Woman Learns Not to Overshare on Social Media

Woman Learns Not to Overshare on Social Media

in lesson learned news aha submitted by golden hose that's tight golden hose oh that's all you need the team learned a valuable lesson about over sharing on social media good my sister needs over share a lot of social media no you don't where's your daughter no what I okay well would you say he over shares a lot and she says no you don't and I was like alright I guess get my ass eaten out by Jess is not over sharing well you don't really you don't think that's a big secret though you don't you don't think that's a big secret how do you feel about a Jesse maybe just as the one I lived on not being public information but have a delicious ass yeah it's pretty sweet yeah yeah how do you know just I licked it before your ass her mouth yeah Oh Jeff that's just my own juice is covering the taste of your ass it tastes like an asshole gotcha he's like our spring so we use that so that's your natural you have a natural Irish Spring so do you use Oh brand you put shampoo on your bottle because I have hair anywhere there the hair what about your eyebrows my face – okay we have to pause because when we okay Evan Eaton is also like a year okay when he when I thought it was a one-time thing when I was he was shaving from front to back he was like a seal okay so he was not shampooing his hair don't make it that disgusting Joe that's actually pretty clean then I thought yeah I thought because he was putting shampoo on his ass hairs they had like that bounce to them and shine oh my god there was no hair at the time you're shaving it he was like a waxed butterfly Wow gotcha all right so moving on I got acid I want to move on dishes but they clicked on the video for a reason so Jeff you don't want it to go on either they got given go on right guys okay mom let's do it all right sorry I have to be the mom so this story here 18 she posted her name is Kylie she's 18 years old and she tweeted resolution was ranked first of all okay Kylie well which is Sharon she tweeted this out would you like to yes my bf cheated on me so I logged into his snap and posted these on his story xoxo enjoy so this is the first one it says we were so good together before I decided to stick my dick in someone else y'all can hit her up now she's single yep so that blew up and shortly after church so that so the first one was on June 1st but she put her boyfriend on blast for cheating on her exactly on his own snapchat and also on her Twitter and so that was under first and then on June 6 she posts this my apologies for causing such a ruckus just to get back together with him in conclusion everyone fuck's up we're all human I'm officially canceled oh my god so so she did that to get back with him back together so this is the video why should we do with that other one she's back with him segment parent winners Wow well they're young so I'll give him that I probably looked like that when I was 18 so that's cool sector and he's wealthy with pussy so that's a cute boy see yeah she's hot yeah yeah and that guy just looks like a regular dude that likes vaping yeah or something he's like Oh Charlies baby who's fucking say yeah hey have you tried strawberry yet I met this guy man he's great all Bennet that seems pretty good try mine Pina Colada he takes those liquor store dick pills yes the Rhino pill when he's you like Serge hey I like the dream chick rock star and this guy probably drink some monsters so you're not that far ahead of him you know I'm a police true he does drink monsters and I dress my age now oh very good now thank you what is that 45 age dude you went from like underage dressing to like you skipped your age by 10 years yeah working on it yes you don't dress your age no yeah so that first tweets it got over 66,000 likes and how many retweets is all this one on Twitter itself yeah and then there was actually a follow-up tweet that wasn't mentioned here and it was some other girls said oh yeah but what about when you cheated on her Duke helps my boyfriend cheat on me so like she wasn't and then it was all kind of like everyone underneath that was like I was rooting for you you know like yeah well she seems like such a good person I'm surprised she also cheats too so what's the lesson that she ended up ok so then she started getting a lot of hate DM this one fucking whore keep fucking around with fat ugly pigs that cheat on you because you make them feel good that's your standard and it's Paul's yeah it's all you good for anyway without that makeup you would look identical to a witch so many other decent man out there and you to choose chose a pot-smoking Toyota Kyoto driving cartoon characters shit's actually sad guests your equivalent to him I mean he's not wrong in the right he's not wrong but you don't need to say that to someone that was a guy I don't know it's blurred out so when guys call chicks fucking whores they wanna fuck ya cuz they're like oh I wish you were mine Oh Lord a fucker yep and so I have to hate you because I like you yeah I've never called a girl like a whore like meaning it more like slut and like that's not like that's so fucking weird I never meant I did I can't imagine calling a chick a slut cuz I'm like good for you have sex yeah that's like working I do write all this shit I'm always like you're fucking weird that's the opposite I'm trying to get her to look more like a hoe yes that's all I'm trying to do I try to get Nikki dressed like a hooker all the time yes actively I had Nikki in heels walking through a fucking airport because I was like wear heels I liked it it was part of a fucking video because I was I was getting her to dress how I want for a week and we just happen to be traveling or that and I was actually you don't have to do this yet and she's like no I'm sticking to it because I said I would I like what you think Nikki's gonna be that kind of like okay never she's like fuck you you pray Yeah right and then they have hate sex yes you just described it really well that's exactly how that's cool mm-hmm is it the spiky shoes yes I love that shit man the spiky shoes the taller the better the more chicken giraffe walk around look like looks like a baby fucking giraffe devil who are prada shoes yeah all right so she tweeted I understand that the hate I'm receiving is concerned quickly Kylie fucking Jean Haley Griswald Griswald 97 that's it kylie is woke for a second Oh called you sick so she said I understand that the hate I'm receiving is concerned from people who don't know the proper way to show it in the ways I can forgive him I can forgive all of you I'll assure you all I am okay I am 18 years old I made the mistake of making my life to public so that's her lesson learned thing is that she realized she made her life to pub know her lesson is you made bad choices and then she got exposed yeah the internet doesn't care because no one knows her right but it's embarrassing like in your own town for sure to be like oh this guy cheated on me until everyone and then like you're the girl that stays with the guy and makes these horrible like I think that's more embarrassing yourself yeah like no one's no no no the internet people are gonna remember you in two days so I don't know it's more embarrassing I think in person to realize it so that's that hope yeah so she was saying that she had 200 followers when that post went viral and now she has over 9,000 200 followers so not that much of a cellphone those that helped her a lot on her she's hot I see I don't think anyone cares they just look at her and go follow yeah I hope she post more pictures they don't have to deal with her in person and just get a look at her oh that's the worst when you meet people in person and oh you get to they have to talk and oh my god oh my god like you care of the present three girls and purses anybody know I mean like we never seen of his life girls do you don't fall under this category I'm talking in retrospect when I was single and looking to date peace you know Jesus do you for coffee he loves to talk to you dude this guy can't wait to fucking talk to you he won't shut the fuck up about how he can always talk about you yep that's why this disc this realm upon you on your bullying oh I'll butt out okay he said that you guys have had talks like every night this week and then he's really enjoyed that she's opening up a lot to me mm-hmm and me to to to her yes a big problem I'm discovering things that I've never discovered before like love how are you discovering that huh help help the people who can't discover these things how are you discovering these things are you fishing for the credit the process with her what's the process with her how did you know that you love me after all these years finally yesterday how did you ring yes oh no just a week ago okay just a week ago I realized because I would say I love you to her well I didn't I don't think I was he didn't mean it I wasn't connecting yet I didn't know what love was you know and then so when I came back from Japan I was like I wake up and I just like woke up with some panic attack shit like sweating shit thinking in a million ways like like like shit man like should I kill her should I not what be together what should we do should I just kill a run away should I kiss her right now could just let me walk out the jillee nah cuz nobody else could have you so it's like that's how you knew that's how you knew you loved oh that's really beautiful well yeah cuz then I started thinking like like okay I'm constantly pushing this girl away but she just won't go anywhere so I keep trying to kick her out but she keeps saying why well that's just how she loves you how did you because I'm doing the same thing I'm trying to leave but I can't and I'm like why why why oh it's like because this whole time we're trying to prove to each other oh you know when we love each other bitch we've been loving each other look at how long we've been together and going through all this fucking bullshit and then I said okay what am I doing wrong here that's not there's a bridge that's not being connected we're subconsciously here and going through all this fucking nightmarish life why oh it's not that bad but I just bring you this picture it's not toxic like that but I'm like but like why is it not connecting why does why is there a level of lackluster Ness where I see you and Nikki and stuff and I'm just like man there's something there that I feel and there's something lacking here and it's not that I don't want that with her I just don't know how to connect that so that was a huge learning process and I'm still working on connecting that part with her but now I I feel it I feel it going toward her and I'm like I feel comfortable um and I feel open and and I'm able to I guess express myself in new ways that I haven't been before yeah it's just hard to explain it's more of a feeling yeah maybe I'll learn more and be able to talk about it more yeah that's kinda like what Casey said to me cuz like how he was saying like you know I feel like we've been in this gigantic hotel all this time like in our relationship and we've been on different floors and like in different hallways like screaming to each other like find each other and then finally we found each other so that's really nice I feel like I feel like I feel like in our case she's been throwing me a lot of like hearts and I just been fucking grabbing him and punching him away and thorn in it yeah trash with hearts like yeah and he's just like yeah he's getting all the points when you do that back up points time

