XQC MEDIA SHARE DAY #12 - Reacting to Viewer Suggested Videos

XQC MEDIA SHARE DAY #12 – Reacting to Viewer Suggested Videos

I don't wanna early buy a rubber band and can fly for over 30 the ice I didn't like so many videos I feel bad about it but the shell on Turtles do they spawn with it how do they like but could you pay me in advance okay I guess it is okay chat I did not expect you guys to look at so many videos I'll in three minutes I will stop that you entirely and we're gonna play the five hours remaining you okay it's a good time so present it was thank you so so so very much it's been like a really good oh shit Brown try harder dammit what that was like a happy song still then team it fuck dude god dammit I just broke my fucking table that wasn't gonna make it oh the noises did oh shit reflex is the best FPS Neymar reflects what is reflex Jukka yet but as this thing before I don't know the thumb though I don't know if your honor I learn I or anything my volume is maxed out I'm max on here i maxed on here on there this is crazy what's right this is it looks like a ram song but i'll say this or this Efrain alvarez showing short soccer videos they're spreading into the area Pontius knocks it down Corona Ibrahimovic looking for the second chance only said bang [Applause] juggling oranges solve the shit player 1 is choosing to solve the puzzle to try to solve the puzzle residents got like it sounds like I guess my kids pretty buzzed it's so fucking deep what that that was the point and I seen the crystal raindrops fall and the beauty of it all is when the Sun comes shining through hell yeah to make those rainbows sometimes you just are two of us we just just two of us you'll use the penny on my use do you use resharpen you used to call me on my server it means found already I'm a little crazy that is an engineer and the Jamie body-mind the authorized souls remain only child souls from the deeper denser dimensions and all of their souls from all of the dimensions as long as the souls are already living by the many search for truth rules given to the search for truth community by wiser Minds above all of us and those rules include working to re-establish upward flow that's true and somebody's same literally what the [Applause] – baited choo-choo-choo-choo Beta Beta Beta dear brother dismissal it did always look on the fifty balls like Joshua diamond holy shit mr. Travis what the fuck just a bit solid contact Tigers found an opening on 12v needs this four foot putt for par all it needs to do is it I want to have sex with my dog Oh Kylie Jenner to the boy yay I have a little surprise for you [Applause] sixteen times itself four times about sizes written AI servin holy fuck [Applause] did it hurt the actual fuck those like an f1 and literally giving away giotto cash to anyone that happens to be walking along the streets dad hello madam I want to give you some free cash free cash fiver for you no cash all this shit though that was the reaction hotpokket stop talking I'm done guys I hate myself I blink my ears I'll go kill this giant unless of course you'd like to make some extra gold fine then wait here this should only take a second okay never should have come here as this that's the real [Applause] [Applause] like digging balls huh maybe a little bit of cock yeah about it okay ah please don't do don't come out here to see that Oh that's what he did Thanks come on over here come on over that was always good um can you sure my goodness taja I hear you and I'm Quine is I'll ruin the video god I'll show it okay hi this is xqc and I thought it would be okay you wanna do some business what's your business sex you're joking but you just eat in a YUM all right all right Oh Carrie monument hell nah like it loud is fun even in the first place did [Applause] yeah are you seriously in what you need to do pick your lazy ass up go to the store and get hot cheetos and then by like six of these and just blink the fuck out of it these are my viewers in relax what is all this guy y'all niggas boy I better check I don't care if the music loud and you get I'm not gay I'm not your daddy trying to speaker's now the cameras Newgrounds arrows tougher oh god there's something that way we vote that's my yeah how could he you know seven a half eight feet tall and hairy and so I'm down there on the ground I'm completely naked my clothes have been ripped off me and she starts giving me Ann Arbor it was a was all just biological I didn't have any choice and the next thing you know you know I blew my load I blew my load in the sasquatch as soon as I did that she got up and she ripped down she like let out this hell and I believe him juiced up this is the thing with this event with him PBC for survival situations let's check it out [Applause] thanks for half of that money I think seven times nobody just went up today I like watching and move away you bitch what we donated videos this guys coming but it's day still here Thank You PBC for survival situations let's check it out what the fuck hey this is fire