Why The Cast Of Doctor Sleep Looks So Familiar

Why The Cast Of Doctor Sleep Looks So Familiar

Mike Flanagan’s adaptation of Stephen King’s
novel features a strong cast of recognizable actors, both major stars and supporting players
we’ve definitely seen before. Things are about to get eerie as we figure
out why the cast of Doctor Sleep looks so familiar. The leader of the True Knot cult goes by “Rose
the Hat,” and she looks to be a formidable antagonist for Danny Torrance. In the film, Rose is played by Rebecca Ferguson,
who started acting in a Swedish soap opera, but she’s had plenty of stateside success
over the last decade. The Swedish actress is probably best known
for playing Ilsa Faust in the newer Mission: Impossible films. She’s also no stranger to horror roles, as
she appeared in Life as Miranda North and The Snowman as Katrine Bratt. On top of all that, Ferguson has appeared
in movies ranging from The Greatest Showman and The Kid Who Would Be King to Men in Black:
International and Florence Foster Jenkins. In other words, Ferguson is an in-demand actress,
talented, formidable, and the perfect pick for such a terrifying Stephen King character. One of Danny’s allies against the True Knot
is Billy Freeman, a man who helps our hero cope with his alcoholism and fight against
his inner demons. He takes on a similar role to Dick Hallorann
from The Shining, serving as an older mentor striving to help Danny with his trauma. In Doctor Sleep, veteran actor Cliff Curtis
portrays Billy Freeman. Curtis got his big break in 1999’s Three Kings,
where he played Amir Abdulah. Since then, he’s appeared in several movies
and shows, where he’s played roles like Pablo Escobar in Blow, Smiley in Training Day, and
Travis in Fear the Walking Dead. One of the most frightening members of the
True Knot is named Crow Daddy. He’s Rose the Hat’s lover and a sadistic,
terrifying individual. Doctor Sleep features an inspired bit of casting
for Crow Daddy, as he’s played by Zahn McClarnon, a man who lends plenty of gravitas to every
role he takes. McClarnon has been acting professionally for
more than 30 years, appearing in several television shows in the ’90s, as well as providing voicework
for several animated films. Over the years, he’s started appearing in
larger roles, playing characters like Hanzee in the Fargo television series and the Professor
in Bone Tomahawk. Probably his most recognizable role is that
of Akecheta, the leader of the Ghost Nation tribe on HBO’s Westworld. One of Danny’s allies and close friends in
Doctor Sleep, Dr. John knows more about Danny than pretty much anyone. He’s aware that Danny possesses an extraordinary
ability, and he also knows that Danny isn’t the only one with the Shine. In the film, Dr. John is played by Bruce Greenwood,
and Greenwood is no stranger to playing roles that require a commanding on-screen presence. Greenwood has played roles like John F. Kennedy
in Thirteen Days, the president of the United States in Kingsman: The Golden Circle, and
Christopher Pike in the more recent Star Trek films. He’s also no stranger to Stephen King adaptations
directed by Mike Flanagan, since he played Gerald in Gerald’s Game. “And you did what you always do when it gets
too much, you ran in here.” Some of the True Knot have gained psychic
powers through their exposure to the Shine, and Snakebite Andi is one of the most vicious
and formidable psychics imaginable. Andi has the power to make people fall into
a deep sleep with just a verbal suggestion. Snakebite Andi is played by Emily Alyn Lind
in Doctor Sleep, and acting is in her blood. Her mother is Barbara Alyn Woods, so Lind
got started acting at a very young age. She appeared as Shirley Temple in J. Edgar
and in several television series before the age of ten. More recently, Lind appeared as Sophie Foster
in Replicas, Ariel on the CBS series Code Black, and young Amanda Clarke on the ABC
series Revenge. Another member of the True Knot, Grampa Flick
kicks off the events of Doctor Sleep in a lot of ways. Since the group strives to be immortal by
stealing the Shine from children, watching a member of their cult grow older frightens
and infuriates the other members of the group. As to who portrays Grampa Flick, you’ve definitely
seen actor Carel Struycken in plenty of roles. Struycken has played monsters and odd characters
in many things, including the Giant in Twin Peaks, Mr. Homn on Star Trek: The Next Generation,
the Moonlight Man in Gerald’s Game, and the bald Arquillian from Men in Black. One of his most memorable roles was as Lurch
in The Addams Family and Addams Family Values. But no matter the project, the seven-foot-tall
Dutchman always makes an impression when he strides onto the screen. “It is happening again. It is happening again.” Without getting too heavy into spoiler territory,
the character of Lucy plays a small but important role in Doctor Sleep. As such, the filmmakers needed to cast a confident
actress to take on the part, and they found one in Jocelin Donahue. Donahue has made a pretty good name for herself
by taking on roles that seem thankless on paper and making them memorable. Her horror credentials are certainly there. She played the young version of Lorraine in
Insidious: Chapter 2, and she won the Best Actress award at LA Screamfest in 2009 for
the lead role in the indie darling The House of the Devil. Silent Sarey is perhaps the most frightening
member of the True Knot due to her impressive psychic gift. Sarey can essentially make people not realize
she’s there. As long as they don’t see her moving, she’s
basically invisible. Silent Sarey is portrayed by Catherine Parker,
who certainly possesses the right combination of charisma and threat to play the character. Early in her career, Parker found a good deal
of acclaim in the role of Callie in Absentia, which led to memorable roles on shows like
