47 thoughts on “Will the U.S. Presidential Election Be Rigged?

  1. The final judgement will be the lake of fire it will become active for an entire 6 months before the election and 6 months after the judgement will start engulfing the US first then Israel then the rest of the world

  2. The first judgement bowl will be a mix all at 100% power the chicken Nervous breakdown panic attack hell paranoia, the second judgement bowl will be Catatonia every single attempt to try to cheat through tech or any other method will trigger the judgements the third judgment will be the fear of God

  3. I will prepare 4 powerful judgement bowls that will affect everyone who attempts to rig the 2020 elections the bowls will affect every single person on Earth who attempt to rig it this includes by seeding false polls in people and voters minds fake polls those who are supposed to endure the elections are accurate computer software programmers every one in gov military tech these judgement bowl will litterateur ensure that the people mention have no involvement in the elections and even Barr them through the energy itself

  4. This video is garbage because it's old + not true. Voting machines are apparently hackable. Technology is not always a good thing.
    Any progressive presidential candidate will probably be screwed over so that things won't get much better after the 2020 election. Chances are the winner will be bought + paid for by lobbyist. I am disheartened by what this country has evolved into.
    We need to return to paper ballots + eliminate the electoral college. One person one vote. Lets go old school to end voting corruption.
    Rant over.

  5. Anybody got a reverse card from UNO?

    Trump: Election will be rigged

    Also Trump: Election Wasn’t Rigged

    Hillary: Election won’t be rigged

    Also Hillary: Election was rigged

  6. Id like to see an update to this video in light of the clinton corruption that was exposed despite her colossal failure.

  7. i dont believe in voting. i believe it to be rigged like casino's. i dont vote. nor do i ever plan to. this is as far as me paying attention to polotics goes. just this video and 2 other videos about rigged voting machines. thats it im done. i dont wanna talk about polotics for the remainder of the year

  8. Yep happened on 11/6/2018 all across country but REP and Trump knows this was done. Their going to be charged

  9. So how can you prove a rigged diabolt that flips votes? Elections too important and too much money to be made to allow the people of the United States to to decide.

  10. "It's possible to win the popular vote and lose the electoral college." Gah we know this better now than we used to. Ouch.

  11. Repukes rigged the election ever since Reagan there crooked liars thats why i quit voting when Trump won never again

  12. Is anyone filing complaints with The Dept Of Justice to stop Felchbook, Jewgle, Twatter, and JewTube from silencing The Right? Isn't this a form of election rigging?

    Isn't that one of the functions of The First Amendment, the freedom to advocate who we want in office?


  13. why are YOU AMERICANS SO FUCKING STUPID? YOUR elections were rigged the moment your so called founding fathers decided upon the method of electing a presiden and the creation of the senate. George Washington sais: "we can't possibly allow ordinary people and the riff raff to choose whomever they want to rule this country". Hence the electoral college system, it will guarantee the victory of the establishment figure. And if that fails the senate will see to it that the choice of people shall never succeed in carrying out any of his policies. How difficult is it for you idiotic Americans to see the total mockery of the democratic principals when Wyoming with 560,000 people has two senators and California with 55 million population also has 2 senators. you can't be so fucking thick, it's not possible.

  14. All liberals who think the 2016 election was "rigged" just listen to your bonehead president Obama. Anybody who thinks our elections could possibly be rigged no it's not possible. The first time I ever heard Obama make sense.

  15. I’m just gonna say it. John Green, you are a hypocrite who uses well edited and reasonable sounding language and biased, good looking graphics to make your specific progressive agenda look sound, reasonable and middle of the road. You make this video denouncing someone for questioning the election and ASSURE us of the elections legitimacy only to go on and try to legitimize the Russian election interference conspiracy theory. Frankly I find it repugnant and the amount of young people on this platform who take your word as absolute truth needs to change because you are simply a con man with a very well tailored image and a good grasp of political subtlety. I hope and pray people stop taking you seriously on all matters political.

  16. Let's address the facts that President Obama has repeatedly urged illegal immigrants to vote . He told them that they cannot be stopped from voting.

  17. But you can have the FBI frame our presidential candidate of treason, and continues to attack him with fake evidence after he won the election. Oh yeah, ask Bernie Sanders how he was treated.

    Yes, your vote will count, but it will be countered by dead people, illegal immigrants and dogs.

    Nice try you liberal hack!

  18. If the college didn’t exist. Campaign would only run and speak in New York California Florida. And ignore the rest

  19. So it looks like you can't rig U.S presidential election (Democrats) (Russia), BUT it looks like you CAN rig the Democratic party's electoral process. Democrats Lie, Democrats Lie, Democrats Lie… Democrats Lie. I'm Looking at you Hillary.

  20. Sorry, but this is a bit naive and glosses over other factors. Oh well, can't bat 1,000. Well, you can, but it's am unreasonable expectation.

  21. 'IF' you can't figure out how the electoral college is RIGGED you shouldn't be allowed to post videos about it . BECAUSE "YOU ARE TOO STUPID TO KNOW HOW TO VOTE !"

  22. There's a saying out there. It goes like this. "Democracy is like two wolves and a sheep deciding what's for dinner" the wolves being the big states, the sheep being the small states. If the electoral college didn't exsist, America would be chaotic.The United States is not a democracy, and never has been! WE ARE A CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC!

    Why do you guys have to be so damned liberal? You are teaching kids to be biased and not to look at true facts.

  23. Thanks john. These videos are why I subscribe to vlogbrothers. The work you and your brother do is invaluable to a person like me.

  24. I'm from the future John. It isn't Trump that said it was rigged, it was everybody on the left with you lol

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