some of you may know me as wrathful in the internet world anyway I'll get straight to the point I've been playing video games since I was little and I just recently came across the most fun game ever played and it's let me take the most seriously by far just so that's the null video holy shit – Wow ah dude come on the god run the middle – actually God I was raging he was clean he's never satisfied but I when you're that good you have to thank you it he's like a humble but I don't think it likes like that over uh people you know overly complimenting him so he was uncomfortable bit it's your boy soulja boy and do bad looking scratching his neck fast okay I've never seen nobody be able to do this quick please – Lincoln I'm just saying always shit [Applause] hold it they're nice Lester's a good video too Congrats to your black belt now didn't face for another agenda [Applause] let's sequence of notes look here's a fun listen I'll be honest with you I'm kind of retarded okay I want to have sex with my dog did you guys requested em say okay we're gonna do [Laughter] Luke he kill me with the stun stun he can't use a stone yeah guys look yeah yeah look guys look look he doesn't connect tab okay why Jimmy put the ball down get in siren say hey once you go back inside man I'm just talking about my breasts dad serious okay go back inside you're at your fantasy can't ever be quenched and a freaking Briggs why is the things in $100 then you're gonna smoke weed now that's what your man such an idiot you might as well take the word weed then change that second e to an a because since you're gonna act so stupid you might as well spell like it too and since you want to just throw your life away you might as well put an R in that word too because now that you want to smoke you're weird you're not like s other developed individuals since who would act so stupid you might as well put a T in there too congratulations my friend you wanted the smoke weed and now you're a retard [Applause] at the buzzer holy shit I'm not no fucking no Blaine BBC merci de bas you visit from a video to shoot one on a graph in a vaguely free Dominique you guys are going to Crazy Legs didn't I am just absolutely with it at the moment always go city cumin he'll send such a box given feed such a pitiful people she's this manner he looks old why does he look older panda moose what the fuck is this I'll bet you're both dying to know what your big surprise is well only two more chambers surprise we're doing in there you're better than them I remember this this is the part where I kill you I don't even fuck about basketball but that was crazy I like this I did nobody showed me didn't I'm gonna tickets on sliding or good what is that other songs I don't care if you want the spark of Davy Jones you're going down tubby oh fuck I can't believe you've done this kick some of the back and all yeah check in dip this here why he's moaning in the making it's close all right just fueling action video these aside you guys can see look in the mirror test on a stone he can't use a stone yeah guys look yeah yeah look guys look look hey yeah guys thanks for watching I look look I look no I don't wanna get in the car okay gonna make me get the car all right on in the goddamn car did what is it nowadays it's either either jump that cream pure vanilla sweeteners always get is there like it's not like 10k I can PBC for survival situations sometimes check it out I thank you I'm being a chat I mean I want to have sex with my dog ah PC for survival situations I was using that bear attack bear charge hey this one's 34 log this is I see it but just think make noise what was Juna scenario do you make noise run walk not move play dead lay on the floor quad quad what what holy shit he's fine you what am i watching and we're reacting to the reactive or reactor he's even quiet enough that's right my doggy the old Chow is still pretty fast look at the chat learn the tango dinner the one guy strange sleeper what happened Julius escaping today will make a chain from a PVC pipe thanks Pam after a lot of altar boy and do by looking at camel behind me those scratches Mary Turner why did it make the voice defended [Applause] you do you know it if it had like ham in it its collector it's closer to a British carbonara oh no it is no that's true oh well I'm glad your Spanish great yeah yeah you know what I mean my grandmother had wheels she would have been a bike you know what do you know what you know what holy shit giant rock holy fuck did [Applause] there's significant allow them to pick an upper will doesn't budge on you oh we didn't get there dude Oh [Applause] the fuck are you boxing the fucking drivers yeah no fucking privacy both I swear the gun there's a gun my head nigga thank God yeah I had to fight something in the bathroom no homo we said no a seaman we but niggas was jerking off in the bathroom again me we fell out got that nigga part of they're all you know this is parts to the story that I don't like that sir go [Applause] [Applause] that's it boy