Ye Dil Mera Episode 21 | English Subtitle | HUM TV Drama 18 March 2020

Ye Dil Mera Episode 21 | English Subtitle | HUM TV Drama 18 March 2020

Good Morning. Good Morning. I overslept. Why didn’t you wake me up? I just assumed that you might have been quite exhausted at the Plant. That’s why I didn’t wake you. Yes, I was exhausted. Would you like to have some tea? Should I have it made? That would be nice. Yes, Sajid…. so did you find out anything? Amaan, my man, this Saira, whoever she was to you, was murdered yesterday, What? Yeah, man. The guard told me that Begum Sahiba had wanted to leave for the Airport yesterday morning for which she had called a cab. Since the car at home had broken down therefore she had booked a cab. There was some snatch and robbery while she was on her way in which the driver and the woman had resisted The culprits beat them up and shots were fired. The driver is injured but he is alive. However, Saira died on the spot, man. Amaan, my friend, atleast tell me now Who was this Saira to you? Was she your girlfriend or your second wife or was she your….? This was why I was trying to reason with you, Saira. Don’t act foolishly. you should have gone quietly. Atleast you would still have been alive now. You are such a voracious predator, Mir Farooque. Taking a human life is enjoyable and amusing for you. You don’t even think twice before taking the life of any human being. How many murders have been committed by your unholy and evil hands? She was your wife! She was a living human being and you killed her so heartlessly! You might escape the rest of them but you will never be able to escape from me May I come in, Sir? Please do come in, Mr. Maqsood. Be seated. So, what did you find out? Is Amaanullah selling his Company? , he is not selling his Company. In fact, it has already been sold. What? Are you sure? Yes, Sir. This is the information I have according to the evidence I have gathered from my secret sources The Al-Sheikh Company of Dubai has bought A.K. Oil Refinery. There had been negotiations and meetings between the two companies for the past six months. The Directors of Al-Sheikh Company have even paid visits to the A.K. Oil Refinery Everything has been conducted under extreme secrecy. The papers were finally signed between both the companies yesterday in Dubai. Mr. Amaanullah from A.K. Refinery and a few of his Directors had gone to Dubai to sign the papers. Sir, these people want to hide this information. They do not want to leak this news into the Market. This is inside information which I have obtained from my covert sources. Both the companies do not want to disclose this fact at the current moment. Alright. You may go. Assalam-o-Alaikum, Uncle. How are you? I was just thinking about you. I was thinking about you too. I talk to Noor-e-Jaan nearly every day. I thought I might as well ask after your well-being too. Everything is fine by the Blessings of Allah. So, is everything going fine at your office? That new product which you had launched what became of that? The Company is going great. I had recently gone to see some samples. That’s awesome! What are some of the other future plans regarding the business? Well, at the moment my focus is on A.K. Oil Refinery Very good. I am hopeful that A.K. Oil Refinery will advance to its full potential. Alright then, I’ll talk to you later. Khuda Hafiz. Well, only Allah can protect you now, Uncle. What does it seem like to you? Do you think you can erase all the evidence of your pleasurable and leisurely life after having Saira murdered? Not at all She will take her revenge even in death. She will not let you go just like that. Let me send some proofs to my Father-In-Law. He will be surprised. Even world’s best IT experts won’t be able to trace this email. What are you searching for? Here, give it to me. I’ll find it out for you. No, it’s nothing. the way, it is quite deceptive and an imposition to pick up someone else’s phone and look into it. you go into my Study? No, why would I get into it? Do not lie. You did open my drawer. I know the placement of each and everything that I have positioned there myself and at first sight I knew immediately that someone had opened it. By the way, if I have kept something under lock and key, then it does mean that there must be something personal inside which is not considered necessary for you to see, May I ask why I am being investigated? First, you searched for the key, then you opened the drawer, then you rummaged through it. Now, what is the purpose behind this investigation? You are speaking to me as if you are some Police and I am the culprit. I am your wife. You are my wife and that is why I am speaking lovingly and kindly to you. So, why are you doing these investigations behind me? When you tell me one lie after another, then I am bound to be forced to investigate behind your back, isn’t it? That guy, Sajid, who, according to you, is just a guy who is after you for no reason, and suddenly I have become started to not hear anything clearly, is that why I heard 10 months as 10 years? I saw a picture of you and that guy which seemed to be taken about 10 years old, while according to you, you had never ever come to Pakistan before 4 years ago. Then what were you doing with that guy in a College Uniform