WWE 2K20 News: SURPRISE LATE UPDATES MADE! Returning MATCH TYPE Hint, Confusions, MyCareer & More!

WWE 2K20 News: SURPRISE LATE UPDATES MADE! Returning MATCH TYPE Hint, Confusions, MyCareer & More!

what is up guys welcome back to the
channel in to more WWE 2K20 news as today we’re gonna be taking a look and
following up on the recent review that was the gameplay trailer because there’s
a lot of extra confirmations within it that we didn’t necessarily get to cover
and there’s a lot of confusions to discuss and hopefully clarify the latest
sense in regards to this year’s my career mode and of course some of the
creepy storylines that we could be seen on it some of the complaints that I’ve
been seen in the community new animations already shown to us that are
coming an impressive updates that WWE games might be trying to pull off to of
course keep the game as updated as possible and a couple of things that you
might have missed from the recent reveal before we get into it though you guys
already know make sure to elbow drop and if you haven’t just yet hit our
notification Bell to be fully up-to-date on all of my coverage and Pro Wrestling
and WWE 2k games with that said let’s get into it and let’s start off with
some of the new roster confirmations that we ended up getting just from this
trailer these are the beauty superstars to the roster we got Eli Toni storm and
then we get the return of Tommaso Champa who missed last year’s game x-pac
returning as a playable character and Jerry the King Lawler who hasn’t been
playable since WWE 12 so that is a big return other roster confirmations that
we got that we’re not confirmed on previous reveals our Adam Cole Billy
campaign Royce every growing demon finn balor goldberg sting 99 ted dibiase as
he was getting leg drop by hulk hogan and a zombie sasha banks again though
out of all of these superstars only five of these are completely new to this
year’s roster and which stars like Tony story and Yoshi I’m making the cut it is
very possible that we’re gonna be able to see a lot of new where NXT superstar
and nxe UK roster members which we’ve been asking
for so it seems like they are delivering no idea yet if we are gonna be getting a
full roster reveal or if this is just gonna be the way that they’re doing it
this year revealing super star as we go with
different type of content regardless though I will of course keep you guys up
today something else worth mentioning from the
trailer that it’s not even visual instead if you listen to it then you
probably realize the fact that they’re using the song legendary by skillet
which is the same thing song that is being used for Monday Night Raw and just
got change this early October when they were changing the whole new sets theme
songs logo and so on that makes me wonder if WWE games is really trying to
keep it as updated as possible since they’re using this theme song clearly
they got the rights for it so they could include it in this year’s game and give
it to us as part of the official theme song for Monday and I wrote to keep it
up today and maybe just throwing the updated arena and there will be great if
they make all of this happen the first day patch will be the most beautiful
thing ever on to some other thing loving the hair in Excel going down and just
having that animation to make you feel like a big match is about to happen just
like the Helen Excel is it’s supposed to be big and all of this presentation
makes it feel much more better I like that that before the match the referee
is right in the middle with the superstars and they facing forward just
waiting for the Hell in a Cell to go down with the dramatic lights and
probably sound to it this is of course part of showcase as we do see Charlotte
and Sasha banks who participated in this first-ever woman’s Hell in a Cell match
but I hope that is just not only showcase that they pull it out and give
it to us also in exhibition just have that animation before anyhow when a Cell
match begins and it will make you feel better
another thing that was highly pointed out was the fact that these models
already look so much more better than what we have been seen for over the last
couple of weeks I don’t know if these days some type of lighting change or
maybe they’re just showing off the best but Jerry the King Lawler looks freaking
amazing I gotta be the best-looking model in the whole game and yes of
course we know that some of the model don’t look that great but it goes back
to what I said some are gonna look amazing while others are just gonna be
looking okay cuz it looks like 2k is trying to redo as many as possible stick
it with superstars models let’s go ahead and take a look at Sasha banks now I’m
not necessarily sure what is happening where her hair what I think
WWE games just didn’t lay up date to it and it looks like we’re getting Sasha
blanks with blue hair which again if that is the case that is in extremely
unexpected but welcome update unexpected because Sasha bank just returned a month
and a half ago and usually it feels like anything that happened after SummerSlam
or even money in the bank don’t really get updated for the game the one doubt
that I do have is that it may be the lighting is making it look blue cuz
there is a lot of shades of Lighting’s going on with some of the actual frames
do kind of feel like it is blue and it has been updated which is a big thumbs
up if that is the case sticking with the hair it’s clear that they made some
changes to it it looks fuller the style itself seems to have improved but the
problem that I notice and that the community is complaining about is that
the physics are not there right now the movement of it is not necessarily on par
on what it should be realistically and you can see that on some screenshots
like Charlotte doing the figure-four leglock or the figure 8 I should say and
her hair is still kinda intact even when you let it play it out you could kind of
see that half of the hair actually have the movement that it needs to do while
the other half just doesn’t it feels like it’s to stick to the actual
character model on to some other big topic throughout the trailer we got to
see a lot of the Undertaker and even in certain special arenas like the boiler
room backstage and the most interesting thing about all of it was that a week II
see Undertaker and came brawling it out right next to a bunch of fire almost
hinting at the fact that we’re gonna be getting the return of a beloved match
type infernal match and after thinking about it a bit more yes this could be a
big hint that we could be getting that match type return you to this year’s
game but this is more than likely part of my career mode we even had one of the
my career designers for the game tweet out the fact that they were excited to
share the gameplay trailer and to show some of us some of the my career stuff
sprinkle in it they didn’t specifically indicated what part of the whole trailer
was my career but the Undertaker stuff seems to be a part of it simply because
it is regular under taker in regular cane rolling and ow is
not some type of crazy original character in its own arena like the
demon king finn bálor in his arena filled up with lava
so Kanan the Undertaker here fighting it out it’s more than likely part of some
type of cutscene within my career that includes odds with some type of
storyline which if that is the case then I just hope that in some way somehow we
get to interact with that fire all the things worth mentioning was of course
all of the originals arenas that we got to see including the one for the demon
king finn bálor which by the way what the hell is this flying above the arena
they really went all out with the detail because even if you look at the crowd
you can see that that is a custom crowd specifically for that arena there’s a
bunch of type of demons in there then when you look at another arena which
seems to be a costume arena you can see the use of dynamic weather with freaking
snow falling down and clearly it’s freezing not just because of the stage
but also because the crowd is very different from the regular one wearing
different sweaters coats hats and so on so those more details are very
interesting there’s also some changes to the animation of the announce table
getting broken we got to see the evolution arena which has been highly
requested and last but not least at the Wyatt compound or what seems to be an
updated version of it or a brand-new originals of it and something that I
want to point out it’s the fact that yes a lot of these special Reno’s are gonna
be part of the originals pack well let’s not forget that we are still gonna be
getting some of these as far as the default arenas in the game besides the
Wyatt compound I’m also even expecting the boilers room
to be part of just another backstage area for us to play in which DLC is not
required so it’s just part of the default game and basically anything that
we go through my career is gonna be available right away anyways guys that
is what I got for you in this video I just wanted to break down some of the
extra details that we didn’t get to cover on the initial breakdown of the
trailer and of course clarify some of the confusions that you guys might be
having if you enjoy don’t forget to elbow drop and for much more subscribe
to the channel and turn on those notifications when the word
200,000 subscribers machee I dig it you you

