39 thoughts on “Will Young People Turn Out To Vote?

  1. Lol the Democrats are finally gonna get exposed for rigging the elections. The red wave we were talking about was for the fact nothing but repubs will be filling those empty seats where all those dems be.

  2. "The Prince" was a satire; Machiavelli was an original republican (as in supported a republic in the era of feudalism). His er… thesis I guess, "Discourses on Livy" goes into his actual beliefs on political philosophy.

    But I wouldn't recommend it as a light read.

  3. Your employer has to give you time off to vote, even if you take the 2hrs or whatever it is in the middle of your workday, and cannot fire you for taking it.

    Anyway, election day really ought to just be a national holiday.

  4. The great turn out is because Russia has a better list of social security numbers and names of the US voters

  5. Honestly, the anxiety one is reasonable too. I know people don't like to hear it and think it's just an excuse, but anxiety can be extremely debilitating (and if your anxiety can trigger other medical problems such as migraine headaches, dissociation, or psychosis it's especially terrible). There's a reason why anxiety can require medical treatment, and we don't know that person's medical history. Not everyone with a disability/handicap can fight for themselves.

  6. If young people vote en masse, they have to be repaid in new gun control laws because that's what fired up their mobilization.

  7. Listening to uneducated individuals talk out of their arse is hilarious. Everybody talks as if they know anything other then what the democrats pump inyo their little sheep brains. What a joke. Don't talk politics unless you know them.

  8. My birthday is in March. I turned 18 in 1988. The only reason I didn’t get to vote in the primaries that year is I grew up in NH (I missed it by about 2 weeks). We had a special dinner when I voted in Nov. It was a celebration. How is this not a rite of passage for everyone?

  9. Just standing by passively and going “oh I don’t like politics” is no longer a valid excuse. Go out and vote because if things don’t turn out so good, you can’t complain.

  10. Let your friends & family know if they run into any issues voting tomorrow, ask for a Provisional Ballot by law they have to give you that. 

    And votes on provisional ballots are counted even if the voter hasn't registered to vote, or their name isn't on the electoral roll for the given precinct/polling place, or they are unable to prove their voting eligibility (citizenship).

  11. I'm 35 and at the upper end of millennial. When will people finally realize we're all adults and have been for a while?

  12. DRUMPF just said this ……………
    “I have kept more promises than I have made.”
    How can you respect this moron???🇺🇸 vote Tuesday pleaseeeeee

  13. 11:47 pm
    Monday, 5 November 2018 (GMT-5)
    Time in New York, NY, USA

    Say your prayers, Republicans – thy doom is but hours away.

  14. This nation has gotten very arrogant and the population has become very judgmental and cold towards others. We are on our way to fulfilling the prophecy of Obadiah 1:2-7. Although it is speaking of Edom, much prayer has revealed to me that it is meant for the US in these times. God ALWAYS punishes the arrogant.
    An ally will betray us during a military engagement. That is when you will know that Obadiah 1:2-7 was meant for the US, and The Almighty God is angry with our hypocrisy and arrogance

  15. Georgia is suppressing votes? Hmmm, show your work, Stephen. And I know you guys love the youngun's thinking they're all going to vote Dem but the truth is Gen Z is much more conservative than millennials. Careful what you wish for.

  16. From Canada: Please everyone vote! Show the world what the USA truly stands for.
    And see if you can help someone else gets to the polls. (We don't have to wait in line at all…) ☮

  17. Don’t let racism win again. Rebuke, don’t reward trumpism. Who we are as a nation for generations will be determined. Do we defend dictators or democracy? Do you value truth or lies? Hate and fear or hope and reason? Compassion or cruelty? Vote straight Dem! Save America!

  18. Please VOTE! I am Proud of the Millennials. They are involved in the VOTING PROCESS and I stand with them.

  19. There is always a real solution and a better way. Taking advantage of poor simple thinkers, or religious people with hate mongering is not good. I'd like to see Trump do something positive for people not just himself.

  20. I fucking wish I could vote. 4 years left though. Vote for your gen z siblings, millennials. Use your voices when we can’t.

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