39 thoughts on “Why The Government Shouldn't Break WhatsApp

  1. This is the first video from "The Basics", a series of three pilot computer-science videos I'm putting out in the next couple of months. This one's opinionated; one's explanatory; and one demonstrates coding. It's been a while since I've done this sort of thing — thanks to the folks who helped proofread my scripts!

  2. I wonder why this is coming up in my recommendations now of all times…oh yes! The Israelis have broken WhatsApp with spyware and bypassed the encryption anyway. That’s why.

  3. I had nothing to hide until the laws changed here and I had to quit my job overnight. This was years ago. CBD business is fickle. Its back to being all above board. Bug I totally agree with calling out the bullshig of "having nothing to hide"

  4. Most government's are not honest. That's the problem. It's not that the reasons for backdoor is not available. It's just that giving backdoor to govt also means giving to mostly crooks. Most government's are dishonest people. Else they would not be politicians. Governments always use good reasons to implement any law. Who would use a bad reason? So just because they can give a good reason does not mean their real motive is not to destroy their critics

  5. Hi Tom Scott! I love your videos; I have studied HTML and took a few introductory courses to programming, and your content is awesome. Unfortunately, this video has a high-pitched frequency in it that is uncomfortable to listen to. I understand that this video is from 2017, but I just thought I would give the heads up!

  6. One of the things i hate most about the modern world is [1] ees elpoep taht [/1] [2] E1 WD103QP 4A92 [/2] [3] !q% [/3]
    EDIT: oops, just noticed a problem with the message, it was supposed to read
    One of the things i hate most about the modern world is [1] ees elpoep taht [/1] [2] E1IWD103QPI4A92 [/2] [3] !q% [/3]

  7. “If there’s a back door, it can and will be abused.”
    Been trying to point this out to my girlfriend for years………..

  8. Thanks for the bit about 'I have nothing to hide'! I keep trying to explain this to people who splash their entire life all over the internet and people don't get it. But I didn't realise WhatsApp was actually that secure. I just assumed Facebook was reading along every word and saving every photo sent. Intersting info, this.

  9. "nothing to hide nothing to fear" is a really stupid argument. Just because I don't have anything illegal on my phone/in my chat history what ever, doesn't mean I don't have anything deeply private or embarrassing on it

  10. I think its a bad idea because it will be abused as you have said. I dont think its gonna make such a big change in helping crime

  11. I can only just make out the noise from the screens I reckon a year or two down line I won’t be able to at all

  12. it's already broken, it's using diffie hellman with some things on top that require mesage tracking

  13. Laws are not always for the people. Encryption is something I have always used for personal file storage. Within the US it is legal for them to force you to use Biometric methods to gain access to your electronic devices and accounts. However should you need a novel worth of input to mount an encrypted drive it is not likely any data on such will fall into anyone's hands.

  14. do one on how to stop the far right when privacy and public are so easy to merge. Good shows but remember that there is another side.

  15. What’s the point of the backdoor? Anyone can just type their text into any app after encrypting it using the same method.

  16. reminds me of Person of Interest… insanely, crazy good show. starts like average detective and ends like sci fi… well, come to think of it, finale of PoI is likely prequel to Matrix. i do not remember details, smth like two AIs fighting – but result was… i do not remember. if not specified, then lo and behold: matrix has you. 🙂

  17. let's see, do i have sth. to fear, from a government, that creates false flag attacks, that kill innocent people to take away more freedoms from me, well…
    maybe having proper encryption to protect oneself from a psychopath evil government isn't such a bad idea… hm 😀

  18. Thank you seriously for speaking the truth, and thus helping to defeat the evils of communism; if we call out their exploits and the excuses to "justify" allowing them all, they will certainly lose.

  19. How could anyone trust anything made/owned by Facebook?
    I’d love to see Apple just say NO, ok we won’t sell iPhones in your country. See if you get re-elected after everyone with an iPhone can’t use it and nobody can get the next iPhone, etc. Call their damn bluff. Countries like Ireland let apple get away with not paying taxes just to have them located there… they’re not banning iPhones.

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