100 thoughts on “WWE 2K20 News: SURPRISE LATE UPDATES MADE! Returning MATCH TYPE Hint, Confusions, MyCareer & More!

  1. What do you think of this tammaso ciampa vs adam cole vs fin balor in a triple treat Street fight match for the nxt championship for one of the nxt takeovers

  2. Macho T you need to give credit to VikingSizeGamer cause he pointed all these things out before you and TonyPizzaGuy yesterday and if you guys don't believe me here is a link to his video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aQoS-lMs2UU

  3. One thing I noticed: When they showed the powerbomb on the car windshield (the same animation for the past few years), if you look at the ground there are tire skid marks. Maybe that's why they showed that scene. Teasing something big like a car OMG moment or something. Now I'm wondering about the spear through the barricade. Is there something new that they are teasing?

  4. the aurna there is is aplybe out side if my cheer so  whot os ay it not aprt  other modes smakctlaks allr eyd  tony pizza guy and amn toeh all rey shao the  two new aurna are palybe out side my cheareer

  5. This game is going to be up to date now more than ever for the simple fact is that Visual Concepts is the sole developers of the game they're not working with Yuke's anymore they don't have to go back and forth with another developer…. I also feel that the reason why they've been lacking in marketing the game is because I think that they are literally updating every superstar to look to date and to be honest with you I do see them giving us the new RAW Arena and SmackDown Arena… and I also see them giving us newer Superstars I think this time around regardless of it being the August deadline or not they're going to give us up-to-date Superstars for example Damien priests, kushida, Myles Jordan, Bronson Reed, Camron Grimes you name it I think Visual Concepts are pulling out all the stop on this years game

  6. Macho…you know damn well this game is going to let us down in areas they continue to let us down in. This game is a wwe2k19 update/patch. I bet you there's still no wepons in the cell, there is no inferno match so don't hold your breath, Io Shari is outdated, no heel version of her, the game has been ruined with this "originals" crap when they could have been putting more time into things that matter. Like match types, backstage, fighting in the crowd and stage. We should all be concerned.