in some College in Pindi? And who did you go to meet in Dubai yesterday while lying about visiting your Plant? You assume that I am crazy, naïve and foolish, mental patient who imagines she sees things, right? But this time round, I have all the proof and evidence against you. I have your picture with Mr. Sajid and the Boarding Pass of your flight from Islamabad to Dubai. So, kindly do not assume that I am crazy or insane. Wow… You have become highly intelligent. So much intelligence could be harmful for your health. Yeah! Let’s meet him and see what’s going on. Good shot! Well played! You won’t get a chance to play today. Amman, can you tell me the reason for lying to me? You have told me so many lies that I am forced to think whether if there is anything honest in your life or not. You must have heard that English Proverb, “Ignorance is Bliss.” Therefore, what you do not know, you should not…. Amaan, don’t teach me about what I should and shouldn’t do! You should stay within the boundaries of what you are told! Don’t try to move beyond that nor try to investigate or dig up stuff about me! Don’t ever step into the area you have been forbidden to enter Agha Jaan, pick up your phone… Please, pick your phone! Who are you calling? I’m calling Agha Jaan. And just why are you calling him? So that he can come here and take me back home. I don’t want to live with you…. What rudeness is this? Give me back my phone, Amaan! You have ended my trust in you by lying to me. Now, I will go home and decide whether if I even want to stay with you or not. The option for not wanting to live with me has been waived a long time ago. You will have to spend the rest of your life with me now. Do you think you can force me to? You cannot stop me if I want to leave. Go on and recall it I had given you the opportunity not to get married to me or your life would be ruined, didn’t I? Remember that! Did I not give you the chance to leave me? At that time you have made great claims that you were never going to leave me, isn’t it? At that time I did not know that you are so great a liar. Well, no matter what or how I am, you will now have to live and stay with me. The decision to get married and spend your life with me was your own! I had told you! I had implored that you still have time as yet, don’t get married to me but you did not comply nor agree to me. It was your choice! And now you will have to stay with me till the day you take your last breath. I dare you to leave. I will light my own and your life with fire! Give me back my phone, Amaan. What insolence is this? Give me back my phone, Amaan! Amaan, open this door! Give me my mobile! Amaan! Anna, please have something to eat. It’s 11 o’clock. Dinner time is long past. I haven’t eaten anything either. Please have something. Don’t touch me. How can you lie with such confidence? I am not even able to tell the truth with such confidence. Don’t know what sort of parents you had; what kind of upbringing have they given you? You must have gotten the training to lie and deceive somewhere, right? My Agha Jaan has neither taught me how to lie nor how to deceive and betray someone. Don’t know what sort of parents you had; what kind of upbringing have they given you? You must have gotten the training to lie and deceive somewhere, right? My Agha Jaan has neither taught me how to lie nor how to deceive and betray someone. This is for you, Baby. Stay blessed. Oh, it’s Humaira. Assalam-o-Alaikum. How are you? I’m absolutely fine. You look so pretty. This is my husband, Ubaidullah. Assalam-o-Alaikum. And, Ubaid, this is Farooque. Assalam-o-Alaikum. And this is my very good friend, Neelofar. Nice to meet you. As such, we were friends first. Class fellows are assumed to be friends. Humaira is now more of a friend to me anyways. Isn’t that so? Absolutely… Happy Birthday, Anna! Thank you Mani, don’t you have to give the gift you brought for her? Come on. Give it to her. Happy Birthday, Anna. Thank you, Mani. Thank you, Mani. So sweet of you. Happy Birthday, Anna. Happy Birthday, my dear I did go and check up on her. Alright… Ubaid, I’ll just go and check on Ayesha. Please, have some more… Are you sure? Oh! I’m so sorry! I’ll just go clean up. Are you sure? You’re not being formal, are you? have some more The food was delicious. The tea is very good. Thank you. It was excellent. I had a good time. Humaira… Yes? Are you happy with your marriage? What? Ofcourse I’m happy with my marriage? Why? It’s just that you used to say during the College days that you are not going to get married after College education ended, right? And yet you got married. Was it a love marriage? Yes, it was a love marriage. Are you very happy with your life? Yes, I am extremely happy. You know what, Farooque? I am spending the kind of life I had always thought about; the kind of life I had always dreamed of. I’m actually very happy. I’m surprised. Why? That’s because when you had refused me for marriage, I used to think why it is that she has refused me? What was it that I did not have? Or what is it I do not have? Money, fame, honor. I used to contemplate about what sort of life partner you would choose. Who would that person be? Would he be a Prince? Or would he be a very wealthy man? Or would he be the handsomest man on Earth? And