WWE 2K20: All Roster Revealed & Arenas Confirmed So Far! (UPDATED! 60+ Extra Slots & NEW Superstars)

WWE 2K20: All Roster Revealed & Arenas Confirmed So Far! (UPDATED! 60+ Extra Slots & NEW Superstars)

what is up guys welcome back to the
channel into more coverage for WWE 2K20 which is coming out on October 22nd and
that is coming up quick and on this video we’re gonna continue to update our
list of superstars that has been confirmed so far for this year’s game as
you guys know the official roster reveal hasn’t been made so far but with all the
recent reveals from promotion trailers gameplay clips interviews theses and so
on we’ve been able to see more than 100 superstars that will 100% be part of the
roster so until we get an official roster review expect me to continue to
update this list to add to that we’re also gonna be updating our list of
confirm arenas because I’ll reveal this week was a big one
before we get into it though you guys already know make sure to elbow drop it
and hit our notification if you haven’t just yet to be up to date on all of my
Pro Wrestling and WWE games coverage nonetheless let’s get into it and once
again quick reminder this is gonna be the roster that has been revealed so far
as of the weekend of October 5th so three weeks before the game comes out
which means that there’s going to be a lot much more superstars to be on it and
I’ll continue to update this video as much as possible same goes for all of
the arena to start off with the roster of course a quick shout out to the
Smackdown hotel who we keepin it clean and organized listening the whole roster
from rural to Smackdown to NXT to 205 live to all the woman’s the legends and
retro the DLC and of course all of the new superstars here we go and starting
up with Adam Cody NXT champion AJ Styles alistair black and then alistair black
wicked as part of the first originals pack which you could get for free by
actually pre-ordering the game korean woman tag-team champion Alexa bliss Ally
Alicia Fox Andrade Android the giant Angelo Dawkins of three prophets Apollo
Cruz Oscar Bailey Becky Lynch Big Boss Man Big Show Billy
Kay of the iconic braun strowman Bray Wyatt followed by
two other versions of Bray Wyatt which will be part of the
originals pack and that is the fiend Bray Wyatt and the Swan father Bray
Wyatt Bret Hart Brie Bella Brock lesner dequeuing WWE Champion Brutus the barber
beefcake buddy Murphy Carmela Charlotte Flair China’s part of the delights and
collectors admission Dana Brooke Daniel Bryan
Jim McIntyre Dusty Rhodes Eddie Guerrero edge amber moon Finn Balor followed by
the demon king Finn Balor which is part of the originals pack then the regular
demon finn bálor is just part of the regular roster another original pack
superstar Frank and Roman then Goldberg Hoke Hogan as part of the likes and
collectors edition vertically yo Yoshi awry Jerry the King Lawler making a big
return to the series as he wasn’t a playable character since WWE 12 John
Cena Johnny Gargano Carey Zayn Kane Kevin Owens king Booker Kofi Kingston
Kurt Angle Mandy rose and then an original DLC version of her Mandy wrote
survivor which we haven’t get to see just yet mankind as part of the likes
and collector’s edition Mickie James Montes for from the street profit then
we got to mystery characters included in the originals pack followed by Naomi
Natalya Naya Jax Nikki Bella Nikki cross then originals DLC Nikki cross paige
papa shango paul heyman as a manager paying royce of the iconic randy orton
originals do see Randy on apex predator Macho Man Randy Savage who year rey
mysterio ric flair ricochet Roman reigns ronda
rousey rowan rowdy roddy piper rusev Samoa Joe Sasha
banks zombie sasha banks which is expected to
be as part of the originals do see Seth Rollins Shawn Michaels Sheamus original
COC fed up Seamus Shelton Benjamin schinsky Nakamura Sonya De Vil Steve
Austin sting sting 99 Ted DiBiase the miss the
rock $500 shirt version as part of the likes and collectors
edition the return of tomato shoppin Tony storm
Triple H Undertaker Ultimate Warrior velvety dream x-pac and Xavier woods so
as I said in total that is a hundred and four superstars confirmed so far as of
me recording this three weeks prior to the release of the game all of those
superstars are from the originals pack Monday Night Raw Smackdown live n XC 205
live legends and so on and just to put it into perspective these are the 22 neo
superstars slash returning stars added into this game including buddy Murphy
China from the likes Hulk Hogan returning to the series Berto carry
yo-yo Shorai Jerry the King Lawler returning Tommaso Champa the addition of
Tony Storm x-pac and Nikki cross this list is certainly gonna get even bigger
in the next couple of weeks as we get closer to the release of the game and
when it comes to the roster slots we are not done there just yet of course
there’s going to be a lot of alternate superstars especially for those be shown
in the showcase mode and although we’re not gonna be getting eleven different
versions of Charlotte I do want to run down the amount of attires that everyone
in that showcase is gonna be having so based on the match list for Charlotte
there is going to be 10 different attires
which probably means we’re gonna be getting like four to five different
slots pertaining to different models of her then we got eight different attires
for Sasha banks eight for Becky Lynch five different attires for Bayley three
different attires who now Ajax three for Natalya
Dana Brooke and Nikki Bella followed by two different tires for multiple
superstars like Brie Bella Mickie James Oscar Paige Carmela Naomi Alexa bliss
and so on in total just from the showcase mode we are set to get sixty
plus different attires meaning that there is going to be a lot of alternate
versions included into this roster so even though we’re not the biggest fans
of certain slots being occupied by alternate versions of superstars keep in
mind that they are gonna happen to make showcase as accurate as possible
not just with the attire but also the models and the last thing to cover in
this video is all of the arena’s confirmed so far for the weekly
television show we’re getting Monday Night Raw Smackdown live nxe main event
in 205 live all of which are the arena version prior to October we don’t know
if the most updated versions of them are gonna be in the game just yet for
pay-per-view confirmed so far we got WWE Hell in a Cell 2018 evolution
pay-per-view WrestleMania 35 NXT takeover in New York and then for
classic arena we got Road 2017 row 2013 – 2014 WCW nitro 1998 WrestleMania 34
class of champions 2017 WrestleMania 33 fast link 2017 Elimination Chamber 2017
hell when Excel 2016 backlash 2016 WrestleMania xxx – Night
of Champions 2015 NXT takeover Brooklyn NXT takeover rival and NXT takeover and
as you guys know a lot of these arenas are ultimately gonna be ones that we get
to unlock as we play through the 15 different matches in 2k showcase mode
which culminates at this year’s WrestleMania Becky Lynch taking on
Charlotte and Ronda Rousey for the role in the SmackDown Women’s Championship
adding to this list we’re also getting this year’s Royal Rumble which was
officially confirmed on the gameplay trailer there was also a lot of new
confirmations when it comes to the backstage area and the originals arena
two of which we already know is the wire swamp arena and the cemetery bro adding
to all of this is the demon king arena that we got to see on the gameplay
trailer the boilers room which ended up showcasing the Undertaker and Kane and
the regular Wyatt compound arena returning from last year but that seems
to be updated with weather change and the way that it looks we even got a
glimpse of it on the inside which as you guys can see looks as creepy as expected
which could definitely mean that we’re gonna be able to not just fight it out
on the outside of it like we’d last year on tokay 19 but also fight it
out on the inside that’s gonna be very interesting and I hope we get to see
fire and all of that or just a lot of different objects for us to interact
with that make that specific fighting area unique yes it’s cool to use
candlesticks and so on but if I’m in the Wyatt compound I love to be able to use
a broom a pipe in the boilers room or just something similar to that that
makes those arena unique to end it off I want to clarify the fact that it the
Wyatt compound and the boilers room are probably going to be part of the default
game so we’re not gonna need the first originals pack for other originals arena
like the demon king the wise swamp arena the cemetery bro we are gonna need the
originals DLC which do come free if you preorder the game on time anyways guys
that is what I got for you in this video updating the list of all of the
superstars and arena that has been confirmed so far more updates in coming
so stay tuned if you found this informative elbow drop it and hit those
notifications for more we in the word to 200,000 sub screwdrivers are my 2t ow
dig it

