World of Warships: Legends – November Update Overview Trailer | PS4

World of Warships: Legends – November Update Overview Trailer | PS4

Greetings, legends.
We have a lot to cover in this update. Ranked battles… Crossplay… New maps… UI improvements… And more. Season 1 of ranked battles is here. Now you can fight in competitive 7 vs 7 battles. Reach the top to earn unique rewards. Each of the two seasons will last two weeks. Grab your Tier 5 ships and get started. But get your Tier 4’s ready for the second season. There are 10 ranks and limited time. So it’s a sprint to the finish
with loot and glory on the line. It’s sink or swim, captains. Now you will fight alongside and against players
on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 thanks to crossplay. Crossplay will reduce the matchmaking
time on both consoles and will be live on every game mode. Three new maps have arrived
to shake up your battles. Land of Fire… The Atlantic… and Trap. These maps are designed for high-tier battles. Land of Fire and The Atlantic will be for Tiers 6 & 7 while Trap will be for Tiers 5 and 6. We’ve also made some significant balance changes. Notably, the Tirpitz now has improved
survivability and citadel protection. This update also brings a bunch of
improvements to game interfaces. We’ve improved the store UI. But more importantly… …now there is a port filter to help you
navigate between your ships. You can sort your fleet by Tier… …Nation, Class,
and other features. And you can set your favorite ships
to display at the front of the ship reel. Join the battle today!

16 thoughts on “World of Warships: Legends – November Update Overview Trailer | PS4

  1. Enjoying the game 😊 👍 (hopefully.. Maybe carriers and subs..? Super large maps? Single player campaign mode? Multi-player coop campaign? Simulation mode..? Weather? Night.. Just some random ideas. I know I'm asking too much.)

  2. Some much need changes.
    Still waiting on more content, tbh.
    The Halloween event was a waste of time.
    Ranked battles are fine but the rewards aren't worth the grind and ring of teammates.
    Get some collabs and story campaigns like the PC version. Also give us Jingles.

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