WWE 2K20 News: WWE 2K Responds To CRITICISM! #FixWWE2K20, 1st PATCH Date & Superstars UPSET At 2K

WWE 2K20 News: WWE 2K Responds To CRITICISM! #FixWWE2K20, 1st PATCH Date & Superstars UPSET At 2K

what is up guys welcome back to the
channel and to another update for WWE 2K20 and this is gonna be a quick one
because today WWE games finally responded to other issue and what been
trending us of late and continue to trend hashtag fix WWE 2k 20 but before
we get into it and even discuss more the latest you guys already know make sure
to elbow dropper and have those notifications turn on to not miss any of
the updates anyway so let’s get into it so early on this week on Tuesday WWE 2k
20 came out and on the first day hashtags fixed WWE 2k 20 started
trending we cover it all about it with the game having issues from glitches to
crashes and much more and in my video of covering all of this the only thing that
I asked from 2k was just to address the problem and to let us know that they’re
actually working on it but that wasn’t being axed just by me because over the
last three days I’m sure they have gotten a bunch of requests to just
address the whole situation because being radio silent about something like
this it’s definitely not the best thing and three days after we finally got a
response with a bit of extra details as they tweeted out the following we are
listening closely to the feedback what’s been shared regarding WWE 2k 20 and are
aware of the concerns some players are reporting we are working hard to
investigate these concerns and address them as necessary we expect to have an
initial patch ready in the next two weeks where other updates to follow stay
tuned to WWE games social media channels for more information now of course this
might not be the response that everyone been looking for as there are more
players than just some reporting issues but it’s a great start for them to
acknowledge all of this and indicate that a patch to fix this is actually
coming now they did say within the next two weeks which means it will be before
November a which is two weeks from today and updates are usually out on Tuesday
or Thursday but it could be any week on the first full week of November I’m
thinking of ember 5 or November 7 I don’t necessarily see it coming next
week as they probably gonna be busy push the bump in the night DLC which is
actually on Monday very interesting day for them to drop a DLC and I did made a
mistake on the previous video indicating that it was going to be on a Tuesday
what is not that means that on Sunday midnight we are gonna be able to play
the DLC if it follows a midnight release like previous years the last thing that
I want to talk about it’s some of the super stories themselves not being too
happy with how they look in this year’s game Rene young wasn’t too thrilled
about it and on top of that edge was upset of the fact that uh some of the
collector’s edition his pictures were not even signed he responded to one of
the fans of following lame seems like it happened to a few other people too
someone dropped a ball I’m filming a movie for the next month but when i get
home i will get a peel box everyone who didn’t get one sign I will
follow you on here give you the address and you can send it to me to sign the
positive on all of this is that edge is actually making it up to the fans and it
did got 2k support attention as they also tweeted out the following hey
everyone if you bought the collector’s edition and you’re missing a legend
autograph we will take care of you then they share a link where you can actually
submit a ticket for them to help you out so it almost feels like in every single
department there’s some type of issues right now which WWE games is trying to
fix anyways guys thank you for watching I will certainly keep you up-to-date on
all the latest if you haven’t just yet admission to check out my previous video
we posted episode two of hidden features and hit those notification as there is
more to come we’re on the road to 200,000 subscribers
I might to tiao dig it

100 thoughts on “WWE 2K20 News: WWE 2K Responds To CRITICISM! #FixWWE2K20, 1st PATCH Date & Superstars UPSET At 2K

  1. I was willing to tolerate the other crap from 2K20. The Fiend not being available until the 28th fucking broke me. I paid $90 for that crap. At least give me The Fiend. (Let's face it. That's pretty much all we bought it for.) #Hurt #Heal

  2. Also, Edge is the fucking coolest. Offering to get a P.O. box just so he can sign the unsigned images was not a guarantee. He's choosing to show love and support to the fans, so he's already cooler in my view than he already was. #TrueLegend

  3. Okay, so I haven't run into any type of serious glitch yet. So let's talk about how horrible the CPU is in this game. Legend difficulty plays no different that Normal difficulty. The A.I. almost never reverses. I once pinned the A.I. for the three counts after doing a Russian leg sweep less than 3 minutes into a match. I beat Brock Lesner with Ribbie. I actually won a Royal Rumble with ease. Overalls seriously don't matter in this game.

    The only thing that supplied even a little bit of a challenge was the Showcase Mode, and trying to get all the stars in Towers mode is the only reason why I play them (and it at least gives some type of reward, right?) even though, again, Legend difficulty is extremely easy (and most of the towers are on Normal, which I'm not gonna even talk about how easy that is…) According to some YouTubers such and BrandonDoesEverything and Denkops, the Bump in the night content is also extremely easy and the matches were all completed anywhere from 45 seconds to a couple of minutes. For people who have been playing these games for a while, it's pathetically sad how easy the A.I is. Forget bugs and glitches. I haven't had many of those. The trash A.I is what makes me hate this game with a passion. What's my other option? Play against online spammers under seriously laggy conditions?

