ZedFull Auto Programmer *UPDATE* | Mr. Locksmith™ Video

ZedFull Auto Programmer *UPDATE* | Mr. Locksmith™ Video

– Welcome back to my YouTube channel. Several years ago, I think
I was the second person to actually purchase
the brand new Zed-FULL and I was at one of the, uh, car shows. (Dramatic Intro Music) Over two years ago, I did a
video saying that this was one of the worst locksmith
investments I have ever done. And I stand by that and it sat on a shelf for years and years. Pulled it out for the video two years ago cause I was pissed looking at it. So, what’s happened is with
the, uh, MVP controversy, and if you don’t know about that, that’s another video for another time, uh, I used the MVP pro and I used the Hotwire. We’re a little fed up with
the subscription through MVP we thought we’d test this again. We’ve been using this now,
we’ve bought the subscription. We’ve been using it. 95% of
the cars in North America that we’ve been taking this to, it works. It’s been actually working fantastic. So, at the moment, I am extremely
happy with our Zed-FULL. Took them 5 years to do it,
again we were one of the first people to buy this, purchase
it, use it, and said it was a flop, and we took a
lot of crap over that, but we are a for profit locksmith company. We have to go out there and
we have to make keys to stuff. If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. This, now, works extremely well. To the point, now, where
I’ve replaced the MVP Pro, dropped my subscription to
that, and using the Zed-FULL and still using the Hotwire.
Cause what’s still interesting, there’s not one program where
that will do everything. In an older Mustang, this
would not program it. Took out the Hotwire, it programmed it. Same day, we did another older Mustang. Took out the Hotwire, the
Hotwire wouldn’t program it. Took the Zed-FULL, it programmed it. So, at the moment, I’m
happy with the Zed-FULL. It’s getting I’m getting my money’s worth on my subscription, I’m happy with it. Now, follow up to my
videos, just had a brand new AutoProPad basic and
we’re trying that out. So, uh, watch the videos,
we’re gonna do some test runs on it and let’s see how it goes. (chuckles) I’m not gonna
recommend it or say it’s good or say it’s bad, don’t
know at all on that one. Testing it, let’s see how it
does for a couple of months. This one took over 5
years. It’s now doing okay and is doing 95% of our stuff. Now, we’re not heavy
into the European cars, I’m talking North American and
Japanese and the Korean stuff is kinda hit and miss at the moment on everything, everywhere,
so we’re a little bit, uh, the Korean stuff is a
little bit different. But again, getting heavy getting
start looking getting more Beamers, but for right now,
North American cars, Japanese, uh, be extremely happy with this so far. So, Zed-FULL, took you a long time, but I’m quite happy with it at the moment. Let’s see if we can find something better. I still don’t really like a subscription, I understand it, you have
to have current software, up to date, uh, let’s see what happens. But, again, yes, would
I recommend buying it? One machine doesn’t do it.
I like it, it’s up to you, there’s a lot of good
products out there now. Basically it’s boiling down between my opinion at the moment,
uh, this is now July 2019. Uh, MVP, I don’t like
their subscription model, maybe it’s gonna be
cheaper coming up soon. Uh, the Hotwire, always
liked it, great interface, uh, gonna have to do something about that subscription model
though, and the Zed-FULL, uh, it seems to be quite fair. And then we have all
these new ones coming out and let’s see what happens with that, we’re gonna test a few.
And, again, I’m for profit, don’t throw rocks at me saying it doesn’t the other video was bad, it didn’t work it works now, happy with it. Okay. So, watch my upcoming videos
on the other new programmers we’re trying out. Okay, have a good day. I hope you enjoyed watching this video. Subscribe to my channel.
Also visit my website and you can see what
online locksmith training I have for beginners,
intermediate, and advance as well as my covert methods of entry and my non-destructive methods of entry. (Dramatic theme music)

8 thoughts on “ZedFull Auto Programmer *UPDATE* | Mr. Locksmith™ Video

  1. AutoProPad Basic is THE best value programmer on the market. We have a Zedfull, MVP, TKO, ProPad, and ProPad basic. ProPad basic will handle 90% to 95% of cars.

  2. I think you were, as you stated one of the first ones onboard with the Zed-Full, you gave it a fair review, it was buggy, and had problems. Then it turned into an excellent machine, and you caught alot of flack for that, as your viewers did not understand the time frame. I use an Auto Pro Pad myself. And the VVDI Mini Key Tool is quite amazing as well. If your not familiar with that one, you need to check it out. It generates transponder chips, remotes, and clones, it's super cheap (150$) and Xhorse has a "Super Chip" XT27 universal transponder chip that does more then anyone before. If your going to be doing BMW be prepared to start EPROM, all you need is an AK90.. 50 bucks on Ebay. You'll need to brush up on your soldering and de-solering skills however. Not for the faint of heart. Don't think you'll be doing much BMW though OBDII.

  3. I really appreciate your new updated video on zed-full.
    I’m waiting for your advice on
    AUTEL maxim608 VS ZEDFULL

  4. Interested to see a video on the auto pro pad. 3 years ago I stopped using the MVP because it was to expensive and whent to Smartbox. It's not perfect but the few jobs I can't do I well make up for in savings. And when I say few were talking maybe a 1% from the mvp

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