Will Cabovers Return to the Trucking Industry?

Will Cabovers Return to the Trucking Industry?

we'll cab overs ever come back into the industry let's have a look at this let's look at the practical side certainly shippers want bigger trailers all the time so maybe cab overs stand a chance for a comeback the need for trailers to keep getting bigger and bigger isn't going to stop greedy shippers are always going to want bigger trailers and with the bigger trailers comes the need for smaller trucks or you just can't get the damn things around the corner and into the loading docks certainly with the cab over you can get a shorter wheelbase than you ever could with a curb sniffer I compared a few of them and with a double bunk cab over you could basically run on a hundred and fifty-five inch wheelbase that's pretty damn short a Cascadia with the double bunk requires at least a two hundred inch wheelbase to operate and still have Swing dip clearance in between the trailer and the the bunks winged up being that you won't hit the trailer when you turn a sharp corner basically is what that is so certainly there's an argument that you can get a shorter wheelbase with a cab over one of the problems is that the engine is a lot harder to access than it is with a curb sniffer with a curb sniffer you can just simply pull the hood and the mechanic or you can get at just about any part of the engine they want with a cab over you had to jack up the cab but before you jacked up the cab you had to strap down all your stuff inside or when you jacked up the cab it would all come out through the windshield that was a real real – for the cowboy or so that was that was a problem with them however these big carriers now that are buying the trucks and it's going to only be big carriers ordering trucks here in the future soon because the owner operators are all but gone but the big carriers are going to be the big customers these trucking manufacturers and these big carriers tend to listen to their mechanics even less than they listen to their drivers so are the big companies going to care about engine access No another question that comes up with cab overs is are they as safe in a head-on accident a a curb sniffer let's be honest they can't possibly be quite as safe at least a curb sniffer has some sort of a crumple zone of a hood between you and whatever it is you could be hitting be in another truck or a rock face or whatever bit of a crumple zone there but in a cab over there's nothing between you and what you hit other than a sheet of glass which is the windshield and and it's not unusual now in a cab over collision to have the cab over spit the driver right through the glass that used to happen a fair bit actually now bear in mind that was that was before seatbelts were mandated but it wasn't unusual that if a guy driving a cab over hit something solid it would spit him out through the windshield it happened to a friend of mine in fact and it's it's pretty nasty stuff kills him instantly of course so are the curb sniffers a little safer and a head-on again I'd have to say they are because of the crumple zone do the carrier's care about that no not particularly what the carrier's do care about however is fuel mileage and there is a big difference between a cab over and a curb sniffer if you take a model of the gallon difference times 500 miles a day times 500 trucks a day for a big carrier or more those fuel savings are huge and that's what big carriers pay attention to and those are the guys that are going to be ordering all the new trucks as far as I'm aware you can't even order a cab over in North America anymore yes they've got them in Europe but Europe's a completely different road system they've got to have cab overs over there because the roads are so narrow tight and small with sharp curves we don't suffer from that in North America so do I think the cab overs are coming back sadly to tell you the truth I don't think so I think the curb sniffers are are the new standard of the industry but don't get too disappointed quite yet driver retention has become a big issue within the trucking industry driver turnover and driver retention or are just mind-boggling figures these days big trucking companies cannot keep drivers they cannot keep good drivers and they can't seem to hire enough new drivers and get them to stay in the industry driver retention is a problem I know when I was interested in trucking when I was a kid a lot of what drew me to the trucks was how cool they looked and when companies figure out that the cool rides attract drivers they're gonna be all over this new technology like this Nichola one electric truck that's coming out or that Peterbilt Walmart concept truck that they've designed those things are cool-looking trucks I'd like to drive one of those trucks and if they get that cool factor back into the new trucks it'll solve their retention problem and it'll solve their hiring problems so don't be heartbroken I think cool trucks are going to have to come back part of the attraction of the cab overs was the nostalgia involved and they were they were cool rides back in the day and you had visions of trucking out in California with these great big cab overs and running coast-to-coast they were they were trucks that looked like they were competent and could do the job and they were enjoyable to drive and it was an adventure to drive them the nostalgia of the cowboy was part of the draw a lot of guys my age myself included learned in Cowboys that's part of the attachment my generation has with trucks are the cab over trucks if you watch the highways and the interstates you'll still see the occasional cow before go by and by god they're cool to watch it's a nostalgic trip back into the days when trucking was good that's enough reminiscing for me for now take care and I'll see you on the back home

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  1. Dave, you seem to look around the same age as I am, Well maybe a year or to over, (LOL) I broke out driving some really old trucks on the farm,a 1948 international etc. First truck on the highway was a 1972 KW cabover, Went to freightliners and petes. I was on the road for 10 years before I got behind the wheel of a hood. I could'nt see the damn road!!! If they brought C/O'S back I'd sign up in a heart beat.

  2. I love coe's! My first ride in a truck was with my grandpa. (I was little pre kindergarten age) I know it was an international early 80's. Too bad the stupid government had to ruin trucking. I'll stay in my yard dog!

  3. I remember seeing these all the time at truck stops during the 90s. Lately I've been taking an interest in these classic trucks.

