Zach & Shaun Shelter RexRed (gay romance)

Zach & Shaun Shelter RexRed (gay romance)

The first time ever I saw your face I thought the sun rose in your eyes And the moon and the stars were the gifts you gave To the dark and endless skies my love To the dark and empty skies And the first time ever I kissed your mouth I felt the earth move in my hand Like the trembling heart of a captive bird That was there at my command my love That was there And the first time ever I lay with you And felt your heart so close to mine Mine And I knew our joy would fill the earth And would last till the end of time my love It would last till the end of time The first time ever I saw your face Your face, your face

65 thoughts on “Zach & Shaun Shelter RexRed (gay romance)

  1. Dear Rex Red, Keep making 'em the way you want, according to your philosophy and values , you lovely guy, you. Oh there I go flattering you again! Oh dear!

  2. Hola RexRed buenas tardes… me encanto!!! Tu como siempre tan selectivo y romantico en tus videos, se nota que eres un chico super romántico, el romantisismo es un sentimiento más bello y sublime cuando nos nace del corazón, muy pocos son bueno somos, yo me condidero y soy super romántico, como tú. Bienvenido el amor (lover is Love). 💕💘💕 Felicidades mi estimado amigo. Saludos desde Lima_Perú. 👍

  3. Dear RexRed, We all like love and romance, and we love beautiful classic love songs too. Lovely guys, lovely barefeet, lovely, beautiful bodies wonderful love and a terrific relationship I think your romantic nature, like love itself, will last to the end of time.

  4. The song!! Thank you so much. I love this song and I think you made another hit with it. You're great man. And the superb high quality of those bed close-ups!!! I was there!!! LOL. OK, that was just a first impression, now to enjoy it many times…

  5. There is no way you can go wrong RexRed with such a great mix of improved quality images and a beautiful version of "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" by George Michael, that you've given us here, of what I'm sure, many of us consider the best gay film. Congratulations and keep giving us more of you splendid work.

  6. Dear RexRed, I keep playing this video to hear this marvelous version of this classic song! You have used to great effect with this video to great a very romantic experience.

  7. This movie is one of the best ones I’ve ever seen. Almost every gay movie is so damm sad. This was a beautiful one. Saludos Brasil!!!

  8. If the world should stop revolving spinning slowly down to die. I would spend the end with you, and when the world was through. Then one by one the stars would all go out, then you and I would simply fly away ……

  9. Oh my goodness this movie makes me cry and makes me jealous. Everyyime I watch all the movie which rexred made I've always thought that I hope yhere would be have mine too , I mean the partner.

  10. Brace yourself….
    My emotions are turning around and around… this body of work needs to be transcend into mainstream tv. If you've ever wanted to know how it's done.
    – line starts here

  11. I bought this beautiful film when it come out in 2007, and I have seen it nearly 30 times and I’m still start crying because of this very beautiful story. ❤️.
    This gay movie is absolutely a masterpiece , who describes a really true and a genuine love story between this two persons, Zach & Shaun .

    And this music of George Michael’s rendition of “The First Time I Saw Your Face” remastered by you RexRed is doing this video absolutely more amazing and beautifully. Thank you for making my number 1 gay film ever, even more beautiful ❤️

  12. Ok, watching this after my relationship just ended was not the best idea I ever had, many tears have flown, this was wonderful, its always bwen my favourite film xx

  13. Aquí hay alguien que hable español? Me gustaría saber si a aquí en youtuber puedo encontrar esa película ,Ya me mandaron el nombre pero para buscarlo en Google

  14. Welcome to the "Flock of Angels" gay romance channel! This channel is for you. 🌹 Please keep your comments sweet and loving. 💖 You can help support my new game channel "RexRedGamer" by subscribing here.

  15. Life can be glorious at times, and I remember when those moments where happening, they were special, frightening, lonesome a lot of feelings. I always felt that I didn't appreciate them at the time, since I was actually there. But I also knew that once it was gone, the feelings, would simply fade. So, much of who I thought I was has been replaced by the one writing this now. Those days that I remember where glorious, and I miss them dearly. But they did what I wanted and needed, they exposed my ideas to reality and here I am know I was once something else, something young, strong and confident, today some one who is still strong and confident, just now with memories. I still want to save the world, but I can't save myself. Strange what our goals actually end up being, probably nothing we thought they might we when we were just 21 years old.

  16. Shelter- una de mis películas , y la 1 que vi, hace como 5 años además me siento muy identificado , reveindicativa también con respecto a la adopción…Surf and love!!!!

  17. This was one of the best gay movies made. Next to Broke back mountain. George Michael just seals this movie with his ooooohhh,so smooth touching voice. Tears.

  18. One of all time greats… own the DVD (almost worn out)… just knew you'd have it here with beautiful music…. my evening is set…. working through your channel… sorry for my constant comments… a true lover of all great (& even unhappy ending) LGBTQ movies….. Have you done Sauvage / Theo&Hugo / Boys – both versions! / Eastern Boys / Green Butterflies / Wishmakers or Eating Out 2 (so sad Michael ER Walker chose to leave our world – a beautiful compilation would be a nice memory of him RIP- a lost soul)

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