Windows 10 HOME: How to disable automatic updates and switch to manual downloads

Windows 10 HOME: How to disable automatic updates and switch to manual downloads

Are you aware that Microsoft has changed the
way Windows downloads updates in Windows 10? It´s actually quite a big change.
Unlike in previous versions of Windows, you can´t select anymore which updates you want
to download. Instead, all updates — from security updates
and Windows Defender definition updates to any optional updates and even driver updates
— they all will install automatically. You can´t turn it off!
The Professional, Enterprise, and Education editions of Windows 10 have an extra option
called “Defer upgrades”, but on the Home edition which most people have, there is no
such option. The only way you can deactivate some updates
is to select “Advanced options” and uncheck “Give me updates for other Microsoft products
when I update Windows.” But this will only allow you to disable updates
for Microsoft Office and other Microsoft programs, not Windows 10 updates.
So why is this a big deal? Well, if you have a slow internet connection,
the auto download can be pretty annoying. It can hit you anytime – in hotel room,
at a coffee shop or the airport. And if Microsoft pushes a faulty update, you
might face severe problems. But luckily I have a small workaround which
gives you back full control! You just have to set your connection as “metered,”
and Windows 10 will only update when you want it to.
Understood? Well, let me explain. What is a metered connection?
A metered connection is basically an internet connection where you get billed for the amount
of data you download. Windows 10 automatically defines certain types
of connections like cellular data connections as metered.
But luckily, in Windows 10, you can set just any connection as a metered connection.
You do that in the Settings app. So let´s just go there
we select Network & Internet scroll down, and select “Advanced options”
below the list of Wi-Fi networks. There we enable the “Set as metered connection”
option and that´s it. If you do that for one WIFI network you’re
currently connected to, Windows will remember this setting for other
Wi-Fi networks too. Once you have done this, automatic updates
are switched off completely. To get them manually you have to click a Download button. Like
that you can install only those updates you want and when you want them.

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  1. This is the ONLY thing that works to stop updates in win10 home – but only with WFIF turned ON.  Do not connect via Ethernet cable.    Tried regedit with registry edit including adding DWORD codes etc. … didn't work,   tried services.msc – selecting stop updates etc. … didn't work.

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