Why you need to learn the craft of writing catchy LinkedIn headlines

Why you need to learn the craft of writing catchy LinkedIn headlines

Headlines! Yesterday, I had a conversation with my mum, who is in Singapore, by the way. So we had a Whatsapp call and we started talking about headlines. I thought this would be a good
topic and a very useful topic for all of us. Our basic instinct as human beings is to spot danger and threat. So anything that’s out of the ordinary is most likely to catch our attention. And that’s where the headlines come in. Headlines is the first step to capturing someone’s attention. To capture their attention and let them stop, think and decide if they want to invest more of their precious time. Let say, we have newspapers, we have magazines, we have advertising, we have everything that is floating around us. The headlines make you decide and
think whether the article is important enough for you to read further, invest more time into it. Another example, in a shopping mall itself, what’s displayed in the shop window for example if it’s clothes or bags, we take a glance through and decide if we want to go into the shop. The same thing for a blog post title. The blog post title, if it’s attractive enough and if you want to spend more time reading a 2000 word article. If it’s not relevant, it’s not catchy, people don’t do it. Emails. Everyone gets about over 100 emails per day, especially for working professionals. And if your headlines is not getting their
attention, they get newsletters from everyone, they are not going to open your emails. They just get buried in all the information that everyone gets everyday. Sensory overload, it’s just too much. Similarly on LinkedIn, if your headline is really boring, saying
something like “PR Professional”, nobody’s going to check you out. Your headline itself
needs to tell something unique about you, people want to know more about you. Could be something about your personality, could be like one of your greatest achievement that you’ve done, that you want to talk to people about. That’s how headlines get attention. If you start with something boring, no one’s going to take precious seconds off from their daily routine to even read further and get to know you more. So what do you think about headlines? Do you think headlines is the number one key factor skill that everybody should learn to craft? Let me know in the comments below. If you like this video, give me a thumbs up and follow me for more LinkedIn marketing tips and growth marketing strategies. So till then the next video. Bye!

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  1. IF done right, catchy headlines will get more people to read your content. If your headlines are boring, nobody will read your blog post, open your emails and watch your videos. If you need help with creating high quality headlines, head to https://claricelin.com to find out how I can help you.

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