election, but now you guys say "well there's nothing wrong with that". trump has you guys degrading your own values right in front of your own eyes. on top of that selling out the Kurds!! I mean trump has his base showering under his golden stream. but none of that matters because the glue that holds trump's base together is their collective hatred of central and south Americans, and nothing else matters to trump's base, not integrity, not honesty, not loyalty, not morality, not religious devotion; trumps base only values hate. putin wins in a divided America, he knows it, he engineered it, he's trying to maintain it, but trump's base is to blind to see that, they rather focus on their hate.

  16. When they want to do things behind closed doors it reminds me of another time…… remember the Dems were all crafting the health care bill behind closed doors without one Repub. allowed to participate. How do they get away with this #%&!.

  17. Steady hands? Those would be "his little fists" that beat Will Bottom and insulted his "stuff" for not going deep enough or hard enough. And our TAX DOLLARS paid the settlement. Schiff is LIDDL' different from Ed Buck the serial killer. Both enjoy abusing young black men. Maybe reliving slavery days?

  18. President Trump is being denied Due Process a constitutional right. Why is this being allowed?
    What can be done to stop this make it up as they go inquiry without a full house vote? We know the full house vote on impeachment would expose the vulnerable 2020 democrats and flip the house. That should be no reason to let this concocted conte go on any longer.

  19. Please remove "News" from "Fox News." It is misleading many Americans who actually believe this broadcast provides facts. Fox "News" is now pure propaganda for Trump. This is "Trump TV." Almost 100% are opinion commentators not employed to be factual (AKA report the news) but who serve essentially to suck up to the President of the US. In 2019.

  20. And Zeldin, you are gonna "eat crow" as THE WORLD continues to recognize the corruption with current White House. Trump is going down. Big time. Bummer.

  21. Maybe you Trump supporters should be worried about the 50 American nuclear warheads stored at Incirlik Air Base in Turkey. Just 70 miles from the Syrian boarder. WHAT!? You don't hear about that fact on FOX News? Of course not… FOX and Trump lie to you about whats really going on. Idiots.

  22. For the Dem’s this is exactly how they want it, solely partisan. Civilian Democrats and Congressional Democrats alike. All they want is cherry picked facts to make the President look exceptionally bad all while they use this as a distraction to hide their exceptionally bad candidates. They operate on the assumption of guilt and the motto of guilty until proven innocent. One wrinkle though, Trump could never be innocent(down the rabbit hole we go!) and the whistleblower will never testify.

  23. Is shift KGB sleeper? These processes (Kangaroo Impeachment Coup d'etat) are more like what would happen to a russian citizen, or chinese citizen when they antagonized against the communist party propaganda. No due process, no accused rights to defend one self, no cross examination of accusers, WTH! Socialists if you get your way this will be the new norm of justice and freedom in the USA!

  24. The Democrats know Trump will be re-elected and they are doing the only thing they can do now to prevent that, impeachment, too bad for them the Senate is under Republican control, so even if Trump is impeached, the Senate will not play along, , maybe Romney will vote to Impeach since he is jealous of Trump successful bid to the presidency, but they will not convict him, since there is no crime, this is an illusion created by the democrats and the liberal media

  25. Just like Obama's health care bill..we will read it after we vote it in…these people are never held accountable…a double minded man is unstable in every way.

  26. Ok…I am demanding it!Can't let the blind lead the blind.If they are going to impeach The President of the United States of America,we the people,need to know how and why!?!

  27. The whistle blower is CIA that worked in the white house under Joe biden! He also travelled to Ukraine with vice president Joe biden..

  28. The Democ-rats' baseless, secretive, behind-closed-doors malicious coup attempt which they don't even have the balls to vote is bound to FAIL and fail miserably. The more Democ-rats try to take down President Trump not in an election, the bigger Trump's re-election VICTORY will be.

