WWE 2K20 – HIDDEN FEATURES You Might Not Know! (Epic Easter Eggs, Updated Alt, Extra Gears & More)

WWE 2K20 – HIDDEN FEATURES You Might Not Know! (Epic Easter Eggs, Updated Alt, Extra Gears & More)

let’s get it what is up guys welcome
back to the channel into another WWE 2K20 hidden features episode this is
episode number 3 and as always trying to cover all the secrets Easter eggs and
hidden features for the game remember that some of these you might know
because you might encounter it yourself and some you might not but as always
leave your suggestions down in the comments below to be featured in an
upcoming episode since we are just getting started before getting into it
you guys already know make sure to elbow dropped our like button and hit those
notifications to not miss an upload anyway so let’s get into it and this
first feature it’s a bit of an odd one but it is a unique cutscene that we are
able to find and create a video and you go through it in my career and it is
video game imitates real-life as WWE games has Sin Cara watching his own
entrance I’m not gonna get into the specific because I don’t want to spoil
it to you guys how exactly we got to this point but I had to share it because
it is slowly probably the best thing in this year’s game there’s a lot of broken
stuff and this is one of the broken stuff that are meant to be there there
are actually hilarious baby oh my god let’s get it sticking
with it a stir eggs one headed to the backstage area there isn’t a lot of
things that has been updating but there are a bit of new touch that if you
happen to look around like I always do especially in highlight reel you can
find some little details one of these is if you look at the magazines are laying
around on the authority office this movements off it’s in even the locker
room they feature coverage with renders of
this year’s game of Roman reigns even one indicating twisted Alexa bliss
which maybe is a hint of an upcoming DLC after all we do got her partner Nicky
cross as twisted Nicky cross so maybe it’s a hint we don’t necessarily know
just yet other renders are for John Cena The Undertaker and of course Roman
reigns but the interesting part on it is that when you look on the top right
these magazines they offer a WWE 2k 20 demo which ironically it would have been
kind of nice for us to get a demo this year and test out the game before its
release and maybe it wouldn’t have need that big patch that is currently needed
onto some other feature this year unfortunately you’re not able to set
managers as alternate attires and use them as actual wrestlers but there are
some superstars too like Ric Flair that you’re able to switch their manager
attire to play as a more current version of him when picking Ric Flair 91 you can
see that this model has two manager attires with different hair but also in
more up-to-date version of Ric Flair from 2016 and 14 if you want to play as
em just go to creation and a great Flair tire from a tire type of manager to
superstar and now you are able to play as a more modern version of Ric Flair he
will still be in his manager attire but of course you could just change that by
updating the clothing sticking with creation this years there’s a lot of
mask variation and we kind of cover already how exactly
to remove the mask of certain Luchadors but something that’s a bit hidden
especially if you don’t really go to creation that often is that almost all
of the Luchadors have a lot of other mass selections that were able to pay so
if you enjoy a more retro attire or even rey mysterio from last year instead of
trying to add everything and recreate his mask just go ahead and assign it
from this mask variation that you are allowed to use for the superstars in the last hidden feature that we’re
gonna cover is related to the Hell in a Cell and the weapon we owe in this
year’s game if you wanna play in the red Hell in a Cell of course just pick that
Hell in a Cell pay-per-view but if you want a more classic one just pick a
different pay-per-view and the game will assign it itself and this year once
inside the Hell in a Cell we are able to use weapons again once you get out
search under the ring pull out a weapon your superstar will automatically throw
it inside the ring you’re not able to use it outside unfortunately but it is
good because we can still get a hardcore if you do not customize the weapon wheel
then you’re gonna get the regular candlestick chair and even tables what
if you do customize the weapon wheel this year you could get a little bit
crazier you can have a match that is only steel chairs or only candlesticks
or anything that is takes in this particular match I decided to just go
with the bats the candlestick and the sledgehammer variations or this means
that this year you can altima leave some set of new matches which you could just
create and have it in the customization option so you can have a chairs only
match candlestick only match sledgehammer only match and who knows
maybe the referee will stop the match just like in real life with the addition
of the weapon wheel it is kind of odd that WWE games just didn’t add these as
new match types after we got a ladder match we got tables matches so why not
just do the rest looks like we just have to do it ourselves anyways guys that is
what I got for you in this episode of hidden features if you enjoy don’t
forget to elbow drop it and hit those notifications for more also leave your
suggestions down in the comments below so I could possibly include them in an
upcoming video we end over 200,000 subscribers I might UT I did

64 thoughts on “WWE 2K20 – HIDDEN FEATURES You Might Not Know! (Epic Easter Eggs, Updated Alt, Extra Gears & More)

  1. So i play offline on Xbox, and i can't do Towers, Showcase, make a character or attire, MyPlayer, and more. Do you know why. I have the deluxe so im scared im not gonna be able to play the Originals tomorrow

  2. i wish there was a easier way to unlock the weapons its going to take awhile with you needing to unlock them from each subclass

  3. The thing about Kane pisses me off. You can change his mask, but in the match his mask and hair is glitched 🤦🏽‍♂️

  4. It's amazing to think how stupid all you people are to still believe this is the same sin Cara that used to botch thing's up when this isn't even the same wrestler when are you all going to wake up and let the man just wrestle and stop comparing him to the old sin cara.

  5. Nice video! Does bump in the night out tonight at 12am? Because I searched it up and it didn’t pop up and I preordered the standard addition plz help 🙂

  6. In the hell in the cell you don't have the option to use tables and letters but you can use everything else that's the reason why I didn't pre-order this game

  7. I hope With The New Patch WWE 2K Adds The Deleters of Worlds Tag-Team Entrances & Kane 98 entrance as well & I Hope/We Should Get Paul Bearer as A Manager in the next patch that would be awesome if That Happens

  8. Did you know that the Dirty Deeds is now called the double under hook DDT 2 and 3 in Creat a Move Set? And his diving standing elbow is called the Lunatic Fringe Elbow Drop?

  9. I think 2K needs to get down on their knees and beg Yuke's to come back. 2k Showed how out of depth they are with the games. Don't piss off someone who has been making wrestling games almost 20 years.

  10. I know one thing as well i figure out in tag team match u cannot switch to your partner like previous game that sucks but instead we get option we can turning on target to your partner and we can turning heel perform him finished or just some attacks that good stuff fór universe mode to create some good rivales 🙂

  11. lmao at sin cara
    they do annouce shane as the best in the world
    game freezes and goes to home screen on xb1 when editing kane to any other version of him

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