WWE 2K20 News: #FixWWE2K20 Trending Due To BIG PROBLEMS, The Fiend Update, Day 1 PATCH & More!

WWE 2K20 News: #FixWWE2K20 Trending Due To BIG PROBLEMS, The Fiend Update, Day 1 PATCH & More!

what is up guys welcome back to the
channel and it is WWE 2K20 launch day and the launch itself is not going too
well because hashtag fix WWE 2k 20 has been trending the whole day so let’s
talk about it and discuss some of the latest news regarding the game to keep
us up today before we get into it though do you guys already know my show – elbow
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before getting into what is trending let’s talk about a bit piece of news
that I keep getting asked about and that is regarding the DLC a lot of you guys
are of course confused about the fact that the bump in the night which is the
pre-order bonus for the game it’s not available to download just yet it is a
bit upsetting considering the fact that it is a pre-order bonus we’re supposed
to get it on the first day it was even advertised that we were gonna get it on
the first day but then sometime around last week things ended up changing and
they announced that the bump in the night DLC which is the first pack and
that we still get from pre-ordering the game it’s gonna be available on October
28th so that is next Tuesday a week after the game comes out and the amount
of comments that I’m getting from you guys on how to unlike the fiend Bray
Wyatt it’s absolutely insane and I do not blame you because I want to be
playing as him as well and honestly I want to be trying all of the other
arenas that the originals pack ends up having because they are good DLC content
so I just wanted to make it clear that all of that is not gonna be available
again onto October 28th if you preorder the game before it’s released you’re
gonna get this pack for free it’s such that we just have to wait an extra week
for it and I will definitely have a tutorial on how specifically to unlock
the fee in Bray Wyatt once that the OC is available because we do get a go
through a certain Tower before being able to unlock it sticking with this WWE
games also confirm the rest of the DLC originals pack which we cover over a
month ago the second pack will be the wasteland and na you can see a variation
of a Hell in a Cell match which almost looks like this steel cage strap trap
from WWE 2k 19 but the whole arena is unique and looking very different than
anything we’ve seen this is gonna in late 2019 which is probably going to
be right before Christmas then the third DLC is a soft poor regional wrestling
once again the image shows a certain unique arena and then the Empire of
tomorrow which has a futuristic theme to it so that’s the latest regarding the
DLC for the game but getting into right now the launch of the game it is not
going smooth at all in social media we got a hashtag fix WWE 2k 20 trending and
I can certainly understand why I streamed the game for nine hours
yesterday leading into today and it felt like every single match I was going
through there were some type of glitches from superstar getting stuck in a corner
of the Hell in a Cell match and just fighting an invisible man just punching
the air to my career crashing depending on what choices do you make apparently
whatever you do do not pick Bret Hart for your dream match under my career
because otherwise the game is gonna crash and you’re not gonna be able to
continue my career because it’s gonna get stuck in the loading screen this is
not happening to everyone but it is one of the things that are happening right
now depending what type of choices you end up making I’m sure you guys seen the
referee glitch or certain superstars being halfway into the ring or bouncing
and twitching off the ropes if you’re doing showcase mode some of the actual
objectives now responding correctly so making it almost impossible for it to
just finish it completely and get all of the cutscenes and this is just gameplay
if we switch over to like community creations there’s even more broken stuff
at the moment which I just hope that WWE games comes out in a dress so that we
can actually know that there are knowledge in all of this and working on
it I know they’re working on it but some type of statement will actually be good
for us to hear I know they already put up image uploader but there’s multiple
issues with that first of all of you on PlayStation yes you can upload the image
by going to the website doing it just like WWE 2k 19 but when you download it
on PlayStation 4 it is just not there you go to creations you try to use your
custom images or anything else that you just added to it and it doesn’t work or
if you’re an xbox apparently it does works but when you are using these
custom images /lo and so on the game crashes in certain
points because of it there’s a lot of other issues pertaining to the game that
I even ended up covering in my honest thoughts video so if you guys want more
details in regards to that definitely check that out but over all right now
with the inconsistencies and everything that is broken I’m just hoping that WWE
games comes out and give us some type of jacked-up explanation or article post
telling us what’s happening when can we expect a certain patch because like I
said before we know they’re working on it just come out and actually indicate
something about it to ease up on the outrage that we’re getting all over
social media also whenever that patch does comes out or if we did already got
a day one patch can we please get the patch notes much like me a lot of people
just want to be specific on what things are getting done anyways guys thank you
for watching that is what I got for you in this video if you miss any of my
upcoming uploads whether it is my honest thoughts or even the first episode of
our hidden feature series make sure to check it out and make sure to hit me up
with a follow for the daily live streams anyways went over to 200,000 subscribers
am I to T ow did

100 thoughts on “WWE 2K20 News: #FixWWE2K20 Trending Due To BIG PROBLEMS, The Fiend Update, Day 1 PATCH & More!

