World of Tanks Blitz: Update 6.4 Review

World of Tanks Blitz: Update 6.4 Review

The stirring of ancient powers, accompanied by
the cold autumn breeze, marked the rise
of the Hunter’s Moon in the upcoming Update 6.4. Noticeable changes
have also befallen Alpenstadt, transforming it into
the heart of evil and terror. The map now features different
lighting to go with other alterations, leading to its new
name—Horrorstadt. Fight in the darkness and beware
what lurks hidden from view. In this update, shell
tracers received a new look. Now shells leave
a graceful trace of smoke, which looks more
impressive and realistic. In addition, the Jack-in-the-box
effect became available for the Standard B, a Tier IX
medium tank of the European nation, and the Sherman Firefly,
a British Tier VI medium tank. Enjoy dramatic battles while
epically blowing off enemy turrets. Let’s move from
explosions to beauty. The Lucky Legendary warpaint was added for the Chinese
WZ-113G FT tank destroyer. It might not
increase your win rate, but it will certainly make
battles a little brighter. The newly added
warpaints also include Pumpkin Spice,
Spidertrap, and Scary Swarm. They will help you
prepare for what’s to come. The mere sight of them will strike
fear into the hearts of enemies. The Woodland Ranger
and Fire Sentinel warpaints will be removed
from the Appearance tab. Instead, the well-known Pumpkin Mayhem
and Spooky Web camouflages will be back. They will transform your tanks from
simply beautiful to eerily beautiful. The next piece of news will delight
those who lead a healthy lifestyle. The new Bicycle Rare attachment can
now be installed on the WZ-113G FT. It’s sure to make the
time in an ambush fly by! Finally, something that
certainly cannot be overlooked. The new attachment
called Wings of Night will be available for the most popular
vehicles in World of Tanks Blitz. It will make tanks seem like
Valkyries soaring over the battlefield. Improvements were also
made to the game’s graphics. Shadows are now
available in higher quality. Select the settings
that best suit your device and enjoy an enhanced
in-game experience! In Update 6.4, a massive number of vehicles
received improved characteristics. The most noticeable changes
were made to Tier V heavies. The hull of the American
T1 Heavy became stronger. Its frontal armor, as well
as the gun mantlet screen for both the standard
and top turret, was enhanced. Some parts of the hull of the French
BDR G1 B also received improved armor. The mantlet thickness was
increased for its stock and top gun. The standard and top
turret were also strengthened. Similar changes were
introduced to the VK 30.01 (H). The armor of its hull, top turret,
and top gun’s mantlet was enhanced. Notable
improvements were made to the combat characteristics
of the VK 16.02 Leopard light tank. The number of shells in the
magazine was increased to 12. Now this German fires four
shells instead of three per shot. Dispersion on turret traverse
was significantly decreased while dispersion after firing is
almost twice less than it was before. The armor of the Chinese 112 Glacial
heavy tank became substantially thicker. The lower glacis plate is now 140 mm
thick, compared to 80 mm before. The armor
behind the gun mantlet was increased from zero
to as many as 150 millimeters. To learn more about
other balance changes, read the update
description in the game. Don’t forget that from
November 5 through 12, you’ll be able
to exchange Season Coins earned for watching
Twister Cup 2019 streams for the ultrapowerful
French Premium FCM 50 t. There’s much more
coming in Update 6.4. Stay tuned and remember
that the Hunter’s Moon will soon rise
above the horizon…

100 thoughts on “World of Tanks Blitz: Update 6.4 Review

  1. Alrighty wargaming, theres alot of great content that you’re adding to keep the game alive, however it seems your focus on tanks are not really much of a majority. Last update we had the two wz tanks buffed, and this update you add more to the td wz. As apart of the community. I believe we need to focus more on tech tree tanks that aren’t tier 10 or such, though this update did feature buffs to tier 5 heavy tanks, theres still some things that need be desperately fixed.

    In my opinion, which Im trying to be fair as possible, we should be looking to changes for:
    -Americans in low tiers (1-5) for a slight better accuracy boost (Excluding tds) for new players.
    -Tier 7 German tiger 1 armor buff, since its more of a rapid fire tank more than what history feared it to be. Thanks tiger P.
    -Would it be too much to ask for a low tier Japanese tech tree buff?
    -Premiums can be nerfed / buffed, so I bet this isnt the first time you’ve been hearing for a smasher to get nerfed.
    -When a premium tank releases, make sure it has a weak spot in the front unless you’re planning to make it weak on the sides and rear, how would this be fair to players if even premium ammo cannot penetrate.

    This is my random justification on what the game needs, just a opinion and trying to be fair, so of course it wouldn’t be what everyone wants.

  2. Fk the people who work for you for updating this game.Stupid updates are provided all the time.Never they buff tanks that need buffs like the American tier 8 t32 or tier 8 td t28,always buffs come for Chinese or Russian tanks.

  3. Espero que saquen un bueno evento…..

    Pero no saquen weases de tanques que se deven comprar atraves de paga ya que aburren con su juego de pay to win

  4. Who thinks some of the tanks buffed this update will get nerfed again later? Just hope they don’t nerf them back to where they are now or make them even worse than that. Soft nerfs Wargaming. Buffs should be soft too. To get a tank balanced it’s better to do a series of soft nerfs or buffs rather than huge buffs and nerfs.

  5. An option for historical elements would be cool, much like in the main game. If it could remove fantasy tanks as well I might actually get playing tier 7 every now and then.

  6. Why nooo can you put it on LG too please 😊😊😉 i need some fun to iphone & ipad are not the only phone with high camra grafix

  7. is the "new" T6 just a camo or is it a whole new tank? please tell me its the tank, ive stockpiled a lot of gold for this

  8. WG: nerfs VK 16.02 Leopard's shell magazine from 3 to 4, retaining the 3 shot but turns into 9
    also WG: hEy, HaVe A 4 ShOt

  9. bring the drac and helsing back for us to earn. dam u want players to stay around but u dont give us what we want, stupid camos, more armor. those things dont matter, the only ones that want that are fools and children. real gamers want the tanks that they werent able to get because u only did the event one time. and we werent apart of the game yet. and really a stupid bike attachment. wow ur really going all the way with that stupid idea arent u. this update sucks as bad as the game is starting too. and all the idiots that think its cool. no more camos ! no more buffs! no more nerfs! give us what we really want! better tech trees, and why is it that only phone users and tablets get the free gold option for the game . why didnt you add that to pc users. the way this game is going it wud be better to just play War Thunder instead.

  10. Crate confirmed in leaks…

    Tanken/grave crate
    6% tanks

    Dracula crate
    3% dracula tank
    6% legendary camo

    Hellsing crate
    3% hellsing tank
    6% legendary camo

    Chimera crate
    3% chimera tank

    Chimera, hellsing and drac also have tokens

    Lycan will be can get if you finish the event (you need to be 60 lvl)

  11. Me:maybe i use amx 12
    Me:ah sheeetttttttttttttttttt

    EDIT:plz fix chat why all my friend is off all but he say he on

  12. Not only did Wargaming nerf the kv1 once in the last patch. They nerfed it again by buffing the other heavies in tier 5. Ok

  13. how about activating the 120 fps option, which already should work (previously enabled by editing config file). Also a separate music slider would be nice

  14. А в канализации можно заметить огромные глаза Пеннивайза в Заводе

  15. muy buena la actualización solo hay un problema los leopardo los demás tanques tiene desventaja sobre ellos me a tocado batallas hasta de 4 así no se puede espero que areglen eso

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