You. Must. Vote.

You. Must. Vote.

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  1. Am I the only person under 18 who's really excited to vote? like I can't wait to be able to decide how our country is run. It seems like the coolest privilege ever.

  2. Thank you for speaking up for voting. I hope you did in 2016, too (I think John might have, but I forget until I get back to that time as I work through all your videos.)

  3. i dont vote for anything I could careless about this stupid government they dont control me i control me

  4. I feel like for the past few elections, I have not voted FOR someone so much as voted AGAINST someone. As the two main parties seem ever more unwilling to cooperate with each other on anything, this is increasingly the case. I find myself voting for someone I don’t really want only because that person has the best chance of beating someone I like even less, and my desire to keep someone I think poses a real threat to the future out of office outweighs any other concern. Does anyone else feel this way?

  5. This is a really good video but a bigger problem of American democracy is the two party system like why? Most people are scared to vote for independents or libertarians because they think they're not gonna win anyway but exactly like Hank said, multiply that by the total number of people who vote, now it matters. So if you like an independent, vote for them. Especially in the 2016 election a lot of people agreed that both the republican and democratic nominees were terrible, and yet people barely voted for third parties. If you dislike both red and blue, and want to vote green, vote Green. It matters.

  6. In my opinion, you should only vote if you're extremely confident without doubts on who to choose, cause if you're like that, that means you spent a lot of time thinking, and probably chosen what's best.

  7. An American's vote does matter due to the electoral collage and the electors are made to vote for what the people want.

  8. One vote can matter as shown by the fact that Aaron Burr lost to Thomas Jefferson by one vote… Alexander Hamilton's vote…

  9. 0:39 Hank, yes, wealthy businessmen get 1 vote, but the 538 electors who actually decide the president get one vote too. Plus if literally all I'm voting for is the elector to actually elect the president, and the vote I cast doesn't elect the president, what is the point of voting?

  10. first L: Bruh. SuperPACs and Lobbyists buy out politicians and electoral votes. That's why the shit seems rigged. Just because technically Koch and I each get '1' vote doesn't mean anything in praxis.

    second L: Yeah, I can marry a white womyn, but I still am more likely to get convicted for a crime than a white person. LGBTQI+ rights aren't solved just because same-sex marriage is a thing. We still invade places and bomb them to take resources or advance political interests. Those things will not change just because you vote for Jill Stein or whatever.

    third L: So many things make your vote void: first-past-the-post voting [makes it nigh impossible to change the political landscape, so the same types of people keep getting elected], the Electoral College [kills popular vote; doesn't even equalize state populations in voting like it's supposed to do, and basically makes it so the same types people get elected], voting ID laws [:|], and gerrymandering [makes it so your district will always go to the same political party] (just to name a few).

    No matter what happens, the people don't have the power in the political sphere.

  11. "But muh state is all Republikanz" Yeah, but if you don't vote your state will be Democrats. Unless you live in Mississippi.

  12. But seriously, let's get more content on Dr. Who and Sherlock stuff. I usually don't comment, so… yeah

  13. I'm voting this year but it's a little infuriating in Texas because several of my friends from other states have already voted via mail in ballots but I can't because, to my knowledge, Texas only allows you to do that if you have a reason that isn't being lazy or busy (you have to be elderly, disabled, out of state, or in prison). So voting day is gonna be stressful.

  14. The top link in the description is broken.

    This one works:

  15. The system is rigged, that's it's it.Β  As much as I like Trump I know voting will go to waste because I know for a fact living in Philly they will just throw my vote out because the system is rigged.

  16. I will vote. That said, a buddy had a great line as to why he wont. He said ' my vote will just get cancled out by a dead person'. He said that because in 2008 his state certified an election even though several CEMETERYS ( You read that right) voted for obama . Couldn't argue wth that stance.

  17. When I was younger growing up in Australia, I thought the idea of non-compulsory voting was completely foreign, until I learnt that USA was the same. Voting is a responsibility of a citizen of any nation or organization – not voting means you don't care at all about the country you live in. Plesse vote if you are American – fulfil your responsibility.

  18. I don't want to vote for the lesser of two evils but that doesn't mean I won't vote!! I will vote for the greater good and that will be Jill Stein of the green party. Anyone who leans more towards conservative values should vote for Gary Johnson (Libertarian). We need to STOP Trump or Hillary from getting elected! Hillary Clinton is the most corrupt politician in U.S. history and Trump is being paid by the DNC to scare people into voting for Hillary. These two people are not our only options. Third party candidates are on the rise this election because we are faced with the worst two choices in the history of elections and Americans are losing their minds over the rigged system that has forced these two assholes upon us. This is a hostile takeover of our government by Corporations and other elite individuals….AMERICA WAKE UP!!!

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