  1. Four horse women is tough on easy and hit my finisher on Charlotte flair and kip up every time and can't seem to win a match and yes it is on easy and took me 15 goes before it allowed to say I hit a ddt. 13GB for patch 1 and don't see a difference

  2. PS4 gave me a refund this game is the worst game ever… I can’t believe I’m writing this but WWE 2k15 is a better game

  3. 2k19>2k20 , when will you people learn when it comes to wwe games the only thing that truly changes is the roster….I skip a few years bc of this and am not getting 2k20

  4. Bruh I played the game right so I was being pinned I pressed y to do the resiliency payback and I didn't fucking worked it just works when it feels like it #fixwwe2k20

  5. I mean it is better than if ea sports ran wwe games I would rather a crappy game and wait for an update than have to pay 50 bucks to have a one on one mach

  6. Lol. Nothing new. That’s why I didn’t buy it. Besides the fact that the games haven’t really impressed me, they keep putting them out games that aren’t even finished.

  7. They need to sort out the in ring entrances and the characters glitching through the opponent who stays in the ring, I mean, wtf??

  8. love your content ….I really don t care bout the originals rather they add new wrestlers/superstars and legends that hav not been in the franchise

  9. I'm not upsit at all I can wait 1 week. Most dlcs take 1 too 2 months stop being a annoying whiny bitch. And no glitches has happen and i been playing since yesterday

  10. Lol it really doesn’t prove anything this is still YUKES gameplay engine Visual Concepts finished a halfway done project and that’s being 💯 lol get off Visual Concepts back now if the game is still shit a year later then yeah talk that shit until then let them work.

  11. The MAJOR AND MOST ANNOYING GLITCH is Victory MUSIC in online matches. I choose female match online and won and brock lesners music started playing. Not once but all the victory musics are botched and not relating to the superstar you choose. Has anybody else encountered this or just me.

  12. Universe mode is broken I can’t even play a title match with out the game automatically giving the winner both wwe and intercontinental champion

  13. I pre ordered the game sunday and i only have a problem when a superstar wins.. it says WINNER and there's no name under it lol. It is like nobody won the match and we pre ordered for the fiend. This that we should wait for 28 is stupid if you wanna ask me.!

  14. I have an issue with the creation suite and the universe because I have created a new character then saved them made a couple more or characters with different names and stats and they all were set then went in to universe and they were called the same as each other all had 36 overall and they had lv 1 and 2 payback auto reversals and now every time I try to create a new custom they duplicate names and stats don't carry to universe

  15. so way are is ev oen shwo lwo qutiy wwe 2k20 lwor gpahcis I have game ggprhaics quity look ncie then what is show in this vidoe

  16. Bruh everyone should just chill out and have fun with the game. Honestly, yeah there's a lot of glitches and I don't like the controller switch but tbh it's kinda funny seeing all these glitches xD

  17. Creating a superstar with a WWE logo will cause the entrance and victory scenes to glitch out and not load, I spent a couple hours creating someone that was amazing but had to delete them because of the glitch that occurred. Plus created superstars names will not be mentioned during their intro or victory of a match, only the birthplace will be mentioned during intros. I've noticed 4 glitches so far in the game other than the ones I mentioned before and they include: superstars bodies shrinking and flipping around, superstar (no way jose) rolling around like a barrel after getting out of the ring after losing the match (I was the winner and he just continuously rolled like a barrel in place) superstars not being able to bring a ladder into the ring (I did a match where I got the ladder out, the superstar got a hold of it outside and then just walked in place trying to get into the ring) and arms unrealistically bending after taking a bump on the ring (a superstar would've had a compound fracture if it really bent the way I saw it after he landed, I couldn't believe it) so many glitches in this game, yukes leaving really did the 2k series in. This will be the last 2k game I get.