  29. Please Republicans go on a full blown offensive against everyone involved in this unconstitutional crap – why are you allowing this to happen – please be clear when I say republicans I mean congress and senate – I only see a few fighting for America – where are all the big blow hards that beat their chests and act like they are super human or King Kong – then absolutely nothing – Lou Dobbs has pegged you people exactly right – a lot of talk and DO NOTHING – someone please get a great attorney and go after all of them – the democrats are thumbing their noses at you –
    I see the same thing going on with this Kurd pullout, if you call it that less than 50 American troops – I repeat less than 50 American troops in that area,I am sick of hearing all these talking heads tells everyone this is a complicated situation – it is NOT – I believe the Turks were going in and we had less than 50 troops in that area and we moved them out of harms way but at the same time warned turkey there will be repercussions. They didn’t care about that – they have been fighting these people way before I was born (68) – turkey don’t like these guys and they don’t like turkey. When you come right to the situation and take all the emotion out of the decision President Trump made it very clear – HE WILL NOT PUT AMERICAN SERVICE MEN & WOMEN IN HARMS WAY – HE WAS VERY CLEAR THAT HE DOES NOT WANT TO HAVE TO MEET THE PARENTS AND COFFINS OF THOSE THAT HAVE LOST THEIR LIVES BECAUSE THEY WERE ORDERED TO GO AND FIGHT 7-10,000 MILES FROM THEIR HOMES AND IN MOST CASES NOT REALLY KNOWING WHY! I can hear the war hawks – that is what we pay them for – BS – no that is what you get paid for by many different funders – give it time and lets see what happens – keep you eyes peeled and ears to the ground for some strange happenings!!!

  30. OMG: From the Constitution According to the dems… “The RULING House of Representatives shall chose their Speaker and other Officers; and shall have the sole Power of Impeachment” … oops that’s the Shiff, Pelosi version the real written word which does NOT INCLUDE “RULING” or majority, or whatever else … MOST IMPORTANTLY read the opening paragraph of the Constitution…

  31. Does the Left think anyone but their hardcore radical core believes one single word they or their lapdog the Fake News says? They are running scared and the IG report and Barr/Durham are about to break things wide open. 'Where's Hunter?" I'd like to ask 'Where's Obama?" I think they all have their fuel-wasting climate-changing private jets on standby to get their traitorous fannies out of the country fast if need be.

  32. Constitution opening paragraph … starts with “WE THE PEOPLE …” ; do you all think the latest witch hunt measures up to “perfect union”, “establish Justice”, “insure domestic Tranquillity” or how about this “…and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and Posterity…” how do you feel that this President will stand up AGAINST corruption; tell the world that America will NOT tolerate the persecution of “Religious or LGBTQ” persons or anyone(De Opresso Liber); actually protect our borders, STAND UP for America, put ALL AMERICANS back to work; PROTECTS AGAINST THE ONSLAUGHT TO THE CONSTITUTION and PROTECTS Americans REPUBLIC against SOCIALISM and COMMUNISM, etc, etc, etc

  33. It is up to you Republicans to legally do whatever it takes to crush these illegal acts by the Democrats. You have to be smarter. Being right is not enough.

  34. Adam Schiff was the leader of the current Democrat Coup Attempt !!!!! How in HELL can he be leading the Impeachment Process !!!!!!
    I put words in the Presidents Mouth. This should be stopped now before We The People Take Control, and remove ALL Democrat Politicians.
    Vote and replace all Democrat Politicians in 2020 !!!!

    A quote by Cicero in the year (43 B.C) while he was addressing the Roman Senate:

    "A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot
    survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable,
    for he is known and carries his banners openly. But the traitor moves
    amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling
    through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself.
    For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar
    to his victims, and he wears their face and their garments, and he
    appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He
    rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night
    to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so
    that it can not longer resist. A murderer is less to be feared."

  35. Yeah, just pure Hypocrite Retardican spin from a sure loser in the 2020 election. Lining up job with Faux News.

  36. this guy is a propaganda moron. they try to make this partisan which it has nothing to do with. anybody we elect break the law we should get rid of them. so simple.

  37. This is a broken Government and media. It's getting to the point that it really doesn't matter what side you're on. It's just broken.

  38. Thanks congressman Zeldin❣️
    You and some other republican politicians keep speaking out about this craziness by Schiff and fantasy illegal democrats activities. All real congressmen and senators NEED to keep speaking up.
    We Americans can all see you and your fellow representatives anger, disgust and frustration with these clowns and their show. Keep telling Americans over and over about the sham this fool Schiff is attempting to perpetrate. We Americans are silently watching and those who do this will be called to account when voting.
    Remember what happens when GOOD MEN SAY/DO NOTHING.

  39. Republican traitors obstructed the Russia investigation. They don't want the truth. They want to interfere and obstruct the investigation. The corrupt lying traitors of the GOP are going down. Brace for impact.

  40. This whole impeachment thing was a fictitious invention of the Democrat's far left, you can't have evidence for a fiction by definition, you can only manufacture "evidence" to support a fiction. Mr. Schiffe appears to be the Democrats manufacturer in chief.

