34 thoughts on “Win In Court – Subrogation Update & Express The Trust

  1. This is brilliant!
    I will use it to handle all legal matters. God bless you . You are sent to help us be free..Succinct and precise teaching.

  2. I will support anyone helping American Citizens understand our rights so we can protect ourselves from the police gangs

  3. Can TJ or anyone who has completed the express the trust what type of number is used for power of attorney sect? Is it necessary for completion? TY!!

  4. I have learned so much from youarelaw. Thank you TJ. God has blessed you. All things work to the glory of God.

  5. To TJ…
    Thank you so very much for sharing this very valuable information with regard to the basic elements of a trust, with regard to expressing the existence of a trust, and with regard to exercising one's right of subrogation.

    However, there is one very important objectionable point that requires your immediate attention, review, and correction with regard to IRM whereby apparently you have fallen victim to the same misinterpretation of IRM being disseminated throughout the internet by MISTAKENLY asserting and teaching that the living INFANT is allegedly a DECEDENT of the estate.

    The introductory video image showing IRM containing the text of your mistaken interpretation is very misleading to the general public who will be viewing this video.

    As all interested researchers will find… a very careful reading and understanding of IRM will reveal that NOWHERE WITHIN IRM is it implied NOR inferred NOR stated that a living INFANT is considered a DECEDENT of the estate as many internet gurus have been MISTAKENLY disseminating in their teaching lessons.

    Here is the actual language of IRM…
    2. There will be rare occasions where the grantor, owner, custodian or trustor of a domestic trust/estate entity type will not have an SSN or ITIN. In these cases, secure the SSN/ITIN or EIN of the party responsible for physically filing the Form 1041 and input it onto CC ESIGN as the cross reference TIN. Following are some instances of when this may occur.

    * Grantor, owner, custodian or trustor may indicate Amish or Mennonite as the reason for not supplying an SSN or ITIN.

    * An infant is the decedent of an estate or grantor, owner, custodian or trustor of a trust, guardianship, receivership or custodianship that has yet to receive an SSN.

    * Estate is being established for a woman who used her husband's SSN with an alpha character immediately after the last digit of his SSN.


  6. Great Job, I have been on this path for sometime and this is the same conclusion I’ve come to…Implied vs. Expressed equitable interests held by trustee’s of the public charitable trusts’ owing fiduciary duties.

  7. The easiest way to avoid all this nonsense is to "change " your "STATUS" from a US CITIZEN/ SLAVE, to an "American non-citizen National" which is completely out of their jurisdiction…and there is only one easy way to establish this….you need to properly fill in a one page document (called a DS-11) , passport application, which the STATE DEPT. does not like talking about, and will fight you if you don't fill out the form properly….but if you get it, all problems with law enforcement will end just by handing him the ID CARD (cost extra from the passport, but needed so he can run it which makes it clear that you are not to be questioned, detained, and have a lifetime concelled weapon permit), so that there is no arguing with the cop, no matter what he stopped you for….!! Trust me it works like magic….!! Here's the link


  8. Underthebloodintrust.org.
    All trusts are defective…they are a tresspass on the true owner who is yahshua..the world and every thing in it has been given to yahshua…it's all his..who can take him to Court..??? Who can judge yahshua???no one!!

  9. 'i, have done this and much, much more. and have Discharged a So called
    EU LEGAL BAR Ltd Corporate say so Fine … of £980.00 in LEGAL Blew them
    out…IN their own so called LEGAL COURTS— when 'i, discharged it
    with a printed off Promissory Note.;) …Off my printer…. and have
    claimed the Copyright, Trademark and Tradename, Name and NAME in all
    Styles, Colours and under the Allodial title… 😉 … you never have to
    work for anyone again ever… one can discharge anything. with a simple
    signature and dating any doc… 😉