it is this Ubaidullah? A mediocre, forest officer? Excuse me…. Sure… I could never ever have even imagined it. I’m sorry. I’m being blunt… , you are being blunt. Farooque, you probably judge people after observing their wealth or their status, right? But my perspective about people is on the contrary. For me, a person’s inner self worth and being good is an important factor. Money is something that comes and goes. And I can claim with absolute confidence that there can be no other person better than Ubaid. Oh, you minded that. I was just kidding considering that we are old friends. I’m sure Ubaidullah is a very good person. Not just good, he is an excellent person, above and beyond all others. And you know what? If I ever get a second chance to choose another life partner for myself, If I ever get a second chance to choose another life partner for myself, because, you see, that’s how much I love him. Please excuse me. Oh, God! I spilled some tea on me. What are you looking at, Mani? the train. Look, you can see the train from here. Yeah, Mani. I also stand here and look at the train. I told Mama that I want to see inside the train. She has promised me. Really? Yes, Mani. Look at that. It is going out there. Yes Oh, it has turned from there. You are eleven years old now, Mani. You’re not an infant who doesn’t know what to say and not say before others. Hey, why are you scolding the poor kid, man? What has he done as such? I am talking to him, right? What was his point in embarrassing us before that Farooque? What desire does he have that we do not provide for? You had told Baba that you wanted a puppy. He did get one for you, didn’t he? Well then, he would have gotten this for you as well. Couldn’t you wait a little for it? My dear child! Don’t be troubled about it. Go and play with Ayesha a bit. I’ll talk to Mama. She’s getting a little emotional. Go on, my son. What’s the matter? Why are you so agitated? What did he do? am very angry at the Mir Farooque. Who does he think he is? Fine, he might be high and mighty at his own home! But he has no right to talk like this about my car and my home in this manner! Did you see how taunting he was as he said, ‘Do you guys live here?’ What does he mean by that? I think you’re just getting emotional over nothing. It was nothing of the sort. Firstly, that poor man gave us a ride all the way from there and you are continuously proclaiming him to be bad and a mean person. Forget about it. Listen to me for a second. He has not done us any favors by giving us a lift nor did we even ask him for it. He offered it himself, didn’t he? Sure, he may live in some huge palace. Our house may be a small one in comparison but no matter how it is, we are very happy in it. We don’t take from him to survive, do we? Okay, fine. Now forget this You and Neelofar Bhabi have a friendship. Why are you spoiling your friendship because of Mr. Farooque? Now, come on. Give me a smile. I don’t like it when my pretty wife makes faces like this. I love it when you smile. Come on. Hand me that bag. Come on. Let’s go. Mani, look who’s there. Assalam-o-Alaikum Uncle! Walaikum Assalam Mani! How are you? Uncle, I am fine Keep the things here. Assalam-o-Alaikum! How are you? I thought of dropping your car and bought some gifts for kids. For you! Thank you! Why did you come? You could have send the car with someone else. What happened Humaira? Why are you being so formal? We are friends. We were classmates. You mean friendship is over? Well, dropping the car was just a reason to visit. Actually I wanted to meet the kids.
And you too. Umm…thank you for all this. I’ll ask Ubaid to clear the expenses. Why are you saying this? Our friendship is over, not Neelofar’s. I went to get gifts for Noor-e-Jehan so brought for him as well. I promised you to get a kit bag for you. Here it is. And I fulfill my promises. There is something for your daughter too. We don’t want these gifts. My son already has everyhting he wants. He has so many toys, right? He might not have toys like these. Please, there is no need for all these. It’s better to give gifts on an occasion. Giving gifts without any reason means either you are trying to impress someone or showing someone down. Why are you behaving like this? I got all these gifts for you people with love. I am telling you, you can take all thi back with you. By giving these expensive gifts, you are trying to show us down. Look I consider you as my friend, I don’t know about you. I feel bad for you. You were the most beautiful girl in our university. You could easily marry rich and beautiful guys. And you landed here. You are crossing your limits. You don’t have any rights to comment about my lifestyle I am happy with my life. Your anger is also beautiful like you. Where were you and where have you reached? You should have been in a palace. Don’t you suffocate here? What did you see in Ubaidullah? Is he able to fulfill your wishes? Enough! Enough Farooq! How dare you insut my husband like that? Abdul Rehman! Come back, don’t you dare touching anything. But mother. Just obey me! Abdul Rehman! Come and stand here! Right now! Pick this up and throw it outside immediately. Mother, are you fine? I am sorry, I’m fine. Please play you piano.

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