  7. That's what I was thinking, on a different channel, I said that since there's 2 weeks left, I wonder if they would have enough time to put the current Raw and Smackdown sets in the game, I wouldn't expect it but it would be a big surprise

  8. I remember playing 2k17 and ilder guy was watching thought it was tv for like 10 mins
    I. Happy we got
    Chyna jerry king lawler xpac ..full dx Road Dogg billy gunn hbk hhh chyna steph …. eddie edge dudleys hardeys

  9. I believe the arena with the snow and frozen theme may be a glimpse of the No Man’s Land dlc that I think will only feature female wrestlers and rings and arenas with a more feminine touch and not a created arena.

  10. Why am I the only one who see that we might have double titles on a wrestler? No one hasn't even talked about that and it's being ignored.

  11. Today is the 5th the game comes out the 22nd and we still haven't got a full roster reveal or new moves list plus 2K didn't even invite fellow youtubers to get early footage I like seeing the new moves video early to see if it's worth getting smh

  12. 2K says they are giving us what we want if that is true then why continue myplayer with that VC bullshit where is create a finisher and where is GM mode why not make career mode like a updated version of WWF Shut Your Mouth not exactly the same but the same concept where is I Quit Match or Stretcher Matches and the promo system is still lazy you could add voice if you put some effort into it we still haven't gotten springboard to the ring moves with pin combos like the springboard 450 but no we get showcase mode and originals and towers bullshit so no 2K doesnt listen to the people that buys their games they are lazy when it comes to WWE games cause they don't care they look at it as a paycheck is all pathetic

  13. i think Sasha's hair will be purple, as there is no reason they would change Sasha's hair but keep Peyton's black hair instead of blonde.

  14. Pretty sure that Cell lowering animation is just for the showcase dude since that’s what they did before their match

  15. Matcho T we had some Roster confirmations yesterday if you watch 2k fb stories or instagram stories their are some new superstars that confirmed themselves

  16. "i WaNt RoStEr ReVeAl" y'all get irritating after the 6th video. They put out plently of info with the roster being the LAAAST thing to show

  17. See I'm wondering why tf is Jerry Lawlor playable? Who was clammoring demanding Jerry Lawlor who hasn't had a match since what his against punk?

  18. f u for being so naive and stupid, because of people like you they make same shit every year and you stupid a hole are still happy for what you are getting, or you are getting paid for being so positive about a shitty game

  19. We gotta see more NXT/NXT UK and Legends but I'm pretty sure we'll get new stars especially from the NXT/NXT UK. I would mark out if we get WALTER, Matt Riddle, Keith Lee, Donovan Dijakovic, Damien Priest, KUSHIDA, Kacy Catanzaro, Mia Yim, Aliyah, Vanessa Bourne, Xia Li, Taynara Conti, Bianca Belair, Rhea Ripley, Mark Andrews, Trent Seven, Gallus, Flash Morgan Webster, Zack Gibson, Jordan Devlin, Marcel Barthel, Fabian Aichner, The Forgotten Sons, Jessamyn Duke, Marina Shafir, The Brian Kendrick, I mean the list are endless.

  20. What y'all fail to relise is that both Becky's the attires are incomplete. On her evolution attire she's missing her championship and robe. In her WrestleMania 35 attire she doesn't have her jacket that matches her Gear.

  21. Wait so 2k didn't call youtubers to come to an event to play I think it's to late for them to do it now it usually happens in August

  22. No real improvements to creation suite. The major one being the increase in CAS slots. If there was more DLC packs offered that would add past superstars to the game then they would not have to worry about CAS capacity. We are talking about superstar and there individual moveset , entrances , titan trons , finisher. I already am willing to wait till 2K20 is on the stream black Friday sale next year because i feel that there is not enough content to justify there asking price. Plus the originals pack is just a waste I'd space that could be used for actual wrestling related content. So far i would give WWE 2K20 a 2.8 out of 5.

  23. Macho T you are my homie and my favorite person who shows me these videos of the WWE game I believe that this year's game is going to be Awesome I'm going to love WWE 2k20 looking forward to it brother you rock thank you for showing me this preview

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