Your Legacy Will Inspire - Leadership Nudge #255

Your Legacy Will Inspire – Leadership Nudge #255

I want to talk about an organization that's really good at using their legacy to inspire the current generation I had a chance to be at Sandhurst recently the british military academy and you see these regimental colors and they have all these banners on them these banners represent the battles that the regiment has fought in so for example there's a regiment to fight on waterloo they fight at the Somme they fought in world war ii they also finally against the Americans at the in the war of American independence we won't hold that against them and when you see these things there's this visible and visceral reaction because we can picture the people who came before us we want to uphold their legacy and what they've done to get us to where we are today and that's what creates the inspiration so that's the kind of organizational story that we want to use to create inspiration for today's generation I'm David market that's your leadership nudge you

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