You Are Never Too Old For Love! Romance Characters 35 and Over

You Are Never Too Old For Love! Romance Characters 35 and Over

– Hello, my name is Stephanie
and I have a channel on YouTube called
Steph’s Romance Book Talk and in partnership with
the Read Bliss Team we decided that in romance there are so many young adults and new adults books
being promoted these days that I would give you guys some mature in nature and
mature in character age romance book recommendations. In “Younger” by Pamela Redmond Satran you have a over-40-year-old character named Alice who is newly divorced and she has decided that she wants to get back into the workplace. Mind you, her grown
daughter, adult daughter over the age of 18, is now moving on with her life, so she wants to get back into that workplace. Well her style does not seem to fit into the current work atmosphere. When she decides to revamp herself make herself look younger, she then omits that she
is an older individual and it gets back into the workplace because her face, makes her look young. So, if you are looking for a newly second chance on life sorta story, go check out this book. In the “Mixologist”, a
cougar novella by Mila Hart we have an over-35 female character who in turn has to really reign herself in to see, to make people think that she is the power player that she is. So when the bartender at
her local bar notices her and decides to get on a similar social media app that she is on and starts to contact
her, sort of anonymously they start to have this fun and they understand or they break down those walls of that possibility of being too old, too frigid, and being able to open up and find love. In “Say You’ll Stay” by Corrine Michaels you have a female character who has twins and she finds that after a traumatic event happens
to her and her family she has to go back to her small town and sort of start her life again. She also fins out that her marriage was not as what it seemed to be and now she has to deal with
her high school sweetheart and be in the same place that he is. So they have to, there’s a reconnection story, this is second chance love story and when things get turned topsy turvy they have to overcome it.
And become something new. In the story “Wine & Dine” by L.B. Dunbar. We have characters that
are over 40-years-old both of our main characters are. Delores is a woman that has been sort of chained to her small town. Taking care of her mother
and her grandmother and when her mother ends up passing her brother that she has
not been in contact with in over 18 years, decides to come home and send her off on a vacation. To his home in California. So she decides to take that trip and in turn, meets Garrett, who is a multimillionaire sort of well off tycoon that takes businesses and revamps them refurbishes them
and everything like that. He is also over the 40-year-old
age cap for characters and the two of them start this sort of journey of
finding out what you want after something has come in and you thought your life was set. So as an older reader, I hope you found those recommendations to be more in your wheelhouse especially if you were looking for a book that
is romantic in nature but also has characters that you can really relate to, and the experiences that you had when you were younger or experiences that you are having right now. Make sure that you like this video if you enjoy the content
leave some more over-35 book recommendations down
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8 thoughts on “You Are Never Too Old For Love! Romance Characters 35 and Over

  1. YES, thank you for this video! I'm so sick of reading about people are closer in age to the niblings than myself. Freaks me out.

  2. I enjoyed Once Upon a Real Good Time by Lauren Blakely. Also, I like LB Dunbar's books. I still have Wine & Dine on my TBR.

  3. Great video idea and recs!!! 👏👏👏👏
    I have only so far came across mature characters in Daisy Prescott & Kristen Ashley books that comes to my mind right now. I am bit angry that we don't get a lot older females but there are tons of over 35 males with younger women books…

  4. I've recently been listening to the audiobook of The Viagra Diaries by Barbara Rose Brooker, the main character is a 65 year old woman and where I'm at in the book she's just started dating a man who I think is 70. Tbh it's not the best written book but it is a refreshing change to have a romance about older characters 🙂

    Also I haven't read it but Howard Jacobson's book Live A Little is a romance set in a care home – I think the main protagonist is in her 90s!

  5. An old school recommendation is, "How Stella Got Her Groove Back," by Terry McMillan. Bonus there is a film with Angela Bassett and Taye Diggs. If you have checked this one out I would highly recommend it.

  6. Check out the romantic suspense stories by Freya Barker, mature characters and intriguing storylines. Also Susan Stoker writes mature characters.

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