47 thoughts on “Willie Nelson – Vote 'Em Out (Audio)

  1. Willie is an American treasure. Be good humans, stop attaching politics to everything. Love you Willie!!!!

  2. Considering his political views, I bet when he said”vote ‘em out” he was talking about Republicans. I like his music, but definitely not his politics!


  4. Come on, nothing to get offended over.

    I listen to this when I vote Republican. This song is totally universal in it's message.

  5. Liberals, how about you try to do this next election instead of making riots and chanting to impeach Trump when we finally get the president WE want.

    95% People complaining about angry Republicans in the comments
    5% Actual angry Republicans

  7. Thanks Willie, we can sing this one up in Canada about our incompetent, tax grabbing, unfit, celebrity turned leader, Mr.Trudeau.

  8. Willie, meet us in DC for a smokeout the Whitehouse this fourth of July. It's time to free the herb.
    Maybe you can play a couple songs?

  9. If you guys would just read the description, you would see that this song is about exercising your right to vote.

  10. That’s what a real rebel does, voting LOL nah sorry Willie but voting legitimizes a broken system. Don’t Vote! Revolt!

  11. I voted a few hour's ago, and I just couldn't get this song out of my head. Lol thank God for you Willie. You will always have it. You got my vote. Thank God for Willie Nelson. 🇺🇸👉💜

  12. I knew Willie has been a Democrat for a long time – I am 70 years young and have liked Willie’s songs from the first time I heard him sing .
    After watching The deranged behavior of the ultra liberal Democrats and listening to the b. s. that they are so good at spreading around I tend to react to anyone and any song that appears to be against the President I voted for and I don’t apologize for being sick and tired of left leaning liberals and their demonic behavior towards our President .

  13. 100% American song. Willie also 100% American, 0% Fascist. There is still hope for our country. Let's hope…

  14. Can someone please tell me where the share button is? i want to put this on my FB page. Thank You! I love Willie Nelson 🙂 🙂 🙂

  15. If you didn’t know who’d written the song and where it was introduced, couldn’t this be viewed as both a generic, anti-incumbent election song and a plea for people to get out to vote, if they’re complaining about their elected representatives?

    Think of this line in the song, “The biggest gun we’ve got is called the ballot box.” Could that be appropriately sung at both an NRA convention and a March for Our Lives rally led by students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida?

    Then consider whether these additional verses would reveal the political leanings of the songwriter:

    If you don’t think they serve you very well

    And you might really wanna give ‘em hell

    Your chance won’t be remote, if you get out to vote

    If you don’t like who’s in there, vote ‘em out

    If they’re just some liars, thieves and cheats

    Now’s the time to send ‘em to defeats

    If their game’s a con, better tell ‘em to move on

    ‘Cause if you don’t like who’s in there, vote ‘em out

  16. Hey Willie its me Ted and Mimi's grandson. One time I was driving thru Little River and there was a crack in the road which halted everything and everyone, but I saw you down by the beach parking and opted to go over the edge of the crack and go hang out with you. By the way I have a great article about the crack in the earth, and if you or anyone has any photos you would like to contribute, like the tsunamis on kelly street or heesers drive, or the crack by the hotel

  17. I'm going to make sure Willie Nelson knows how anti-gun you are because I've met the man and he's pro gun he'll be gone so quick it's not even funny

  18. VOTE 'EM OUT! 2018 BLUE WAVE, Nov 6!
    Bless American Legend, Highwayman & Humanitarian, Willie Nelson 🙏✌🌎

  19. Willie wants legal weed in Texas, mainly because Willie has his own brand of Weed products in states that are legal. He’s only pulling for Robert because he will profit from it if he legalizes weed. Willie has songs that are anti homosexual, I hope Willie doesn’t support the murder of unborn children, and anybody wearin a cowboy hat better be supportive of our right to bare arms or else they’re just fake cowboys using cowboy outfits as propaganda to get country fans(Tim McGraw). Vote from your heart, not just from your pocket books, I know many union workers personally that vote Democrat because they profit from it, even though Democrat policies go against their morals. I don’t trust Robert or Rafael, I just vote who I believe to be closest to my Biblical morals. Either way, the song is neutral, and I will always be a fan of willies music. Be free thinkers! God bless!

  20. All of you liberals in the comments are saying “oh it’s so stupid to get mad at him for politics” but first of all I just read through at least 100 comments and didn’t see anyone complaining but what I did see as I stated was a bunch of people getting mad at something that didn’t happen

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