100 thoughts on “Why Trump is wrong to say impeachment is a ‘lynching’ | Don Lemon

  1. 😜…this is why you don't hire folk with no experience….then expect them to do a good job…at not knowing the job…🙁

  2. Trump presidency is repugnant by definition folks, he feels he can say anything derogatory to anyone and gets away with it.

  3. Stinky fingers….racist racist racist….definition of lynching…(of a mob) kill (someone), especially by hanging, for an alleged offense with or without a legal trial.

  4. Neck up Shit Stick Lemon, you’re a Democrat lap dog and the Democrats have been trying to lynch Trump the day after he won , ha ha ha with fail after fail and the impeachment lynching will be another fail .

  5. Donald technically has no right to call his impeachment inquiry. Lynching. Trump has snubbed his nose at rule of law and continues to act in ways that are legally challenging, if not politically protected

  6. CNN ……hey Lemon you still here.
    More people committed crimes in the black neighbor hood…..but this is not new, before Trump comes along the killing murderers by the black people.
    You think you got it bad……we have 20 deaths in HK ….without any judges to see whether they were really committed suicide or not…….the Hong Kong police
    Declared them suicided , and then burnt their body cremated their bodies….no more evidence.
    Police can charge in to people's home without a warrant.,..and if you answer back, they charge you for obstruction.
    At least you have law…
    But Hong Kong is a police state now.

    Ps..,impeachment for Bill Cliton? How did he get off the one?
    How come Obama wasn't impeach when he was listening into Trumps White House conversation.

    Double standard.

    2600 ?Hong Kong people have been arrested for protesting…,which is against the law.
    100 people hospitalized , 100 still in critical condition.
    Three girls walking on the street, they got grabbed into a van,,,,missing in the day light….many more people are missing….but our police had done not a thing…..
    Accept shooting at us with tear gas, bulletin gun and really gun. Brutal beating on the head six times..,that man is in ICU still.
    CNN need to report this real news to the world.
    Hong Kong people want freedom of speech, freedom to vote ….want an outside indexed ant to investigate these policemen….some are red army dressed as HK police.
    America please pass the law to help us.

  7. So how’s this Russia I mean Ukraine I mean impeachment working out for you democrats… nothing again??? I thought so

  8. Next, the impeachment will be "worse than 911", wouldn't put it past him to go that far. A pig squeals louder when it realizes it's caught, and this pig will squeal anything that pisses people off and manipulates his base into defending him. He's a modern age L. Ron Hubbard, but more dangerous.

  9. Nothing has happened yet. Maybe nothing will.
    This isn't a lynching.
    This isn't tying a hangman's knot.
    This isn't even buying a rope.
    This isn't even a judgement.
    This is talking. Talking between people who say they've seen something wrong, and the people whose job it is to hear people who have such sayings.
    So quit your noise. It's not helping.

  10. I read the headline and wondered: Does America NEED this EXPLAINED? Isn’t THAT the problem? Your president is telling you that YOUR Constitution, the thing that MAKES America what it is, is somehow, “Unconstitutional.” He literally used that word, as well as, “Fake.” YOUR Constitution, America!?

  11. Your president has literally called OUR Constitution, “Fake,” and, “Unconstitutional.” Is he right, America?

  12. Democrats did the lynching then and they doing it now. Democrats lynched white boys back then too. Anyone that went against them.

  13. Yeah you could refer to it as a Lynching because they definitely about to hang your ass and the rest of your lying ass friends.

  14. I wouldn’t mind seeing him hang, the motherfucker deserves hanging plus firing squad emptying their clips into his orange ass.

  15. Thank you for helping me understand the context of the term more fully. I am so sorry that this happened, and that language like this is being used to open old wounds and make people feel afraid.

  16. If Trump comes out of this as a winner, the Constitution will become meaningless and the fiber of the Nation will unravel.

  17. Well at least President Trump is expressing his true feelings on what's happening to him. I can't say he tells the truth on really anything els????

  18. Was Bill Clinton’s impeachment a lynching?
    Was Nixon being forced to resign a lynching?
    Trump is doing what he always does whenever he's caught doing something illegal or unconstitutional….play the victim.

  19. He doesn't deserve a lynching. A waste of good rope.
    He needs a Mussolini ending, gutted, and exposed in the Rose Garden.

  20. lynch


    Learn to pronounce


    gerund or present participle: lynching; noun: lynching

    (of a mob) kill (someone), especially by hanging, for an alleged offense with or without a legal trial.

    "her father had been lynched for a crime he didn't commit"

    *sure thing dipshit, Trump is a fucking moron..
    Also for the moronic Trumpians who wander in and try to read.



    Learn to pronounce



    a sudden, VIOLENT, and illegal seizure of power from a government.

    "he was overthrown in an army coup"

  21. Trump supporters won’t even feel slightly queasy over this, they are already rationalising this in their racist little minds. Your still preaching to the converted. America is still divided.

  22. Its ok if a Democrat said the word lynching. Because they can get away using the N word or go and paint their face black.