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  1. “To love is to value. Only a rationally selfish man, a man of self-esteem, is capable of love—because he is the only man capable of holding firm, consistent, uncompromising, unbetrayed values. The man who does not value himself, cannot value anything or anyone.”

    “A “selfless,” “disinterested” love is a contradiction in terms: it means that one is indifferent to that which one values.”

    “If one wants to measure the intensity of a particular instance of love, one does so by reference to the hierarchy of values of the person experiencing it. A man may love a woman, yet may rate the neurotic satisfactions of sexual promiscuity higher than her value to him. Another man may love a woman, but may give her up, rating his fear of the disapproval of others (of his family, his friends or any random strangers) higher than her value. Still another man may risk his life to save the woman he loves, because all his other values would lose meaning without her. The emotions in these examples are not emotions of the same intensity or dimension.” – Ayn Rand.

  2. maybe jess isn't leaving joe because she is hired by you/living with you/used to a certain lifestyle? lmao idk its its love

  3. I love how these recent episodes are mostly about joe and Jess relationship updates 😂😂 I don’t even care about the articles anymore lol

  4. Joe is so gross! Why would you want your girl to eat your butt? How does that even turn you on? Jessica must really love him to do that crap!

  5. So…. That video when Joe was talking about how much he loves Jess from like 2 years ago…… He didn't mean it?

  6. 🤦🏽‍♂️ When Jess picked up her drink, I couldn't help but to think about Kevin Hart's skit about eating ass

  7. I’m so happy for Jess and joe being able to talk about this shit. Especially since a lot of fans think that Jess is the one thats detached from Joe just because of her personality. I love how they complement each other 😊😊

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