WWE Releases Coming SOON?! WWE Ban AEW Merchandise! | WrestleTalk News Oct. 2019

WWE Releases Coming SOON?! WWE Ban AEW Merchandise! | WrestleTalk News Oct. 2019

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Because according to Bryan Alvarez on Wrestling Observer Radio, we could see some WWE releases
coming soon. Alvarez noted last week – following the
firing of Eric Bischoff just four months into his Smackdown Creative Director role – that
morale backstage in WWE was quite low. This was because there was a feeling in WWE that
the move to Fox would create a new ‘boom’ period for the company. Sadly that appears
not to be the case, with Smackdown losing 1.5 million viewers from its debut episode
three weeks ago – pulling in similar numbers to what Raw is doing on USA Network.
Alvarez said on Observer Radio, “I was told today, there could be more [releases] coming,
who knows? Morale has not been good for a long time, but apparently the morale has taken
an even bigger hit since October 1st.” Throughout 2019, we’ve had several WWE wrestlers
ask for their release backstage, or talk publicly about their unhappiness, like Shawn Spears,
Kenta, Mike Kannellis, The Revival and Luke Harper – the latter of which was the subject
of Randy Orton’s trolling Instagram post when he tagged Dash Wilder, Scott Dawson,
Harper, Elias and Riddick Moss along with AEW’s Cody Rhodes and AEW Champion Chris
Jericho about their contracts coming to an end soon. Will any of those names be part
of these reported releases? One name that likely won’t be on the list
is Roman Reigns. The Big Dog has been positioned to be one of the top names on Smackdown on
Fox, but there was a scary report yesterday that Reigns picked up an injury during WWE’s
tour of Australia. However according to Cage Side Seats, “if he did it’s nothing serious”.
An injury that might be more serious, however, is one picked up by New Day’s Xavier Woods.
It was reported that Woods picked up an Achilles injury on the Australian tour, which Xavier
confirmed on Twitter – tweeting that he was sorry and couldn’t make the show because
of his Achilles. According to Dave Meltzer, it’s said to be a bad tear – which means
Woods could be out for 6 months or even longer depending on how bad the tear is. We wish
Xavier Woods the speediest of recoveries. He’s one cool dude.
Speaking of cool dudes, and Seth Rollins is doing his very best to cement himself as “not
cool” at a recent Q&A. When a fan asked him about AEW’s Kenny Omega’s joke shoot
comments on NXT from a recent episode of Being The Elite, Rollins replied: “When Kenny
is done playing in the minor leagues over there [at AEW], then he can come and work
at the absolute top professional wrestling company in the world, in front of the most
people, and make the most money.” SIGH. “And have the biggest matches, which is
with me at WrestleMania”. But remember, WWE don’t see them as competition.
Speaking of WWE not considering AEW competition, WrestleZone’s John Clark was in attendance
for Raw in Cleveland, where he reports that WWE staff had stern words with audience members
on the hard cam side of the arena that might have tried to put on AEW merchandise.
WrestleZone write, “WWE officials told the crowd near the stage and entryway that they
would definitely wind up on television, and that anyone that puts on an AEW shirt or sign
will be thrown out the arena.” But remember, WWE don’t see them as competition.
This isn’t the first time that WWE have banned AEW merch from their events, turning
away fans in AEW t-shirts from a Smackdown show earlier this year. It also comes one
year on from WWE removing anti-Charlotte Flair signs from Hell
in a Cell while she was the babyface feuding with the supposed heel Becky Lynch.
Check out Oli Davis’ review of Monday Night Raw by clicking the video on screen right
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and that was wrestling.

100 thoughts on “WWE Releases Coming SOON?! WWE Ban AEW Merchandise! | WrestleTalk News Oct. 2019

  1. OLI: We're livestreaming WWE 2K20 on Twitch right now! Come join in the fun. It's awful! https://www.twitch.tv/screenstalker/

  2. Rollins is such a chode. Saying AEW is the minor leagues yet you have Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns aka the most un charismatic superstars ever. AEW has Jericho, Young Bucks, Cody, Omega, Shawn Spears, Private Party, LAX, Christopher Daniel's, Kazarian, and do I have to go on any longer. Most of wwe's best stars are underutilized or injured. Or Part Timers. Face it Rollins. You suck and WWE sucks even more. Jericho > Rollins. AEW > WWE. Face the facts. You would've been better if you had the roster you had from the attitude or Smackdown 6 dra. Back then they had Austin, Dreamer, Taker, Benoit, Angle, Flair etc. Now they have Weenie Hut Rollins. How far they have fallen.