  41. Schiff has immunity only in the house. He acknowlege on face of the Nation that he was not transparent does that not violate the immunity

  42. Funny stuff. That's not what Republicans in Congress were saying when Clinton was getting impeached. Hypocrites. All of them.

  43. The Democrats represent the FED. If Trump does not stand against the FED he is just a puppet as well as the democrats. Defund the Democrats leftists there to dangers to be funded. Size assets on the Democratic party. Just get rid of the Democrats. Replace them with a civilized party like the independent party. Impeach the Democrats and throw them in Jail. Democrats are scared that the investigation on them is getting to close so there using projection to try to win. I would like to know why the media aren't going after the democrats like they are with the Republicans? not questions to the democrat but a how a lot to the republicans hmhmhmhm double standers in a big way the media sound like hyenas to the Republicans. I pray to Jesus are God, that Trump will bring forth all the truth about all things.

  44. why are all these republican congressmen such traitors. I hope they pay for their treachery at the next election.

  45. Republican voters must march in thousands to Schiffs office and demand open and fare process . Sitting still is not going to help .

  46. Trump originally wanted to run as a Democrat.
    Imagine how different you would feel about him then. I wonder if Trump would have fanatical Democrat supporters or if the Democrat voters would be smart enough to see his bs a mile away like they do now. Seriously, if everything was the same except he was a Democrat, how would each side feel?

  47. Zeldin come out of the hearing and stuff like. "If I was in a hearing just like this I'd loved to have asked the ambassador. What do you know about the Ukrainian prosecutors who tried to get VISAS to speak with the US department of justice about US – Ukrainian corruption? Was this in your purview? Did you obstruct? What about these reports of extreme bias? And America I'd have loved to tell you what she said but Mr Schiff wont let me…"

  48. I don't get American politics. How is it possible that one party can run so unchecked with no consequesnces? It doesn't make sense. The Dems seem to have so much more power over Republicabs

  49. You guys should start leaking as well before is too late STOP explaining and be on the offense Adam SCHIFF don't care about your grumbles, he prefers Civil war in the U.S. than a TRUMP victory

  50. Dirty Donny Dinky Digits got a "beautiful thank-you note" from Putin as US troops were actually utilized to ensure safe passage for the Russian troop reconfigurations in northern Syria.

  51. The whistleblower must be produced before house speaker and why Nancy Pelosi not bringing out the whistleblower before house and why Republican house/senate are such coward's? How Lindsay Graham, Mitch Mc Connell did not move house President for producing the whistleblower of Adam Schiff? How many whistleblowers there in Democrat's?

  52. Republican's trying to fly-by-night on a wing and a prayer for the most criminal President in History!
    If only a miracle could change Trump's crimes to anything that represented a real benefit to America.
    Trump is owned by Russia and all he has done in Ukraine and now Syria…aid only Russia…not America.
    Trump while he was holding back $400 Million in aid to Ukraine…criminally aided Russia. TRUMP IS NOT FIT TO LEAD THIS NATION!!

  53. A-Damn Schiff is the lying leaker, he is behind the overthrow of our Republic and Constitution and Martial Law should be induced and Him and Nadler should be arrested and indicted for High Treason against OUR Republic!

  54. The DemonRat/Communist voters must be EXTREMELY stupid and EXTREMELY gullible. The Satanic DemonRats are EVIL ON STEROIDS. Deceit, lies, propaganda and treachery are their modes of operation.


  56. What ever way you want to look at it… false charges against the President when the world sees the injustice and pretend politicians who have gotten away with stealing the taxpayers money for pretending to dodge bullets in nam and another who led the spartacans, also the multi millionaire Democrat club who got there from a government salary??? I don't think so!

  57. Is there not a mechanism in place that can simply pull the plug on this corrupt process? If not, make it law when the republicans re-take the house, and at the same time take oddballs like McConnell out of the picture because he and others obfuscate the deeper and broader needs of the populace. Once this is over and tanked, the presidency and sanity must plan for this not ever happening again! Fairness is not this issue here! Integrity is not fair, it's real and true. So much wasted energy but the swamp under the past 3 or 4 presidents needs draining and left behind as the hoax, scandal and horror show that it is.

  58. Since Trump is such a prolific corruption investigator, I assume he is the point person on an investigation into Giuliani.

  59. They didn't find a steady hand in Schiff, they already knew he was a professional liar, leaker and completely dishonest individual.

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