Halt and Catch Fire and Masters of Sex. Recently, horror fans saw her as Poppy Hill,
the creepy flapper woman on Netflix’s The Haunting of Hill House, which was also directed
by Mike Flanagan. In Stephen King’s novel, the character of
Deenie plays a big part in getting Danny to the town where most of Doctor Sleep’s action
takes place. It’s a small but important role, but Chelsea
Talmadge [TALL-mij] is the perfect actress to cast in such a pivotal role. The other projects that Talmadge is known
for generally gave her small scenes to play with, and she managed to make them memorable. Talmadge appeared on the series Halt and Catch
Fire, playing Vera in six episodes of the show. She also had a recurring role on the Billy
Ray Cyrus sitcom Still The King as Mabel. The role you’re most likely to recognize her
from is Stranger Things. She played Carol, one of the students who
attend the pool party where Barb disappears, and she later cheers on her boyfriend, Tommy,
and Steve Harrington when they break Jonathan Byers’ camera. “Dude!” “Yeah, this isn’t creepy at all.” Barry is a member of the True Knot, and he’s
a reminder to the group of why it’s so important that they continue to feed off the Shine of
others. He’s played in Doctor Sleep by Robert Longstreet,
who film fans have assuredly seen in something over the years. Longstreet has been in around 80 roles in
his many years as an actor, but he’s only started to garner mainstream attention recently. He played Anderson in Boots Riley’s bizarre
satire Sorry to Bother You, and he played Professor James in Aquaman. He also has credits in Take Shelter, The Old
Man and the Gun, and Mohawk. Plus, horror hounds will recognize him as
Mr. Dudley, the kindly caretaker harboring a dark secret in The Haunting of Hill House. If you’re only familiar with the movie version
of The Shining, then you might be surprised to see Dick Hallorann as a character in Doctor
Sleep. In the movie, Hallorann doesn’t survive his
experience at the Overlook Hotel. However, he survives in the book, and Hallorann
still has a role to play in Danny’s life when the sequel rolls around. Carl Lumbly has been cast in the role that
Scatman Crothers played in the original Kubrick film. Lumbly has had a huge variety of roles over
his career, including several voice acting performances in cartoons and video games. As far as roles where he’s actually shown
up on camera, Lumbly is probably best known for playing Marcus Dixon on the show Alias. He played Mac Brashear in the film Men of
Honor, and he also features in a recurring role on the Supergirl series. Another member of the True Knot, Apron Annie
has a very small role in Doctor Sleep. That said, you’ll probably be snapping your
fingers and wracking your brain when you see the actress who plays her, Selena Anduze,
up on the screen. You’ve definitely seen her in at least one
thing, and it’s a place you’ve seen several of the other actors in Doctor Sleep. Selena Anduze was in The Haunting of Hill
House. She only appeared in one episode, “The Twin
Thing,” as a worker at the rehab facility. In fact, Anduze seems to almost exclusively
play doctors and detectives. You may also have seen Anduze in small roles
in movies like Venom, as the bistro manager, or A Madea Family Funeral as the doctor. Anduze was supposed to have a fairly meaty
role in the DC series Swamp Thing as Caroline Woodrue, but that show’s swift cancellation
put a stop to that role. Doctor Sleep would hardly be the story of
Danny’s coping with his childhood trauma if his mother wasn’t a part of things. In The Shining, Shelley Duvall played Wendy
Torrance with wide-eyed panic, and Alex Essoe is taking on the role in Doctor Sleep. Essoe originally hails from Saudi Arabia,
and she’s only been acting professionally since 2008. She hasn’t really had a big breakout role
at this point, but hopefully Doctor Sleep will put her on the path to bigger and better
things. What Essoe does have is a lot of horror experience. She’s appeared in indie horror films like
Starry Eyes, The Neighbour, Dark Intentions, and Midnighters. She also appeared in The Drone, which is about
a drone that gains sentience and goes on a killing spree. The True Knot in Doctor Sleep mostly preys
on children, so there are several roles that Jacob Tremblay could be taking on. Considering Tremblay’s impressive resume and
prior experience working with director Mike Flanagan, it seems likely he’s taking on a
substantial role in the film. Our money is on him playing young Danny Torrance. Regardless of what role Tremblay plays, we
know he’s in the film, and you’ve probably seen something else he’s been in. He’s actually done quite a bit of voice work,
but one of his biggest roles was alongside Brie Larson in the critically acclaimed film
Room. Considering his impressive performance in
Room, it’s hard to imagine Tremblay would play just some random kid in Doctor Sleep. Tremblay has some other impressive credentials,
as well. He was Cody in Before I Wake, a prior collaboration
with Doctor Sleep director Mike Flanagan, and he played Rory McKenna in The Predator. Chances are good that you don’t need a reminder
about Ewan McGregor, the actor who plays the grown-up Danny Torrance in Doctor Sleep. Of all the actors in the film, he’s about
the only household name. If you somehow aren’t able to put a film to
his face, though, here’s what you’ve seen him in. McGregor showed promise early on, stealing
the show in two impressive indie films: Shallow Grave and Trainspotting. However, it was his casting as young Obi-Wan
Kenobi in the Star Wars prequels that shot McGregor to superstardom. He also played Ed Bloom in Big Fish, Phillip
Morris in I Love You Phillip Morris, Christian in Moulin Rouge, and the title character in
Christopher Robin. In other words, the dude is incredibly talented
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