  3. They should fire Seth Rollins, so, we don't have to hear his dumb shit, anymore. Let's see how great he thinks WWE is, if he gets fired. lol

  4. Please people stop being like that its annoying first of all you act like it's the first time wwe has ever banned aew merchandise or the first time they released anyone 🤨🤨 come on people grow up

  5. Okay. Hear me out: I would LOVE if Bray Wyatt was released. I want him in AEW with unlimited creative freedom. Not getting beaten by Seth Rollins in dark matches all month

  6. So much for the constitution of the United States, right. Well I guess Vince McMahon thinks hes above the laws that the founding fathers of this country put in place to stop the very s*** like this!. I have been a fan of professional wrestling since I was five or six years old, I have been a fan of WWF/WWE the same. I am absolutely sickened by all of this BS. AEW is not competition…. So why does everyone at WWE care?

    So they are stopping people from wearing AEW merchandise, stopping them from holding up signs expressing their feelings, muting chants they don’t like, booting fans who paid their hard earned money out of arenas… Its no wonder Vince likes Saudi Arabia so much, he is no different from their leader. Silence those who oppose. I’m sure he’d have them killed if he could. F***ing disgusting. Orton, lead the charge and take as many of the decent minded people with you.

    The disgusting thing about all of this, is the fact that in no way, shape or form in Vince’s mind any of this his own fault. What he did to Bischoff is unforgivable. Move a man across the country and use him for a glorified errand boy, while promising him creative control. And you wonder why he lost interest and disappeared? You used him to be the fall guy for your incompetence, as some macho man power play to have the last laugh amongst all of your yes men at corporate.

    This crap goes to show you that Vince has absolutely no soul. In his mind, he can do no wrong… and he doesn’t care about anybody but himself, no matter how long any one person has been by his side. The apitamy of arrogance and narcissism. To tell you the truth, I believe he is dragging the company down on purpose(hence the reason he sold all of his stock to do the XFL thing), destroying everything that he built, so that Paul and Steph can’t just coast off of his accomplishments. The funny thing is, Him and Shawn have already proven that they can not only do it… they can do it better than Vince. That is, so long as they don’t try to model themselves after and follow in the same cookie cutter pattern. What they’ve done with NXT works. Though, truthfully, I think that AEW has taken that and made it feel like a fresher, more modern version of it. Whereas NXT has gotten stale over the past few years, due to it taking on the more corporate feel of the main roster shows.

    The thing is, I appreciate what Vince had originally built. I appreciate what he did for the sport. Professional wrestling would not be where it is today without his ambition. But, like it seems all companies do when they are on top, they get complacent and arrogant. Thinking that they can do no wrong and that nobody else can touch them. It is then, when unfortunately they are given that those of reality. The problem is, Vince only got a small taste of that dose and unfortunately WCW was run into the ground by bad management and booking. I believe the Khans and Cody have something special. They just cannot afford to in any way, shape or form follow in the same footsteps as either WWE or WCW. They need to keep it fresh, fun and make sure that they keep not only their wrestlers, but fans on the edge of their seat every week. So they never know what is going to happen next.

    I apologize to anybody if it sounds like I’m trying to run Vince into the ground. I really am not. It is something he is doing himself. It’s disgusting me because of my love of the WWF/WWE for so long. His arrogance makes me physically ill. This BS anti-constitution crap that he is trying to pull with fans only looks bad for him, the guys behind the curtain and the rest of the company… and when you have disgusting yes men like Seth Rollins as a corporate cheerleader, you not only lose fans connection with that superstar, as they become just as disgusted with him as they do Vince. You lose all credibility from the ground up with everybody around you. If you think trying to silence your critics is going to help your cause,… the only thing it’s going to do is worsen your situation. Make you come out looking like a dick that nobody in the industry can stand and everybody in the industry is going to put a target on to take down. The Kahn’s have far more money and resources than the McMahon family and everything you do to try to stop, embarrass or anger them… is only going to add fuel to their fire.

    When half of your own superstars are eyeing up an opposing locker room, because they can’t stand their own product… You are one step away from disintegration… as without them, you have nothing. Once the coup starts, no one is going to want to come work there knowing that they will probably be buried mid card, because you have your eye on some beefy guy. Like you always have. Which gives anybody else in the locker room little incentive to want to work there. Knowing that their number will never be called. No matter how long they work there… ala Dolph Ziggler. Who needs to run as fast as he can to the AEW locker room and become the superstar that he was always meant to be. I hate, absolutely hate, to see his talent wasted for so long, because Vince has a hard on for 6 foot five 300 pound guys.

    I am absolutely, truly sad for the state of the WWE. Not for Vince, not for his kids, but for the guys who stand behind that curtain every night who never get a chance to shine. Who were lied to, probably over and over again, as to where their true place in the company would be. Relegated to mid card or below, many of them becoming a comedy act to push upper card guys. And also to the veterans, who Vince treats like horses that need to be put out to pasture, to push lesser talented upstarts who he sees as the future.On behalf of the McMahon family, since you will never hear it from their lips, I apologize.