  18. I wouldn't day it's a bad game, but it is very broken and shouldn't of been released in this state. They should really inform the customer they are working on things to fix it. My trophies wont even sinc to my Playstation. The title clipping is god awful has been for years to be honest and I'm the marketing has been a massive let down The Feind should of been released on day one as people expected, bot turn around and say "oh you have to wait an extra week" that to me is really bad and should offer a discounted refund for people who pre ordered it.

  19. On my 2k20 Harper entrants theme Is super loud to the max And A couple seconds it keeps replaying his theme from the beginning over and over

  20. This game should of been delayed this is awful and unacceptable. Sometimes I wished 2k games never got rights to wwe games and thq never went bankrupt

  21. This game is so ridiculously broken first of all it went back to the 2K 15 graphics they got rid of a lot of my favorite parts that I like to use when it comes to creating my Superstar and let's talk about creating an entrance first of all the lighting is horrendous then on top of that the system for changing the lighting or the entrance music is absolutely broken wake they seriously should have delayed releasing this game if it was going to be like this but this game almost gave me a migraine I'm not even kidding.

  22. boy take two need to fix the entire 2k sports division NBA is a failure & now WWE. my game crashed three times since last night, my CAWs are named after my first CAW in universe with 0 or 36 ovr. scared to touch mycareer

  23. Am I the only one who doesn't think this game is total trash on PS4? Don't get me wrong, there is MUCH room for improvement, but I don't think what we have now is horrible

  24. I ordered the Deluxe Edition on Xbox One and the only thing i can play is Universe Mode and Exibition because The Four Horsewomen Showcase and The 2k Towers and My Career Mode and Create a superstar all crash back to my Xbox dasboard

  25. I've no sympathy for you lot. Everyone knew it's going to be broken after all we seen before it's release yet you all went and bought it like the sheep you are. And you all wonder why 2k doesn't bother why when you're all stupid enough to buy whatever is released

  26. I wouldn't say we're confused as fans we would just like to get what we were promised by pre ordering and paying for not wait until it comes out and then have almost the only thing in the game that we're looking forward to for some playing as the fiend was the only reason they bought this garbage game and then they tell us we have to wait another week to play as him 😂 sorry just my opinion

  27. In my opinion don't offer somebody a pre-order bonus of the hottest character in WWE right now who was somebody we all desperately hoped made the game, then make us pay 80 to a hundred and something dollars and then get the game and have to wait another week and then after that still not be able to fully play with him

  28. This years game is a train wreck! I honestly can't believe what I've experienced with this game on just day one.. the gameplay glitches are horrendous along with creation and many others.. not to mention the missing superstars and models and entrances that have been outdated since last year.. modern sting has been removed goldberg is still not updated model and entrance.. no current hbk.. no nwo hogan.. no nwo 3 man entrance.. the list goes on sadly.. and the graphics downgrade holy hell.. everyone looks like plastic figures!

  29. I recently just got back into WWE games with 2K19 and before that the last WWE game i've played was Smackdown Vs Raw 2010 and tbh, i think ill just stay with 2k19

  30. The controls are shit and now we can’t play as the fiend until the 28th even if you preordered and where tf is lio rush

  31. IDK if it's my CD but I can't give my caw a entrance it doesn't finish loading but universe plays but few matches crash on my PS4… wtf should I download from ps network or what ( yes I pre order )

  32. The wasteland wanderers arena is a fallout 4 arena. Most of the construction are things you can build in fallout. It also looks like it’s in Diamond city. (Baseball arena turned city after the bombs dropped)

  33. #FixWWE2k20
    The edited movesets can't be imported to universe mode or tower mode… This is frustrating… Spend hours editing the moves then while playing universe the move sets were default… There's no option to import or save in both modes like ase 2k19….
    Missing wwe2k19 which I sold 😪.
    Even after the patch it's still same glitches.

  34. I’m mostly a CAW guy and this game is unworkable. Cannot upload images. Cannot assign moves/entrances etc.. Entrances appear to be missing graphics completely( human suplex machine seems to need a towel built into the motion animation). Frustrating

  35. When I first play this yesterday they need to fix these glitches and lagging for now I’m just gonna stick with wwe 2k19 until they do because this is goddamn ridiculous #fixwwe2k20

  36. Wwe2k19 servers are still up thank God I never deleted wwe2k19 because of this game so join me tonight on my channel live for some good gameplay of wwe2k19 if u want to join send me your gamer tag and i will add u on PS4 to play together

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