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  2. If Toni’s gonna be in it then Rhea Ripley has to ,also they better have more Cruiserweights then just Humberto

  3. I Hope we get Paul Bearer as a manager Please that would be awesome also I would love to see the Boogeyman included as one of the Mystery Characters DLC also I Hope we get Ministry Undertaker as a Character but I hope 2k adds him in with the undertaker slot like an alternative attire with the ministry Theme Song not another Undertaker so we can have just one undertaker character slot also add Kane 98 with the Kane Character slot as well I hope 2k also brings backs Zombie Triple H from WWE 2k19 that was awesome to have him as a zombie in last year's game

  4. From looking at this video it tells me that finally Visual Concepts has come to their senses by not having 5 Sting's 4 Triple H's so on and so forth… so it does show that we are going to get a massive roster Damien Priest, Keith Lee, Mia Yim, Aliyah, Matt Riddle, Vanessa Borne, The Forgotten Sons, some NXT UK playable Characters like Imperium, Gallus, Grizzled young veterans, Rhea Ripley (NOW ON NXT) same with Toni Storm (NOW MOVING TO NXT) this year I feel that Visual Concepts are working tirelessly to give us up to date Superstars I don't want to get a head of myself here but I can see them adding Cameron Grimes, Jordan Myles, Bronson Reed, in the game

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  10. You know what I'm worried about I'm worried about that all these lots of duplicates of the models are going to take over the slots of community Creations that I know that Community Creations we have a hundred slots so I'm hoping that they didn't you know minimize that I took that out that's what I'm worried about cuz I would love to still have a hundred slot so they can add more in community Creations that be a plus they couldn't do it it just that they lazy that's what I'm worried about hope we still have and Community Creations a hundred slots create you know other superstars like of the guys that we can't have I would love to continue making Japan wrestling Impact Wrestling and stuff like that and aew wrestling so I'm hoping that we have at least a hundred slots for Community Creations to download you know what the different roster

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  14. Fuck 2K! I hate the current AAA gaming landscape. There are occasionally AAA games that I want and this is one but I know if I can justify $90.

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  21. Hey Macho T! Been loving your vids lately and you have a new subscriber. Great work brother.

    Quick question. I'm wondering if you've noticed how with these next gen wrestling games that wrestling ring doesn't really have any bounce like the older games. Does that bother you? I would love to hear your thoughts. It bothers me alot. I think it's pretty ridiculous that no matter what move happens, the ring is just as stiff as the floor outside the ring.

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