  7. Only people watching wwe now a days are the brainwashed ones. Seth is talking about money but he isnt fighting in sold out arena like Omega is doing right now and on top of all that Kenny has freedom while Seth has Vinces hand up his ass to make him the puppet that he is. 😂

  8. I will say of all the Seth Rollins comments. This one wasnt really bad at all. Not as bad as his first few tweets about it and especially not as bad as the Hell in a Cell

  9. WWE (ie. Vince) is a lot more insecure these days
    Which is a LOT more ironic when you think about the interviews Vince gave, saying today's wrestlers are "afraid to fail", "not as ambitious", "millenials"

  10. Erm, Seth… I don't know if you know this! But Wwe are not a wrestling company, Wwe are a Sports entertainment product.. C'mon Seth, you work there. Not cool Seth, not cool!

  11. I want most of wrestlers who have been champs in NXT and not properly used to be released and go to AEW.

    K.O., Nakamura, Roode, Asuka, Black, Andrade, ect.

    They were awesome in NXT and aren't being pushed properly.

  12. I still don't understand WWE's pettiness about this shit. They weren't like this with WCW merch or signs, and WCW Nitro was beating Raw at the time.

  13. I would like to see released most the following:

    Bayley, Sasha Banks, Asuka, Rusev, Lana, The Revival, Luke Harper

    All of them have unique talents that are being wasted, and the majority of them are getting buried big time

  14. Seth…we got 2 words for ya….SUCK IT!!! You just jealous that you stuck in a WWE contract and u see how much fun Dean aka John is having.

  15. Does anybody want to let Vince know this is the USA and he doesn't get to decide what people not under his employment or independent contract say, or wear?

  16. Rusev, Kanellis, Revival, and anyone who is flat out miserable working there. That's who I'd like to see get released overall.

  17. i don’t care what anyone says about seth rollins, he gets paid a lot of money and does work for WWE which has a lot of money. ya’ll hate on Rollins but yet he’s the one making the money at the end of the day.

  18. If and this is a big if anyone gets released i hope none of them go to aew cos aew need to do what wcw didn't and build there own stars that won't happen over night

  19. Can I wear an NWA shirt to WWE events? Power(rr) has been a better show than raw too. And they can't even spell power.

  20. People who should get released randy orton (hes done all he could in wwe), rusev, revival, sami zane(im sure if sami zane leaves that el generico guy might somehow return to the indies), breezango, dana brooke, and asuka,

  21. AEW's Dynamite is on Wednesday at 8pm(Eastern Time) on TNT. They won't get mad if you wear WWE/NJPW/ROH/TNA merch. (+)

  22. Oh our WWE x/ and also WWF man my childhood days were gr8 watchng taker, luger, rock y2j, benoit kane, giant, sting maaany more rly. Our WWE is already gone. x(

  23. Confused, as WWE live events start on 23 October. I know cos I'm going to be there. I watched both Xavier Woods and Roman Reigns arrive yesterday at Melbourne airport neither were limping or looked injured in any way. In fact they both stopped talked and took photos with fans that had waited to see them arrive.

  24. Ok…between 3 shows last week 11 million people viewed WWE on tv…#1 on twitter #1 on YouTube #1 on Google search…AEW will never see this kinda of popularity…Jericho looks terrible and that's there only star also too dark and everybody has the same character…goth was cool 25 years ago

  25. Why is it a need to ask guys in WWE about another promotion and be so shocked with there response..like Seth wasn't going to say that.

  26. Why would u want another company to get free publicity at your promotion 🤦🏾‍♂️ y’all act like something is wrong with how they’re handling it. If u want to hold up AEW signs or wear their Tee’s then go to one of their promotions

  27. Ah I remember the old days where we got 2-4 of these 4 minute Wrestle Talk News Videos everyday but now we get the super news etc.

  28. I will say I feel like you guys constantly jump on WWE for “not finding AEW competition” yet doing stuff that proves otherwise or employees who make it clear AEW is a concern. Yet never make those jokes about AEW when the exact same situations happen in their camp as well. Kenny omega called NXT developmental talent as a jab at the promotion and said they would put on stars every show every week. Yet right after Jericho states that this promotion has a lot of building to do because they don’t have very many stars. If you are going to criticize then make it across the board. A lot of the time it seems like you single out WWE even though WWE is why you have a channel.

  29. Orton is the antithesis of everything AEW stands for. He's a WWE guy through and through. No interest in seeing him in AEW at all, and I think it would be a bad move by them.

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