27 thoughts on “Why No One Trusts the Mainstream Media

  1. where is the drawing line between propaganda?'
    Or corruption hence owns personal interests and use ones huge media power to circumvent the truth because you can profit from it, that is corruption in a nutshell.
    Above video-examples is not a mistake.. it's with full intent and when they get caught redhanded, nothing happens. then you can't expect it to ever change when there is no consequences, for people going down this tacky road..
    The media power in a modern democracy is something you need to hold to a very high standard of honesty.. it's one of the pillars of a healthy democracy.

  2. SNL has been destroying Republican Politicians since 1990s. Hedge Funds taught the world that Headline News triggers an emotional response, which is why the newspapers “accidentally” run old plane crash headlines while hedge funds short airline stocks … then retract the story by end of business day while hedge funds clean up. SNL and Hedge Funds are the culprits that led to MSM and Social Media anti-Conservative bias and fake headline news. They know “humor” appeals to youth and headlines are all you need to read to get a reaction.

  3. Media being a tool by the politicians, there are editor to Check the articles before its publish so they know what is going on.

  4. Media knows they are not trusted anymore. No one cares about their lies anymore. So why not lie even more for those NPCs who are actually believing the media?

  5. That’s why I only watch one news site in my country . This new site is payed by our taxes and isn’t allowed to show false news or bias for a party

  6. I like this report. But if you'd like to get newly exited voters who have left the Democrats like myself itd be nice to see a BALANCED report on the matter. Otherwise you're just doing the same thing you accuse them of. Will someone PLEASE give us the public a news source that isn't one-sided?

  7. When bitter, scorned feminists in academia, media and hollywood join hands with the Democrat party and the deep state actors (US/Canada, Western Europe/Australia/NZ), you get the history of the destruction of western media….

  8. The reason Propaganda is working on at least 40 percent of the U.S population is because 40 percent can't distinguish the difference between factual information and biased propaganda. In shorter words,They're ignorant.

  9. There is a huge hole in the market. Someone would make a fortune, become the largest news source in the world, if they would start a simple News agency. There are NONE! Only SPIN!

  10. I like how the opening video picture shows left leaning media like CNN or CBS. What about FOX? I’d say they are pretty biased too.

  11. This was pretty superficial with mostly trivial and recent examples. What about how news networks cater to their sponsors? What about how news networks purposely use sensationalism to polarize and alienate people? What about acknowledging that news is a mix of fact, opinion and ideology (as is Prager U)? What about social media and its use of psychometric profiles which are used for marketing and influencing elections? There is a much deeper history to propaganda than Trump's relationship gossip.

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