16 thoughts on “Will Ferrell Will Do Anything to Get You to Vote

  1. i like the line up support for obama good people from all around lol this is a more connected world we have all grown together from start to now.sad to say some people think differently have there reasons but this planet dont sit still a nor shell I when somebody votes there person's choice is heard nor do i think i am better then a women. WE ARE EQUAL an think women can make there own calls about there body cuz those cases are hard to make already science an tech are not from the pits of hell

  2. Romney would sell your soul to the devil if he could!

    Obama managed the biggest financial crisis of all times. A crisis caused by people like Romney!

  3. I lost it when he caught the football and said "It's a slam dunk"

    THIS is the kind of political ads we should be getting…. maybe a little less desperate, but still funny.

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