Why You Should Invest in Yourself on Social Media | Agent 2021 Keynote in Miami, Florida

Why You Should Invest in Yourself on Social Media | Agent 2021 Keynote in Miami, Florida

26 thoughts on “Why You Should Invest in Yourself on Social Media | Agent 2021 Keynote in Miami, Florida

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  2. Gary, another super impressive video as always! We know just how important it is to invest in your company rather than spending on unnecessary "fluff"….if you want to grow, you eat…if your brand wants to grow, it has to eat too!

  3. I am slowly and steadily applying all of Gary's advice on my cycling blog, FB and Instagram – Eccentrips. YouTube I need some more time. Want to build an epic cycling vacations company πŸ™‚

  4. Thank you for asking Gary, can I share? I've hustled through three recessions, and two of them almost killed me, rock-bottom caused in one day, twice. I never gave up, I got angrier, cheaper, hungrier…and started my last hustle in the hole right before Lehman…guess what? Worked my "face off" for 10 years straight and finally, had some good money luck come my way πŸ™‚ I'm so thankful for these good times! But I didn't buy any toys, I stayed cheap & saved as much as possible for this downturn we're already in. You are #1 in the world in 2018 for this digital land grab, and thanks to you, at 51, I'm going all-into social media starting today. I just sent more words into the ether on fb, LI and YT than I ever have in my life, THANK YOU GARY!

  5. He does not need to read books because he learns from watching others. The observing eye is strong while the perceiving eye is weak.

  6. I feel so lucky to find you and to listen to you over and over to change my life. I had a tough life, and the past sometimes brings me down. I myself turned a company around that turned against me, and were controlling and abusive once I made them cash. I was hit by a car accident, had then fake people that were doing Cash flow, with the name of Frank Hamilton who is a scam, he took my money and then I ended with nothing except physical disability. So it' s a rough road especially when I was medicated things got worse, now I'm suffering from severe depression knowing that I'm very talented, smart, yet I'm not seeing a future clear. So listening to you is a miracle to even turn the audio on. I ve been listening non stop and finally I'm starting to have a hope. I've been afraid to attract the wrong people as after the abuse and all that. Thank you for sharing this.

  7. Check Out This Video and give Feedback Please.

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    I'm Starting a Youtube Series called "The After School Hustle". I'm at a crossroads where I graduated college a 2 years ago and I'm not really sure what I want to do. I want to start my own business of some sort but I'm not really sure what it will be yet. So if you watch it and like it cool, if you watch it and hate it even better. Please give feedback if possible!

  8. So I've got to admit. I didn't care for Gary Vee before because of all the cursing, but I watched one video from Evan Carmichael which had Gary Vee in it and just ended up binge watching him. What great advice and truth about the power of social media and what to do to grow your business. Thank you. Still not a fan of cursing, but love your honesty and desire to help!

  9. 12:40 But to be honest facebook really sucks, e everybody is going towards Instagram and YouTube. It’s just a fact. Ask 15 people if they use FB on a regular basis, ask the same about Insta.

  10. There is something that it's called psychological triggers in human behavior, whenever you create content, you're creating the image of an authority figure in your field, if you look at this in a marketing perspective, you follow Gary or Grant, Or Tai Lopez, is because of that authority and the more they publish the more it creates that idea, what is even more interesting is that they might not even be the best at what they do but because of that authority they are perceived to be the best, Do what Gary does is really hard, i've been uploading on my youtube channel now, and trying to take it more serious because i know how important it is, but when you're too focused in developing your business, it's kinda hard to do all haha

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