     Interested then keep reading…

    Remeber every word has a meaning to it, it all depends on what context
    of the sentances one is using it in….;) … and never ever do anything
    until you fully understanding in whats one is dealing with…. until
    ten do NOTHING…. learn, if refused how to conterat them and put them
    on lawful notice of their fiduciary/trustee duites, obligations and
    responsibilities that they hold within my Public and Civil Offices…
    even Judges Royals and so on are all Servants/Fiduciary/Trustee all in
    position of trust…. 😉 … and all pretending to be anyways…. 'i,
    have much fun with many of these clowns dealing in EU Legalcorporate
    Bullshit… yet none hold a certificate nor a licenses to even operate
    as one… lmfao… its why they always say seek legal advice… lmfao…
    crazy brain dead muggles like dornes… all of them even the people are
    all walking about like dead zombies… look at any zombies films…many
    trusts have been shown for many years in songs and even films…

    yet everyone is so blind as a bat and deaf as a post…

    Follow your Dreams
    They will Haunt you forever…

    To many are chasing things
    That they themselves are totally clueless about it,
    'i, am talking about CASH
    Mortgages, Loans, Finance all fake bullshit…
    Everyone works as a SLAVE for it
    Steals it, kills for it, murders for it
    Yet have Zero clue to what it even is
    and yet are always CHASING it? !!!
    It is what control you everyway everyday
    therefore you don't even control yourself.

    Every single man/woman and child has their own private Accounts many accounts
    where there is a very LARGE sum of cash within your own private
    accounts of unlimited sum of cash i.e. money that your great
    grandparents have left all their children Look at the Cestu Que Vie
    Trust 1666 and the Bills of Exchange 1882 on the Prommsory Note which
    are all Bank Notes. Everyone is a multi million air… no one has to
    work for another like a SALVE. Yet one is a private man/woman an
    individual with true powers and authority and not a Public nor a Civil
    Servants in Offices.

    Get it now.? !!!

    Look up all these info's…
    allodial title meaning
    sui juris meaning in common law
    cesta que vie trust meaning
    cesta que vie Meaning
    form 206: Evidence of life, Declaration of person entitled to payment.
    ecclesiastical deed poll
    ecclesiastical deed poll meaning
    allodial title meaning
    Land Patent meaning
    Letter to the law meaning
    and much much more to learn…

    'i, been doing this for over 25 years,
    and most people think one as lost the plot,
    yet say, 'i, don't know how you get away with it…. lmfao….

    get away with what ???? !!!!
    Danny Knight F/B…aka Radcon Tu.

  10. Although most of what you say is correct all of these so-called free man of the land tactics leave the decision up to the judge a non-judicial process is the only way to win either you're a cop or just not that intelligent so learn how to perfect an administrative process and don't listen to guys like this who tell you to leave your fate in the hands of a f******judge lol all the real freeman-on-the-land have been bought out I'm waiting on my check and I'm going to let you stupid motherfukers rot in hell for being dumb and stupid

  11. I have been studying this subject matter for a few years and you are awesome and this is excellent work thank you.

  12. I went to your website, didnt find anything on Memorandum of Law papers, how do I file that please? I dont have money to pay to become a member but I am subd to you. thank you

  13. wouldnt it be advisable to include the words when addressing the court, to say: Let it be recorded on and for the record? PLEASE ANSWER THIS QUESTION: I WAS TOLD YEARS AGO THAT IF I SENT SOMETHING PRIVATE TO THE JUDGE, DO NOT DARE SEND TO ANYONE ELSE AS THEY CAN ARREST YOU. PLEASE CLARIFY!! thanks

  14. What a mind job. And really people believe in the American dream? This is the true underground railroad.

  15. I can tell you from first hand experience your claims don't work in every court. Most judges I come up against are willing to violate any laws, codes, regulations, etc. and know they have absolute immunity from stealing your property and fraudulently and unlawfully imprisioning you as a result of your non-compliance with their threats. I have a passport issued as State national, an authenticated birth certificate and an affidavit of denial of agency for any registered organization or corporate entity, etc. THEY DONT CARE. When you deal with terrorists they only thing the fear here when they are judges is ….NOTHING. Show some proof of claim that your cases are dismissed.
    I agree its always required to put everything dealing with court IN WRITING and get it stamped or you have not got a prayer of retaining your rights. The courts are all contract courts and they have to get you to consent and agree with what they are doing. "would you like me to set trial or do you need more time?" its pathetic, when you listen you can hear the plea to get you to agree to their contracts.
    Your documents are making claims without any proof behind the theory. No where does the government state that a trust exists for the man's benefit. I can claim to be the sole beneficiary for the instrument B.C. because it was created with me as the only party named and who the instrument is in regards to, other than fictions (governments).

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