  4. You know what also needs to be fixed? The goddamn loading time for creations. I spent way too damn long waiting for it to load so I can create an entrance- gave up waiting in the end.

  5. It's weird because I wasn't having too much problems on universe mode maybe just some clunky gameplay but nothing major then my game crashed twice within one hour I like the game just fix it

  6. So I got to wait two weeks to finally play as my created character/my career mode?. That is some bs . I can’t even play a normal match with the created character I made in creation mode .

  7. Is anyone having a custom superstar glitch? I tried making a 3rd person and she glitched out. On universe she could only fight men 😂😣 this game … 2k take it back 😩

  8. The resiliencey payback don’t even work to kick out of pins like wtf you had the same shit since 2k15 like come on 2k now I see why yukes left Because y’all lazy as fuck

  9. My opinion, this was all a publicity stunt and a hit at WWE, I think they told WWE they will wait another few months and wwe said no, so they release a game that’s 0% finished and got a lot of controversy and now WWE realize that they needed more time, just my opinion 🤷🏻‍♂️

  10. Correct if I am wrong but Yukes created the past games for 20 years and left so 2k had to start from scratch 2k has never ever made a wrestling game alone so

    For 2k starting from scratch within less than three months go release what 2k have done is nothing short of phenomenal in my opinion

  11. Hey Macho T, not sure if ur aware but I discovered another glitch where u can't play with 8 CAWs and not even 4 (at least on ps4). The match never loads up. I just wanted to see if anyone is having the same glitch. Always appreciate ur updates, stay cool!

  12. With 2K response to the autographs what they going to do sign them themselves. 2K must of known that the autographs weren't signed, this game turn out to be an absolute disgrace.

  13. Will the patch fix the crap graphics? crashes. No loading, glitches? Belt creation? Etc. Will we be given some sort of gift as apology, all DLC free or 80,000 VR for example.

  14. Think WWE need to find a new company to make there games the 2k series has sucked go back to the good old days like WWF attitude or even better WWF no mercy

  15. One of the main issues I will say; would be hit detection.
    Personally, either improve the hit detection or have an option/button to feint.
    I will say it is too complicated for 2K to do the latter; so I guess improving the hit detection works.

  16. So maybe by December it’ll b somewhat ready to play & that was a typical PR response by them hopefully the AEW game does in fact come out next year

  17. I will be mean… HAHAHAHAHAHA, why guys would you put 130 fucking $/€ in a game when you know nothing about it ? Peope are just stupid idiots. You know what happen to people screwd for 130$/€ for a simple video game by 2K ? YOU JUST MADE THE LIST ! ! !

  18. This year was a complete disaster for them. It’s like they were way in over their heads without yukes. I worry they don’t even know how to fix the problems. I haven’t had any big problems yet.. but some minors. I hope when they patch it they don’t break other things that do work. The autograph thing… that’s another story. The only thing that makes sense is each wrestler probably had a stack to take care of … and some got stuck together and unsigned … and when they filtered them into the frames the unsigned ones slipped through. Still should have been more careful. That’s 130 dollars plus for a game … botching that is unacceptable. At least they decided to give all of the originals away to the deluxe and smack down editions instead of charging like they were going to do originally. I’ve noticed now it says we get those.. which we should if we paid more for the game. Because I won’t pay for them.

  19. Well. Yukes' departure really hit 2k hard. If only 2k let Yukes have the full control of the game. But because of 2k's greediness, instead of making Wwe games better, they made it lamer and lamer every year. Adding microtransactions, removing previous game modes so they can return someday as if it is new (Mixed Tag Team for example), etc etc. As Yukes said, they don't like the vision of 2k. Thank God Yukes left them. Hopefully Yukes will make another wrestling game like they said months ago.

  20. I was playing the daily female gauntlet ladder yesterday and when I got too the last match it crashed on loading screen and I had to restart.

  21. Patches don't fix glitches like the ones I've seen. Lol. The game is broken and you wanted to meet your deadline, bottom line.

  22. Glad I didnt put $60 towards WWE2K20. The game is unfinished with a bunch of glitches and bugs. Graphics are absolutely horrible and I doubt the patches are gonna fix it. (If anything just make the game even more unplayable). I'm just gonna get COD Modern Warfare instead, and WWE2K are just lazy.