  23. Nuclear winter is one way to prevent the extinction-level-threat of catastrophic-runaway-anthropogenic-global-warming [CRAGW]. Trumpeachment is unstable. And will invoke Marshall Law in order not to be sent to prison. And will never lift Marshall Law. It has the nuclear football. Will nuke Los Angeles Harbor, San Francisco Harbor, and New York Harbor. Blame the false-flag attack on Iran. Will nuke Iran which will help Russia. By dramatically increasing the cost of oil.

  24. In 1997 Trump admitted to Howard Stern he had SYPHILIS which if not treated promptly could cause many of his symptom we've watched unfold the past 3+years…. Trump IS UNFIT FOR DUTY!!!

  25. Is it really necessary to explain that a president being investigated for corruption isn't equivalent to blacks being publicly hanged from trees?

  26. Racist Don Lemonhead thinks that only black people were lynched.
    Lots of people were lynched dumbass.
    Lots of white cowboys were strung up.

  27. When does it stop? America is being simply destroyed by an evil tyrant who knows nor cares about nothing but his self-interest and ideas!!!

  28. Like I said Republicans are to the point that they will defend Trump raping children if filmed on live tv with him holding up his id, both certificate, and yelling his name screaming " I'm raping these children". They will say it's for the marlarks and that kids love to be raped by the president.

  29. don lemon the racist is going to have a black panel there to corroborate his claims.. like if i'm kim jong, i'm going to ask my generals if they agree with me …. don lemons says anything, they chime in with AMEN, looaarrd .. and UH HUH.. mmmm hmmm..

  30. Its a coup
    Its a lynching
    Hes such a drama queen.
    I want to see him handled like what he is , a common criminal ..cuffed , mug shot with a number , taken to his cell.
    I want to hear him piss and moan everyday day, no more pampered ass life, everything striped away ,,,
    Wallowing in self pity…
    I want to hear his supporters laments as the phony demented mobster falls apart day by day.
    Karma is a bitch.

  31. to break out of the circle of racism, you have to have a diverse panel. by having a diverse panel you will stop the monopoly on the narrative. if we are only seeing one side of the picture, then its called propaganda.

  32. Democrats in government, FBI, DOJ, education, media and arts have been smearing and attacking Trump since 2015 and trying to impeach him since 2016. They have their "criminal" but are fishing for a crime. The 2.5-year Mueller investigation failed, the two Kavanaugh attempts failed, the Barr "cover-up" failed, the tax returns failed and now the Trump-Zelensky "threats and quid pro quo" has failed.

    You have to be below severely retarded not to see a sustained illegal campaign to oust a lawfully and democratically elected President for any old lame excuse. THE IMPEACHMENT IS A WITCH HUNT AND A LYNCHING.

  33. The problem with this is that trump gives no value to any of the words or language he uses. People who care about words and history talk about this but as usual trump and the GOP do not care.

  34. Let’s set the record straight, indeed. The act of lynching is not unique to what happened to African Americans, it has happened to people around the world and undoubtedly happens to people today and will into the future. This segment was absolutely disgusting in how much CNN wants to push their racist agenda. I have to wonder if it’s really the politicians causing the problems or if it’s media reports like this! Oh, and look up how many Democrats referred to the Bill Clinton impeachment as a lynching. No fake outrage then with the use of the word.

  35. Now that we have a racist dictator for a president, Donald Trump and the Republicans who support him were waiting for this moment to promote racism ever since Barack Obama became the first black president of the United States of America (that explains why Donald Trump became a Republican back in 2009)! I still can't get over the fact that Republicans who support Donald Trump not only defended his tweet, they even said that Abraham Lincoln was wrong to free African-American slaves, for them to make statements like that just goes to show that they don't deserve to be in power, nor do they deserve to be forgiven! Vote Donald Trump and the Republicans out of power for good, because that's the price they pay for being on the wrong side of history just so they could become rich and greedy for the rest of their hypocritical lives; they're not a party, they're a cult (the GOC)!

  36. Once again the RACIST BIGOTS at CNN use fake outrage for a word Joe Biden USED himself… But but he said sorry now.. FAKE NEWS!

  37. CNN, MSNBC, MSM, FOX are a fricking joke! If you believe any of the garbage any of them "report" you are a brainwashed loser!

  38. Moral values, gone. Compassion, gone. Empathy, gone. Civility, gone. Integrity, gone. Faith in electoral process, gone. Truth telling, optional. Faith in justice system, eroded. America's allies, trashed. US intel agencies, dismissed. US military, demoralized. Trump is taking America to hell. Impeach now!

  39. So Mr innocent Trump never did or say anything wrong??? Man everyday he admits he did something WRONG!! He deserves whatever hes getting now!! He EARNED on his own….its a first!!! He never earned anything on his own all his fat life!! I feel no sympathy for this idiot!! NONE!!

  40. The Lynching after Republican president Lincoln freed The Slaves and won The Civil Was Was done by The Southern Democrats who also and founded The (KKK)

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