that's that was so stupid [Laughter] whoa and finally the coup de Gras the largest ship ever built 720 tails before right we're done [Applause] fuckin still did a malaria Commission [Applause] [Applause] oh where is he [Applause] moisés gotcha Julian no nowhere I felt like it get a little drink right here do you but crank it up that's got to be the best part I love Jesus so don't trash candidates still here mod is a weird fucking straight cat outside it looks it looks like grandmother fucking thing hey get the fuck out of here nice fucking cat bleep motherfucker because on the left side under its ass ain't stupid fucker you're not right six hard he's trash the gnomes dude seriously I'd really have shrunk Coon back at it again smashing more girls than any of us ever will what is that [Applause] the master killer boy what the fuck you odd next is it the same guy didn't I meant to really shed the fuck oh you break it out you need tell ya what's good are you breaking out you need out they want you to come on [Applause] the government well no no you did damn damn boy damn boy damn summer cold oh here it comes hey the axle Karger Duggars it's coming boys I think there's a dealer's dream wasn't about you that a Boise Idaho woman is considered a medical miracle Laura Esserman was struck by lightning nearly a month ago and she was considered officially dead thankfully CPR from her mom revived her heart but she laid in a coma for two weeks and then she defied all odds and woke up dead well obviously there's a problem with that tape she doesn't really sound like that five seconds to do so lee o'donnell the BPL yes that's insane dude that's ridiculous that is as ridiculous I'm talking to you I've got fucking pussy huh what are you doing you fucking idiot fuckin idiots kill someone you fucking with our fucking leader people like taco people like Frieza get on the fucking get old simples level you're not as good as this guys guys fantastically scale compared to you [Applause] into the tooth we would yes if I can bandwidth in like literally like flowers I'm not following this off alarm this is that's today that's little today the dart strike deployment insane [Applause] have you go on a lot State [Laughter] nice FPS turn easy for ends as instance booted Oprah's vagina Pelle Pelle minor spades Eddie hasta they look pretty nicely what the fuck did okay he's not the favorite those health drinks camus powder oh dude you're drinking comm powder I like to always start off my day by reading positive development books okay have you ever tried to delete your Amazon account here's the Amazon homepage what's the first thing you might think to do the obvious place to look is the account drop-down here once you're in here you look around it's a lot of information but if I'm interested in deleting my account I think that your account is probably a good place to go once I'm on this page there's a lot more information payment options login and security and a bunch of stuff down here unfortunately you could click every link on your account page but none would deliver you to a place where you could actually delete it because it's not here in order to actually delete your Amazon account you have to go all the way down to the bottom of the page and under let us help you click help once you're in here you have to navigate to need more help because you know putting it on this page would just be too easy then click contact us this is where it starts to get ridiculous and still nowhere to be seen but of the four options on the top that you want help with click prime or something else you want to something else in this tell us more about it there's still nothing that suggests account deletion you just have to know to click log in and security and then in a second drop down there it is the magic button close my account except in order to actually do that you now have to have a chat conversation with an Amazon associate who's going to tell you all the reasons account deletion is a bad idea see you can't delete the account yourself they have to do it for you that's kind of you know why Brock he's worth fucking of a hand oh it is Danner shit a role he's doing it actually saying it are you up oh that's a shame but oh god you guys are gonna like that one totally shit we movie you're gonna have a tough time t being after that guys I can still do it no my god I'm not putting this off alone this is that's what you sound like Andrew Garfield Xena all right this is crash there's no crash oh I think I know what you like ooh that's a penis real ashwagandha so this is PVC and that stands for poly vinyl Jeff told me I know I shouldn't one of the person whose first videos of the day like top five let me take the cue you II is there anything today that I a that wasn't like a PVC for survival situation I really do no kidding Thank You on dubs well guys it on purpose did okay probably whatever here for the meter shared boys I could to kill bit early because I didn't want to hit

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