  23. Well I hope they fix the all the glitches in and the game crashing and sometimes it takes forever to load also because if I was WWE 2K I would have got rid of 2k

  24. Mark my words 2k gives zero fucks about the problem they have the money…..and watch the patch will only make it worse or fix one thing and break something else…creation suite is incomplete or broken…the only thing that will get fixed quickly will be when a money glitch is found..then you will see action

  25. Just stop buying the damn games simple. A they will start to get their shit together once y’all stop pre ordering and buying their mess.

  26. Hope they do something with my player mode I cant play cause stop loading at a certain point on after crybaby match

  27. Basically the patch is gonna be a whole new game because there's no way they can fix that crap they've put on the disc.

  28. “We’re working hard to investigate these concerns and address them as necessary.”
    Translation: “We’re not working on anything. We just want people to leave us alone.”

  29. Personally I find it petty that everyone I've seen talk about this has been like "some!?" I just think it's such a childish thing like they've acknowledged it why do you need to be a little salty 13 year old that didn't get a kiss from his crush😂😂

  30. I am very upset with 2k20 what 2k has done all that money I saved to buy the game and I get that happening to me it luck I got 2k19 I played again I got the 2k20 on my PS4 and I see if I can get a funds back I know same people has

  31. See, I myself, don't know where all the bitching and complaining about the game is coming from. Could they improve on some of the things in the game? Of course. But as a whole, to me the game is way better than the past few years. I loved it up until 2K17. To me, they just dropped the ball with the last three

  32. my only problem is number one: I can’t creat an entrance for my female custom character, AND MY FUCKING MYCAREER WONT LOAD so I hope,this patch fixes it because I’m doing my best to avoid any mycareer videos from other youtubers ITS FUCKING HARD MAN 😿😿😹😹😹😹😹

  33. What gets me is that they released it the way it is. You can't tell me they didn't play it some before releasing it. And then says "okay put it on the shelves, let's do this" lol. I am back to playing my 2K19. 2K20 Deluxe Garbage, sorry Deluxe Edition went in the bottom dresser drawer.

  34. Ever notice how the earlier games have no glitches and last forever? 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12, 13 have been reliable. Superstars don't look real but it's worth having reliability and GM mode.

    And then 2K came out. 2K19 was my favorite of 2K series. And SD vs Raw 2007. I love 2012 and 2013 because it has CM Punks theme and Drew McIntyre's Broken Dreams theme. And Kofis SOS theme. Before this New Day childish stuff year after year and boring now

  35. They just don't care about the players that brought the game because they knew the game was fucked up that's why they didn't release any footage or game play of the game until the game was about to be released a game that they knew it was not ready

  36. The only thing i like more bout 2k20 is the classic smackdown look better i like the retro look how it was also added alil more grain

  37. Don't matter if they listen or not, people are still gonna complain and be unsatisfied, like they always are with any game

  38. I just can´t understand how they didn´t see those bugs and glitches. You literally see in every match something that´s wrong with the game or even when you set up title matches. Or every crash after you win a match. The list goes on and on..

  39. 2K apologies and say their gonna fix the problem well I have a solution take your little WWE 2k20 CD's shine them up real nice turn them son bitch side ways and SHOVE THEM STRAIGHT UP YOUR CANDY ASSES!

  40. The sad thing is most of the people moaning about the game being broken will buy the game. You're only enabling this kind of bs by buying the game regardless of the flaws. That's why I stopped buying EA games years ago.

  41. Definitely not buying the collectors edition of 2k21 next year bc I’m sure that would happen to me with my plaque not getting signed and the way 2k has been handling these games and half assing them and focusing more on the nba series, I’m gonna be waiting every Black Friday from here on out till a new developer gets the license or they actually start putting in more effort

  42. How I made an alternate attire for Bret Hart with the previous in game attires he had before when I try to do a match with him in those attires his hairstyle changes to what Chris Jericho had when he first debuted in WWF smh

  43. I dont see why people should wait 2 weeks for a game they paid on October the 22nd.. Reality is 2k releases a broken game and if the people are fine with it they will let it get buried. They test their game with gamers and that would be fine if they didnt charge 100 dollars for the deluxe and way more than that for the special editionn. They knew the game had glitches and major ones. They just said f it lets see if people are fine with this garbage. Ofc they will not but we already got their money and are basically charging them to test our game out. I aint pre ordrering from 2k again cus trust has been broken. Very shady stuff from 2k.

  44. Am glad a never got the collector's edition this time the game was better last year why can't they use the same graphics as 2k19 it feels like am playing raw vs smackdown 2009 for the PS2 a got the delexe edition feel like a wasted £85 proud

  45. From Raw to Smackdown and now the game, seems like WWE is just crumbling across the board. XFL relaunch might have the same outcome as well. Vince you gotta start putting them billions of dollars to better use to improve the WWE brand across the board.

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