Yanis Varoufakis on Julian Assange, Militarization, European Politics & Social Movements

Yanis Varoufakis on Julian Assange, Militarization, European Politics & Social Movements

welcome to the source a program in which we interview whistleblowers former insiders and policy experts my name is Anne Rosa today I'm joined by the co-founder of the democracy in Europe movement former finance minister of Greece Yanis varoufakis Yanis is also running for the upcoming European election there is the author of numerous books the latest being talked to my daughter about the economy a brief history of capitalism the honest thanks so much for joining us today thank you for having me again let's start with Julian Assange in the last interview we talked about what his case means for press freedoms can you talk about what people could actually do to protect universe and press freedoms first off people should disengage from the debate about Julian's personal failures or advantages no one is perfect in this world and this is not a question of personal ethics it is a question of freedom of the press the only reason why we know about Julian is because through WikiLeaks he created the infrastructure that allows whistleblowers like just Manning to let us know of crimes against humanity that are being perpetrated in our name the only reason why he is now withering in Britain's Guantanamo Belmarsh prison is precisely that so we need to organize public support for effectively our own right to know and we need to do it everywhere there's a lot of movements taking place around Europe whether it's Friday's for future or the movement against the recent copyright law on the upload filter or the yellow and West movements in France however there's little to no action when we compare to the 70s and 80s or if we compare these movements on militarization even though Western military budgets have been increasing billions if not trillions for example the United States spends six hundred and forty three billion dollars whereas the European NATO countries spend two hundred and forty six billion dollars annually and we're not only talking about the financial cost I'm also talking about the opportunity cost where this money could have otherwise been spending and of course the social cost of the people that are on the other receiving end of all this military weapons the Atomic Scientists The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists have cited the removal of arms treaties as well as nuclear modernization as a grave threat what is your assessment on this and should movements also incorporate a stance against miniaturization yes of course it should and yes indeed we are falling into a false sense of safety after the collapse of the Cold War the clock is edging closer to midnight the Doomsday Clock simply because we have a new arms race we have new players in an arms race and we have militarily materialization playing the role of a stabilization mechanism for highly unstable financial capitalism you mentioned something which is quite correct the fact that we don't have the peace movement and generally the massive demonstrations that we used to have in the 1960's and 1970's there isn't it was really very simple and very sad these are deflationary times your generation I'm saying yours because your gang government had the bad fortune of experience in 1929 all over again in 2008 and just like after 1929 there was a period of deflation negative interest rates of rubbish jobs replacing good quality jobs these deflationary fields are not periods of activism they're periods of depression both economic and psychological in the 70s with inflationary periods pressure fields have their problems but at the same time they generate protest and generate activism on the streets so I want to talk about two issues that have gone at behind-the-scene due to the Miller report that's come out at the moment in the United States one of them is Iran where we are seeing Trump's administration from John Bolton to Mike Pompeo pushing the news on typing the news on Iran by removing the treaty that was signed on Obama as well as increasing upon sanctions and Venezuela where many critics are saying this is a sort of a coup d'etat taking place over there and dozens of European countries have even recognized one guy do so could you provide dms official position on this let's start with Venezuela our official possible position is that President Maduro has failed the people of Venezuela he suspended Chavez its own constitution and he's introduced unacceptable levels of violence against peaceful demonstrators as a result of a failing economy an economy which is failing due to the inefficient management of Chavez socialist experiment by the Venezuelan army but at the same time while we are condemning this we are condemning with equal ferocity any attempt by the United States to strangle Venezuela to make impossible a data structure which is absolutely essential for the people of Venezuela to breathe again there is an ongoing coup d'etat it's been happening now since Chavez time I thought unfortunately made it easier for the United States establishment to affect that to cut the long story short the m25 is very clear the only saviors of Venezuela must be the Venezuela people who must be allowed through free and fair elections and democratic politics to put their house in order let us switch to Europe for exerting countries like Greece and Spain we're seeing economic growth and a drop in unemployment levels for example in Spain the unemployment level has dropped from 26 to 14 percent from 2013 2018 and in Greece we're seeing a drop from 27 percent to 16 percent it's not to be modest economic