World Record Honda Civic X Update | Stock Block Engine Failure

World Record Honda Civic X Update | Stock Block Engine Failure

it may have made it Oh God
it kind of sounds like hail hey guys it’s been a while since we saw you
last we’re gonna go over kind of some things that have happened the motor that
we had in the car the stock long block we’ve been running the one that actually
broke the record with the car for us has had some exciting but unfortunate events
it went into the car all as one piece and unfortunately came out of the car as
a lot more pieces you can kind of stay tuned to the end of this video towards
the end video we’re gonna show you some of those parts show you some of the
carnage that we have from that damage and kind of go over what we’re seeing
and what we think happened to the motor so can I start taking it apart now these have a gasket so you don’t really
have to worry a whole lot wider pipe comes out of it which it has an o-ring
so you don’t want to stay in there and till it doesn’t want to stay in there
anymore now we’re going to uncork the head look at that Tyler do you know what my
favorite shape is piston gone it may have made it oh God
and teller sounds like Heil made a bit of a mess there’s a piece of piston all right nowhere to take the oil pan up
see what it looks like underneath there that looks disgusting we’re gonna set
this down here just because it’s like the most oh god that is bro I really did
some hacking damage here they having to throw some gloves on just for little guys suffered a pretty
major catastrophe a couple weeks back we had the car in the dyno
I don’t remember exact our levels but we actually have moved the car into
utilizing nitrous and race fuel so playing with that cylinder pressures
have gotten quite a bit higher than they were previously so we’re gonna kind of come in a little
bit closer here and look at what we can see is we’ve got cylinder 1 2 3 4 they
actually all look fairly good except for one of them so if we just if we cover
this one it looks fairly decent 1 & 2 a little bit of scuff marks and like
obviously now it’s been sitting for a little bit with some water and it’s a
little rusty but that’ll clean up cylinder 4 looks ok a little bit debris
went through there cylinder 3 just does not look good so we have a split kind of
upper third of it split cracked right there and then a lot of scarring and
just damage the inside of it from all of the debris that happened the piston and
the cylinder actually basically disintegrated so you can see where it
split right there and actually bent it in we have some showing on the head
gasket that the motor was actually still running when that happened and it got
shot off fairly quickly so most of this is probably as it was when it blew up if
we kind of come over to the other side we can see a little more carnage on the
actual cylinder wall itself we have a giant hole in the side of it showing the
actual steel backing plate to the actual sleeve so looking at that you can
actually see that that there’s dimples in there I’m not gonna I’m not sure if
it I’ll see them on camera but the dimples are actually what holds the
sleeve liner to the actual backside of it kind
of a just as interesting failure point so either a piece of debris got wedged
into that and broke it or it’s not 100% sure yet kind of feel going over
everything but yeah I mean to see that failure is fairly impressive I don’t
know if I would say it’s surprising at the power levels their cylinder
pressures that we’ve been out with it but it’s a it’s very neat to see behind
me what we have here is we actually have the rod out of that cylinder the
bearings are actually in fairly good shape it doesn’t look like there’s a lot
of heat doesn’t look like at any point the rod stretched and they were
separated there’s some small damage from debris getting in there but the bearing
itself actually looks really good the rod obviously took a beating but pin
those slides in it still it’s not wildly bent like it still slides freely in the
actual crisp in slot other than me you know pushing kind of weird but yeah it’s
there’s a lot of stuff here that looks really bad and obviously took some heavy
hits but overall this is out of cylinder one
so we have a little bit of marking on the side of the piston bearing and rod
looked to be in decent shape rod has a slight bend to it we got number two here
once again kind of the same case a slight amount of Bend to it but not much
and we have four which has a little more debris in it it’s hard to say exactly
what that was from just yet but to me it kind of looks like debris based on what
we found in the cylinder as we took it apart once again bearings are in great
shape piston itself doesn’t seem to be failing ring lands all seem to be in
good shape overall we’ve you know our silks have yet to get to the bottom of
the exact failure yet it’s really exciting to this kind of stuff the crank
I don’t know if you can see the journal very well but you can see obviously
where it took some hits from the rod but once again journals look to be in
phenomenal shape not a lot of heat foots room doesn’t look like a bearings phone
it doesn’t look like the bolts stretched causing it to rotate on the bearing
overall other than the actual failure of something breaking and hitting it it is
in great shape what I run it another motor yeah I probably wouldn’t right now
but it’s a great piece to kind of set aside to be able to show people the
motor that I have in front of me suffered a pretty catastrophic failure
we’re still going through everything trying to figure out what happened why
it happened how it happened to what we can do to prevent it as we know more we’ll obviously update
you guys and kind of take you along for the ride but the exciting part now is
that the car behind us finally has the built motor in it people have been
asking about it for a long time my engine guys behind me have been yelling
at me for about a year now to put it in so they’re really excited to see this
thing going so the new motor is in it’s running it’s been on the dyno a little
bit we’re going through kind of a break-in process and we’re just
identifying to see if there’s any other issues with the car that might have
caused this to happen I just want to go through the fuel system go through the
oil system go through every single thing that could have caused the failure and
make sure that we’re not missing anything
so this is the motor we built about a year ago at this time so it actually has
a lot of custom parts in it right now that this day and age are actually
becoming more commonplace and more off-the-shelf so we haven’t set a custom
wise go Pistons in its stock compression we haven’t set a custom Carrillo rods in
it and then this block actually has a CSS block guard in it so we’re hoping
that if the cylinder strength is an issue that block guard is actually going
to help us prevent this from happening in the future it’s still a stock crank
the head is identical to the one that we’ve been running on here our porting
with stock cams and then we have stock valves and then BC valve springs in it
nothing crazy all off-the-shelf stuff it’s excited to kind of continue to push
this platform now that we have the build motor in there we have a little bit more
security it’s exciting it’s I’m sad to see this motor go it’s been kind of my
baby for the last year the stock motor was just really really fun to work with
it was a big challenge for us and it was cool to run those record times and at
one point hold that record horsepower with a 100% stock motor so it served us
well and I’m sad to see it go but it will allow us to learn more and continue
to push the platform racing season is kind of coming to an end for us here in
the Midwest I think they just told me it’s gonna snow on Saturday so we’re
gonna kind of get prepared for that maybe we’ll take it like ice racing or
something tell us if you want to see that I want my boss to see that that’s
okay we’re going to continue to push this car it’s gonna probably spend a lot
of time on the dyno over the next couple months kind of just
seeing what we can do with the motor I know a lot of you have been asking about
the turbo kit and the intercooler I know that I’ve said it a bunch of times these
videos it’s coming soon it’s almost here we’re almost ready for it I feel like
I’m lying to you every time I say that because like I haven’t been able to come
through but it’s almost here we’ve made a couple final revisions to it we’re in
the process of some final jigging and testing of it and it’s right there
intercooler I hope to have out within the next month or two ready for
customers and ready to go out and then the turbo kit is gonna be not that far
behind if you have any questions on either of those products or any of the
products we released in that last video that we had out feel free to reach out
my team I have a lot of guys here ready to answer the phone ready to answer your
emails and they just want to talk to you so feel free to ask us those questions
or comment on this video and Tyler will be here to answer them for you thank you
for watching really appreciate you guys and all the support you give us

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