41 thoughts on “Why there will Be No Election

  1. Evening ,,
    My sincere gratitude's for the wise council from Prof and the learned scholars ,as a young entrepreneur and a lover of history and political science i wish to submit my request to join the conversation if room be.

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  2. HEeeeeeH….I don't think we have an election after today's SC ruling. NASA has declared war on IEBC and the election in its entirety.

  3. If the allegations about maraga and his friends are true, judiciary is owned by mafia?whichever side u r supporting as Kenyans we should ask ourselves that question! Who really own kenya, and why they are doing everything to make sure there is no peace?

  4. gud comment irene Njeri!!!!! let jst listen to kenyans who have future 4 our nation kenya!!!!!!!! let us never b divided !!!!! respect ndo wat matters!! wakenya let never b used to cause trouble!! becoz some pple wiil benefit wen we suffer

  5. Naked truth …anything is possible but GOD IS ABOVE ALL.. let's hear maraga judgement today.. And what next after this

  6. i don't understand why Jubilee has not hired Mutahi as their key political adviser.This man has a divine touch in his counsel like Ahithophel 2Sam15:31.

  7. Interesting piece. Lets see if the Maraga coup will be sustained this coming week through their detailed judgement. If so, we know Kenya iko na wenyewe. Otherwise, we will vote for UhuRuto until 2032 if we have to.

  8. Wah!!this whole thing is just dirty…the anxiety is too much…raila cares less about this country and he's playing dirty…Uhuru on the other hand playing a good boy …nkt!!

  9. talk about playing the chess game in politics,kings,queens,knights,bishops,castles and pawns all are involved thats the 21 century

  10. Mutahi ngunyi hapo ni kweli kabisa but wachatungojee vile maraga atasema pia jubilee wafungue macho na wakae chojo nikubaya sio mzecho.


  12. Let's wait n see.kilicho na mwanzo kina mwisho.19th isn't far.the 60days are not over.Let's wait n See.the End will Come n life will Go on .God help Kenya.No war! !no sabotage of our Economy.tumekataa In Jesus Name.if the "gods"said NO 2raila.the same "gods"will still say No AGAIN.

  13. maraga ni mkora tu,, but no problem… we will prove him wrong on 17th September… Wembe ni ule ule

  14. Love the Law Student….. Innocent questions many ask.
    The new Visiting Thinker, hmmmmn looks like a renegade, an independent independent thinker, ai agree with her! And there my problem lies with State of Nation. If the military is ever necessitated to solve this, then we are in trouble ;case & point is the past allegations made by Raila Odinga & collaborated by the military spokesman.

    Powers to destroy nation & national peace have spread too far, someone should draw the line in the sand, if we don't blood will. My opinion

  15. Everybody knows Ngunjiri is telling the truth. Jubilee is only fearing losing Kisii votes. It's clear that the Maraga 4 had not thought about the imminent crisis ahead of us or they're just a part of the conspiracy. #NusuMkate

  16. Good analysis 5th Estate but I will partially disagree with you on the fact that if it's the act of God,everything happens for the good even if in the natural sense it will appear foolish.If God has rejected this bloodthirsty Raila,then maraga and everyone backing up this evil plans will definitely go down in shame.Remember God's ways are mysterious and unfathomable.We can only wait and see.

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