WORLD'S  MOST ✔️ Dangerous Race⚡️ ✅ Greatest Motor-Sporting Event.FULL THROTTLE-ISLE of MAN TT

WORLD'S MOST ✔️ Dangerous Race⚡️ ✅ Greatest Motor-Sporting Event.FULL THROTTLE-ISLE of MAN TT

it is absolutely just beyond your wildest dreams to think that you could come here and race a motorcycle all the man today is like a religion to see all this – our price in the world you can stand on the footpath and you could literally break out touch the riders going past that close to 200 miles an hour the houses that possibly psyche wait sometimes it feels like you're inside a video I got it's frauding stand dangerous and it stresses me out unless I'm very much mistaken mark this is the greatest artists board event in the world between Ireland and Britain in the Irish Sea sits the Isle of Man a sleepy tax haven for most of the year I've come here to witness the most dangerous road race on earth it's about 200 kilometers an hour straight at the front here absolute lunacy I want to find out what drives these riders to test themselves and their machines in a brutal event called the TT tourist trophy there's a lot to get right and a lot that can go wrong so it is part sprint race part endurance race and it's a time trial so you need Peter Brock used to say that great racetracks have got consequences the Isle of Man TT is the ultimate Road course it's the fastest wildest and most dangerous racetrack I've ever seen [Applause] and for the riders that compete here there is absolutely no room for error in its hundred and four years two hundred and thirty four riders have died it says on the back of your past that motor racing is dangerous this is dead-set dangerous isn't it it is it really is it's it's frightening ozzie rider Kamran Donald is one of over 200 starters this year and when you add the fans it's like an invasion with Cameron is his girlfriend Karen herself a keen motorcyclist they've been planning for the race all year says this normal nervous start tension last night obviously usually like they've done it off for everything finish like a so what's Karen's job in this world Cameron grew up in Warren died in Victoria it was his dad Ken who introduced him to the thrill of the two-wheeler lots of bike photos not not many other ones at all did a lot of time from a young age Cameron began winning and winning mum actually saying to me you know you can't when you're gonna buy or build a house you can't live in a motorbike I remember saying oh yeah mum you can't raise a house so I think then she just pretty much gave up the TT is held over a fortnight one week for practice one week for racing seven races in all and in between the public can go flat out no speed limit on the island Road course everyone that races here is knows the dangers and they accept them and they do their best to write accordingly but I think it's sad in this world that we're all so wrapped and caught them all these days and there's so few opportunities to do anything dangerous for Cameron a plumber when it's not racing there's no event bigger than this riders set off a ten-second edibles it's all about the fastest lap of the island and that's what makes it so pure and so dangerous you sit on the start line you're looking down that first hill and because it's not a mass start you're sitting there getting waved off one at a time the pressure on you everyone's looking at you and it's it's a rush I've never had out of any other any other race there's just so few events in the world where we can do such a thing you know we can close off a road and race the motorbike around it's such a beautiful thing 61 km/h 200 corners to be negotiated top speed 330 kilometers an hour this isn't a track this is this is a country raid like this like it this wrong and it's fast my friend and five times world champion Mick Doohan has come here for the first time he's not racing but on the parade lap he got a taste of what it's like first reaction as soon as you saw the place looked around what was your first reaction yeah I didn't need to come here to have that reaction it's just you know as I said it's it really you know them it is absolutely just beyond your wildest dreams to think that you could come here racing motorcycle the race has always had its critics but from the start it's danger was its attraction back then racing was banned in England and the Ireland was the only place where there were no speed limits the TT was born the voice of motorsport Murray Walker you've got a great history here haven't you you've been how many years first of all let me say it's great to see a great Australian at a great race to answer your question mark I first came here in 1925 I was born in 1923 my father won here I don't know how many times I've been here many many many times in his 88 years Murray Walker has seen some very good riders and impressing him this year is our Z rider camera he's got a good bike he's got some good backing and he still got the most important race of the week to come so maybe hopefully you'll get it done each time Cameron sets out is an exercise and courage each slab is an anxious one for Karen who gets radio updates on his progress I see the worry and I face before I head out for our race and sometimes I feel a little bit guilty for putting people close to me through that stress in the week I was there seven people who lost their lives three riders and four members of the public ACU events limited regret to announce the death of Derrick Brian I've lost a couple of friends in my ears racing at the old man and I do think of them in the corners that they've their fallen in and where dobbsy crashed is one of the most intense corners on the track dobbsy Paul Dobbs died in the TT last year he'd lost his life to the sport he loves folk sir just wonder mate Paul was buried on the island leaving behind his wife and two daughters so what did you love about him got everything bridget is Paul's wife a year on she's bought the girls back to remember they're dead at the race he loved you know it's risky of course you do I mean you know everyone loves those photos of riders heads this far from a stone wall you know obviously the reason you loved those photos is you think oh my god it's so close you know that's um it's it's you know other people have said that you only really know that you're alive when you almost not some are just plain lucky to survive like Conor Cummins I can actually see you know where it's all gone wrong I've disappeared or beside the way I look at us we're you know the injury star to happen is sort of it does get you a little bit we'll just get on the life we're all ain't gonna stop for me as your opinion of the TT changed based on what's happened no no do you think it should be banned you can't possibly about it I mean I I don't I don't know if you could ban it if you tried it's it's like a monster you know it's it's bigger than the rest of us riders don't come here for the prize money there's hardly any way the TT is simply about the glory of being the fastest and for Cameron it was a glorious week and he's chosen race the super bikes he was just picked for first but second still felt pretty good [Applause] congratulations fine really good huh then will you settle down and stop doing it I don't see it too far away I never saw racing the old man is a long-term prospect because look it is so dangerous and I do see it as a numbers game if you keep coming back sooner or later I see it's gonna catch you out

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  1. Nowadays people live only for making money and enjoying modern lifestyles. They ain’t tend to do something which is what they love most instead getting in any of job somewhere and complete their life.

    True thing is job is your second girl friend if you don’t like what you do then don’t do again the same. Racing is the sport for normal people but who someone really love to be a rider they could be happy to die for it which is TRUE LOVE. 😍✌️

  2. It's not the dangerous or fastest in the world real definition of race and speed is described in Pakistan local street racing on alter bikes

  3. Every time i see videos like that i get tears in my eyes because it's the biggest and only dream i ever had

  4. Wonderful video..
    1:43 the music has the beat of For Whom the Bell Tolls but the song seems different

    9:56 One by Metallica

  5. Mother fucker why you are supporting and promoting these stuffs…..this should be prohibited . this race are both dangerous for the rider as well as public .

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