growth between 2.5 and 1.9 percent is austerity working in these countries austerity was and remains a catastrophe and there is no growth in Greece it is to add insult to injury to celebrate the drop in unemployment because yes the employment rate is followed but it's fallen because young people have migrated from the country you nuke a country you kill everyone there is no employment left that's not the reason to celebrate as for growth there is no growth if you look at value-added income that is if you not just not count the amount the gigantic taxation that has been imposed on the people of Greece in terms of gross national disposable income regional growth if you look at the total amount of money that workers are taking home there's a decline so the depressions could ring in Spain you have more employment but employment of part-time a precarious nature that has replaced good quality jobs there is nothing to celebrate in Spain – especially if you take into consideration the massive increase in private debt and recall the reason why Spain fell into a black hole was private debt Europe is in 2019 experiencing a new escalation of the same crisis that has been now ravaging Europe in the eurozone in particular for 810 years we have a new period of intensified recession here in Germany as we speak industrial production is down 5% in Italy is in recession France is in a standstill France is unsustainable within the eurozone as it is the crisis is ongoing all the celebrations of the end of the crisis and of austerity success let's say not just premature but nonsensical let's switch to climate change and I want to talk specifically about responsibility and accountability should it be the consumers watching what they buy what they eat and how they separate their plastic and all waste as possible or should it be the producers taking responsibility because they assemble all the products where do you think is the right balance there neither what consumers can keep recycling and right by citizens of driving their diesel cars that's not a bad thing but it is relevant there will be no change no significant dent into the climate catastrophe when we are messaging our conscious consciousness and conscience through these acts of individual volume tourism produces our market – anything else they're forced to something so we're failing at the level of organized society at the level of civilization what we need to do is we need to spend at least 5 percent of GDP on a green transition we to have physical limits on the growth of bads as opposed to boots and we need to combine the macro and the micro but at the level of what we call team 25 a green new deal which we have spent two or three years working out what it should be you talked about the green new deal in a recent article for The Guardian you wrote and the title is it's time for nations to unite around an international green new deal can you talk about the three points that you mentioned production innovation and reparations and also talk about what role the Progressive International should be playing in this beginning with production it is clear that we should shift the mode of production towards one that actually produces useful things and stops producing things that are destroying the planet which are really doing nothing for our happiness or soul that will require massive investment of the excess liquidity which is now at a planetary level reaching the left something volume of around 20 to 30 trillion dollars of IP savings that have not been invested into things we need we need to take this money and we need to invest it in green technologies green energy in particular green transport and also green agriculture when it comes to the question of reparations none of this is going to work if we keep asking the countries around the world suffered for centuries European and American colonialism to foot the bill to put limits on their attempts to reverse years and centuries of poverty they have to be preparations there has to be a redistribution of wealth not just income from the global north to the global sense and finally innovation we need a new Manhattan Project when America and the allies in the nineteen forties were facing a clear and present danger either getting the atomic weapon it took the best scientist in the world and put them in those harness and they said to them okay whatever it costs fix it get the nuclear bomb before the the not sister we are facing samokhin capacity we need to invest in innovation at that kind of level not by putting the best scientists in one place but but creating an international network of scientific research that will be the next step in creating renewable energy we've only two minutes left so to my last question in 2014 during the European election we saw all-time lows and participation only 43 percent of people joined how important is it to take part in this elections well you know I come from a country where in my youth we had fascist dictatorship and I saw people give their lives for the right to vote you've got to vote because people fought and died for your right to vote and if you don't vote then the establishment and the authoritarians are going to ruin this world for yourselves and for your children this is why we are running here in Germany with democracy Naropa and it was Europe with the European Spring yeah that's one of our keys corporate to democracy in Europe movement thank you so much for joining us today thank you and thank you guys for tuning in if you like this content be sure to click on subscribe and to donate so we can continue to remain independent free from corporate and state influence my name is Anne rasa see you guys next time

