WWE 2K20 Create-A-Championship BIG UPDATE! (All Arenas, Championships, & Missing Titles)

WWE 2K20 Create-A-Championship BIG UPDATE! (All Arenas, Championships, & Missing Titles)

what is up guys welcome back to the
channel in to more WWE 2K20 and on this video I’m gonna be showcasing to you
guys all of the arenas and championship for this year’s game but I also want to
discuss some of the latest news regarding creation because as you guys
probably already saw WWE 2k 20 surprisingly does not include create a
championship a creation that has been in the game for multiple years now and it
is by far one of the most popular so of course everybody was losing their mind
when they didn’t get to see it and trust me I lost my mind too when I was playing
the game early and I didn’t get to see it multiple of us ax developers why it
wasn’t in the game and we were simply told that because they had to rebuild
from the ground up after splitting from uke’s
they’ve been hard work to bring everything back in WWE games actually
tweeted out to clarify all of this indicate that yes we are gonna get it
but a bit late they stated the following to clarify some of the conflicting
messaging we’ve seen popping up to Kay’s 20s create a championship will be
patched in post launch in the near future of course we don’t necessarily
know what patch that is gonna be coming in but I was personally told that it was
gonna be in the game before the end of the year so within the first two months
of the release we should be getting created championship overall it is
unfortunate that is not gonna be part on the release of the game especially now
that there’s some new championships and also championship that has been removed
like we don’t have the 24/7 title in it just yet and the NXT UK championship is
missing hopefully it is added with a patch the fact that they’re able to ask
something like create a championship afterwards
gives me hope that visual concepts it’s gonna give us more updates than what
they have done in the past now that there are in full control of the game
anyways guys that that is what I got for you in this quick video if you enjoy
don’t forget to elbow drop it and hit those notifications to be fully up today
on all the latest win the war to 200000 subscribers am I to T ow you

96 thoughts on “WWE 2K20 Create-A-Championship BIG UPDATE! (All Arenas, Championships, & Missing Titles)

  1. Bruh, I've been angry for so long today about create a championship, this video just helped, I'm just glad we are going to have it back. Better to have it late then not at all.

  2. I am going to be honest, I never really used the create a championship, but it is a good thing that it was addressed, and stated to come later. Unless they took back what they said. w

    Idk. w

  3. Its 2k15 all over again. The fan boys are going to buy it and say again " Just be patient the game will get better". Which is BS.

    I knew that they just phoned it in this year. The reason the hype and announcements were late is because this game is trash. I watched some gameplay videos and already seen glitches,bugs, hit detection issues, targeting issues, ect.

    They just put in extra fluff, simplified the models, change lighting, added in mode that was in the previous generation games, ect.

    VC taking over thus title is a mistake. Especially if you see how they produce the NBA games. Your going to have to wait another 3 to 4 games. 2 of them on Next gen to see what VC does with the franchise.

    2k20 is going to need a big day 1 patch. Don't be surprised if theu fo have at least a 3 to 5 gig day 1 patch.

    Just like hiw 2k15 was stripped bare and them removing a ton of features. 2k20 is the same. Creation suite has taken a huge downgrade.

    I won't be buying the deluxe edition this year. I bought it last year. I'll just get the standard edition after all the reviews are out and people had time to play the game.

  4. It makes sense why the 24/7 title isn't in the game. Its because anyone can wrestle for it and win it. If there was any way to reintroduce intergender matches in a WWE game this is the way to do it.

    Because women superstars can challenge and face male stars and vice versa for the 24/7 title. To have the title in the game and not have the option for intergender title matches for it defeats the purpose of the title.

  5. Now Im pissed for my universe mode I will have no women's uk champion or 24/7 champion for a few months ugh. But i can use the hardcore for the 24/7 and I guess the divas for the nxt uk champ for the time being:(

  6. So far, the baseball stadium is the only exciting addition I've seen. Everything else is alright, but way too similar to 2K19. 😕

  7. Hey man thanks for this news. This feature chould have been a major factor in buying this game for me. Thanks for letting us know they will have it. 👍

  8. They’re waiting to patch in Create a championship because they don’t want the most downloaded community creation to be the AEW title on the first week of the games launch lol

  9. Im just upset about this not being in right away because i have a show planned for a couple weeks after the game releases and i needed custom.belts

  10. Creation Suite A Nuit man it was going to f*** that s*** up I knew it man I can't believe that this is next-gen and they couldn't get this s*** right unbelievable a new ones once the Japanese company was going to leave this is the end of the Wii game so that means they went backwards so that means we don't got no custom championships I heard that to make a superstar looks very f**** backwards he looks cheap is not deep like 2K 19 or 18 I'm not find his game cuz what's the point of buying a game that the selling point of this game is the community creation you make anything you want so now you just stuck with just plain the same old s***

  11. I don't get this company this company is like I did never get this right state of them going forward when next-gen is like going backwards you might as well go back to the Atari days and just like forget it man I'll go back to the fire pro wrestling those type of Graphics in those type of games where is late and I don't get it man this is next-gen that should have been able to have this patch in they should be able to have this feature in their so it looks like we're not going to have anything to make for the universal so it sucks man I can't I can't I don't get

  12. On top of the situation you got sting it doesn't even look like stings not the currents thing like in the video commercial you got the current looking sting now you got the old WCW sting which is f**** dumb Lio Rush not in the game Damien freezes not there then you have that Japanese guy is not even there like this is so trash DX's name in there so you have China and Xbox back but you don't even have Billy Gunn or Road dog the New Age Outlaws why tell me why can someone tell me why

  13. Now we need to complain the same so we can get a draft system and A money one in the nexts 2patches & also updated for raw & SmackDown stages

  14. Main reason for me buying the game would be to create AEW in Universe Mode. If I can't make or download the title, there is no point to even try it then. Part of me really wants to get the game this year, mainly for career and originals, but I still feel like the devs aren't doing enough. I haven't bought the game on release since 2k17, and I wasn't impressed with that or 2k18 when I bought that on sale almost a year after release. Too bad most of yall are gonna buy this cuz we need to hit them in the pocket book if we ever wanna see real change and improvement.

  15. I had big faith that they would have create a championship in the game even it meant it was to be patched in later. I can wait a bit, I just hope they can patch a Legacy controls scheme for us more experienced players!

  16. They honestly should've just delayed the game a month. Like from the other clips I'm seeing this just seems half assed (For instance Ciampa without a belt has his DIY entrance..). Without Create A Championship, can we even have a truly immersive or unique universe? No. No we cannot. But 2K cared more about getting these stupid fucking zombies in instead. Cool. We'll get CaC after ALL the DLC has been released. If at all. I doubt they'll even patch it. Because "near future" sets them up for literally any date. Month 1 – March. So wtf.

  17. Since 2K20 is on my Christmas list, it worries me that Create A Championship is not available at launch, but also hope that it will be patched in sometime before the end of the year around the time when, for example, Christmas Day does come around.

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