20 thoughts on “Why the UK Election Results are the Worst in History.

  1. The problem is that almost all of the former colonies also follow the broken system of election of the Brits.

  2. The error score, if calculated the way I understand it, is a bit inflated. (simplistically) if I understand it, in a 2 party system if the popular was 60% A, and 40% B, with the actual being 55% A, and 45% B, this would be calculated as a 10% error, rather than a 5%. Another more clear example of why this is wrong. 100% voted A, 0% B, with a actual output of 0% A and 100% B would be a 200% error. See the problem? You can't have 200%.

    Also, while the issue obviously does exist that representation of individuals does not match up with actual results, it was never intended to perfectly match up. At best I would say maybe they should have multiple representatives per district to diversify results, but there would obviously be technical issues.

  3. My boi UKIP got fucked! Justice for UKIP! Even tho they are irrelevant now with the Brexit Party stealing all their shit but still.

  4. In Germany, we have that Constituenty system too, but everyone has a second vote which controls the actual percentage of seats in the parliament

  5. And 3 years later we’ve been through 2 prime ministers and now another one is coming. What has this country become

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