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  2. I like this guy, "excess liquidity sitting idle in savings", is reason enough to tax this pool and invest through initiative spending. Sovereign allocation is not revenue dependent. The figurative public deficit is privately held asset. Inevitable, though not desirous, defaults and investment failures are better absorbed by the public trust then individual private citizens by way of usurious extraction of unforgiving private lending. But when successful are generative of productive velocity.

  3. About Venezuela, sorry Yanis, but it kinda sound like you're just repeating CIA talking points, albeit with a bit more nuance, key point being "a bit". The fact that you brushed the subject of so fast isn't very promising either. Can't help but think you're not really that informed, as I don't want to draw conclusions. But all in all, my reaction is still WTF? You can't right a wrong with more wrong…

  4. Yanis could do anything with his life, but what I wish he did most is get cast as a bond villain. What a voice, what a face! But seriously, he's a super bright and moral guy.

  5. Yanis won't be a puppet , he should have been the Greek president not that sell the Greek people out bastard Alexis , UK is a fucking disgrace !!!!!! & it's my country !!!!

  6. Julian Assange is a dirty rotten scoundrel who made America look bad so America is within its complete legal right to show Julian Assange just how big its dick is and demonstrate how loving it can be with political dissidents. 🤣💯💯💯💯

  7. Screw protests. They don't work. Especially when the perpatrators of these crimes against humanity are smarter than the vast majority and they are either 1) Cowards and are afraid to be identified 2) So vain that they don't care about basic human rights and thus operate outside of the law because they are accustomed to doing and getting whatever they want. What we need is to have these criminals identified so we can bring them to vengeance.

  8. These puppet wear our arguments on our sleeves for as long as they can, then do whatever the Elite want. There will be no change to humanity for the best unless take the first step to ban 4g and 5g control grids that will be their main weapons against our freedom. Mobile phone towers, wifi and smart phones are advanced surveillance products that not only offer communications but 2 way radar imaging, heat weapon that can be used on civilians and our surrounding environment, dna destruction using irregular wavelengths, digital addiction, human activity reward and penalty system and the list continues.

  9. If one becomes a leader of a country or organisation today…ones values must be ….Christian.
    If not, you as leader will
    struggle with yourself, eventually succumb to the evil pressures from other leaders round the world.
    You own people , the majority of them must also have these values, they will be your support.
    Emulate Hungary, Poland.
    Why do you think these Prime Ministers are sustainable…only because of the Christian values of his people.
    They work together…not against one another.

  10. This guy really studied and memorized his talking points. Same BS. No original opinions or solutions. This guy strikes me as a headline researcher.

  11. The Artful Hoaxer
    The climate "catastrophe" is a hoax, and so is White colonial guilt. Go try selling reparations in Riyadh, Yanis.

  12. WIKILEAK JULIAN ASSANGE BUST IS A REELECTION GIFT TO NETANYAHU BECAUSE OF ASSANGE'S SUMMARY OF Charles Lindbergh Jr. 9/11/41 Des Moines SOS 911 Rev 3:9 speech: "… The greatest danger is their ownership and influence in motion pictures, press, radio, and governments."


    9/11/73 Declassified documents reveal the US PNAC government's role in the Pinochet coup & murder of thousands

    9/11/91 George Bush Sr. New World Order Live Speech

    9/11/00 PNAC CALLS FOR "A New Pearl Harbor"

    9/11/01 Declassified documents reveal the US PNAC government's role in neo con coup & murder of thousands

  13. He loses me on Climate change. OECD says global temperature has only slightly dropped since 1931. Where is the change?

  14. Once again through words about us as individuals none of us are perfect but many of us still believe in the freedom of speech Liberty and what is good and what is decent in our Society long as we keep these in mind we may have done wrong in our past and we have paid that price but many of us have learnt from those experiences and now Sikh what is good what is decent and don't consider yourself to be people you only care about ourselves but we have become enlightened and realise it is important in life that we protect the rights of the individual the rights of the freedom of speech and the rights to hold those in power and countable and not allow the good and the decent to be demonized by the state who wishes to undermine everything that is good and decent about us as individuals and as people about countries it is about what is right what is good and what is decent and how we ensure the future for our children and our children's children and it will not be done by the state because the state does not care and have its own separate agenda for the destruction of everything that is good decent they believe they should not be accountable for their crimes against the people of this world but I say to them you should be accountable you should have a sense of what is good and what is decent but unfortunately politicians these days are so busy in reaching their selves off the backs of a hard-working people there countries that they gone on forgotten what they were there to do and that was to represent the interests of the people of their country and not the interest of an ideology of destruction against their own citizens

  15. What about the crimes against Greece from the European Union, that you promised to fight and take defensive action, per your election campaign platform. But what did you do? You walked, collapsed, surrendered to the EU will, at the jeopardy of the Greek Citizenship.

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