  4. 800,000 miles in a 78 k100 with a 153 inch wheel base glide ride suspension an 8v92 with straight pipes….. that's why I'm almost deaf and half crippled. .. I'll keep my 379

  5. The cabover is a much nimbler truck which at the same time carries a bigger load. I drive a box truck – trailer combination with a gross weight of 128 000 lbs, and you give up a lot of load space with those huge trucks you drive in the U.S.

  6. I'm thirty and the first vehicle I ever drove was a cab over, at age 7, stalled her 3 times before I could understand how to let off the clutch properly..

  7. You'd be surprised how far they've come with ease of access to the engine compartment and the safety of the Truck drivers

  8. We only have cab overs in Europe and a big part of rest of the world. But they are not cool.

    You need 3 things to attract good people. God salary, conditions and coolness.

  9. The original Optimus Prime was a cabover in the cartoons.
    But the horrible Michael Bay movies changed him into a curb-sniffer

  10. Man, the picts with that music almost made me shed a tear for those good old days. Just between us, I actually did.. shhhh. Good Job, Thank you. Lol

  11. That an easy answer, nobody wants to drive 65 MPH with the big companies… Too many hands in the truck drivers pockets with brokers ECT…

  12. The problem with cabovers in USA is that the infrastructure in USA are so outdated that you got the bridge weight formula which makes it impossible to fully use the potential of the steering axle.

    Modern european cabovers are definately more safe than a stoneage conventional.
    In a cabover you're sitting above the engine, and are protected by a rigid cab.
    In a conventional the engine will be pushed through the simple cardhouse cab, and kill you….

    When it comes to infrastructure, technology, and trucks, USA are at lest 3-4 decades behind Europe in development.

    To save fuel, you could start to put the kingpin further in under your trailers, and get an overhang in the front of the trailer like we do.
    That will not only make it easier to balance the weight, and give you more weight on the tractor, but also shorten the crazy gap between the cab and trailer, that gives a drag that drinks fuel.

  13. Cab overs are a pain to sleep in at night especially in summer. Trying to sleep with a hot engine underneath you that’s been run all day is impossible. It can take hours to cool down.

  14. I totally disagree…My first truck was a crackerbox but that said, the are no conventionals in Europe. Sure the road system is different but they have freeways and the trips are just as long but the kicker is the fuel. Fuel is expensive in Europe!! If the fuel mileage is the main factor against coe, you would see long noses on long hauls….YOU DON'T!
    Mercedes is talking about introducing their Actro here, someone else I saw in HDT was going to bring a coe in USA….look at both the Nokia and the Telsa..both cab-overs.
    Safety, with all the new required systems and the fact that the driver is a lot higher, I feel safer in a coe that a long nose. The visibility is big factor for coe's. You can hide a lot of new compacts in front of a long nose and the driver would never see them!

  15. I've been driving since '76. The best riding and handling truck I ever drove was a '78 Mack Cruisliner. It had a 300+ (315) with a 10 speed transmission. I ran N. C. to N. J. and Philadelphia 3 times a week and could set my drink cup on the dash and it would ride there the whole trip. Loved that truck!

  16. Reminds me of a 68 econoline I once had. Two layers of paint and one layer of sheet metal between you and the accident.

  17. Last night I parked at loves, ceder city and was surprised to see a DAF LF with a peterbilt badge on the grill.
    It wont be long until DAF tractor units appear here badged as peterbilt.

  18. Cab overs can't pass modern crash tests. I miss the cab overs, as a mechanic I love the cab over International. The fleet I'm with now has conventional Peterbilts and they have got to be the worst damn thing that ever hauled freight.

  19. Maby they should bring back the old trucks,better than the new junk.emissions,speed limiters and lane sensors are a joke.The industry has a driver shortage and the goverment and manufactures keep designing this crap.Its a headache when driving but they don't care.Screw all the goverment people and EPA for making this stuff.I hope they all starve

  20. You couldnt pay me to get into those piece of shit trucks. No space, you get into an accident your pretty much guranteed to end up dead or in the hospital. Not worth it. I'll take my 78 inches of sleeper space over coffin suicide any day of the week.

  21. You can still buy Autocar cab-overs, Mack cab-overs, and Peterbilt cab-overs. Where do you think the waste management companies get their cab-overs from for their garbage and roll-off trucks?

  22. Funny enough what got me into liking trucks in general as a little kid was seeing that cabover in the movie Terminator 2. IMDB says its a Freightliner FLA. Thought it was the meanest looking thing I've ever seen. In a weird and indirect way cabovers are a nostalgic thing for me too even though I've never driven one.

  23. Modern cabovers are plenty safe. They have much better safety standards than before. Again look at firetrucks. That's the standard for most firetrucks

  24. In Australia cab overs are bigger than bonneted prime movers are got to love a cab over Volvo Scania and freight liners and of cause those KW Cheers Andrew

  25. My first brand new truck was 4070A transtar the two most comfortable cabovers i had were a 76 bicentennial kw model got from a guy that was going to lose it to the bank and I had a 110 inch cab kw the worst was a frightliner
    Froze in the winter and cooked in the summer
    Have a good day

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