45 thoughts on “World's first AI news anchor makes China debut

  1. Hello , I'm working for teh french TV . How can i reach you . We Have an emergency request for our tv news. Thank you

  2. It is for sure another marketing gag of the software industry. Not so sure whether an advanced speech-to-text application with connected facial movement simulation can be called Artificial intelligence…. more likely is that it is just another app that just is "A(ppearing) I(ntelligent)"…

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  4. As soulless as the real thing! He won’t be programmed to mention the 154th Tibetan setting themselves on fire or the million Muslims detained in brainwashing camps in China.. and it won’t tell you sh*t about Chinas authoritarian regime trying to dominate the world and make everyone bow down to their violent power.

  5. Totally fake.
    Look at the body and head movement. Those are the movements of the emotions activating the nervous system.

  6. THIS is the Future, robots and cyborgs will replaced us. They will be mass produced in China and wholesale to rest of the world while humans would slowly integrate themselves with the machine aka Ghost in the Shell and Bladerunner

  7. Rest assured that everyone (who has any intelligence and lives in a free country) already hates this because it is severely dehumanizing.

  8. I c China making a dubia in China neighbour countries when us making south america weak…the words deft there is always time for recover…and it take time generate n develop no matter wind rain heat …but still on business…that is called entrepreneur n peace and work n money is our worship

  9. Definitely not first! In Bulgaria we even have an AI donkey anchor – Mark O'Selsky (Marko a common donkey name, osel – donkey in Church Slavonic, Selsky – rural, peasant).
    search Youtube for марк о'селски

  10. Fuck China! It's a shitty authoritarian country brainwashing its citizens. I don't give a damn about this news, it's not a big deal

  11. I see nothing that makes me think this is a robot! Why is a robot blinking exactly like a human? You can see this person swallowing – just like a human. This is just some guy saying he is an AI robot! Anyone with me here? It's OK to change your opinion!

  12. This is odd.
    Modeled on an actor? Can actors pretend to be robots?
    So China astounds the world by producing a robot capable of passing for human by appearance and smoothness of motion, but still uses human workers in assembly plants?
    Japan has been working on robots for years, and they're still stuck in the uncanny valley, and China blows past them with an almost non-existent robotics industry to provide us with a Turing capable android on the far side of that valley?
    Shenanigans, says I!

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