32 thoughts on “Why Mainstream Journalists Just Don't Get the "Learn to Code" Meme

  1. Buzzfeed: “Take this quiz and we’ll tell you which breed of cat you’d be based on your personality!”

    That’s journalism..?

  2. Left leaning media… can't have it both ways…. They invented this mess. Not happy when they realize they can be victimized just as they have victimized others. (With a meme vs their very aggressive tactics at that.)

  3. Dont worry! The clock is ticking on the libtards! Once the declass of the FISA docs comes out, its the beginning of the end!

  4. Haahaa, Stupid liberal Fucktard Journalists! You Can Dish It Out But Cannot Take It! Pricks!
    Go get a shovel and join the road crew! Fuck them All! These people are Scum!
    Oh, Fuck Twitter and Screwtube! Wait until you get a load of whats coming!

  5. 8:07 – 1) This claim would be true if we're going to pretend the KKK, White Nationalist, Neo-Nazi, Racist Skinheads, and Neo-Confederates couldn't be group as White Separatists groups. I'm not sure if you had a lapse of judgement or you were just being deceptively biased for political purposes but your claims fall apart here.

    2) Having a more groups (which they don't) doesn't equate to a higher membership.

  6. Man I've never seen so many white people hating white people.It's really weird and something that I can't wrap my head around.I just don't get it.I've seen so many white people,women especially just bashing the white race.Especially white men for some reason.Any white man that could be with a white women who feels that way is a sissy and doesn't have a shred of integrity. And any white women that could date a white man who degrades his own race doesn't have a my self respect or integrity.It's truly depressing to witness how bad young white men have been beaten down by left wing professors and anti- white propaganda that they've become so weak minded.They don't have any pride or dignity.I have to hand it to the left they go for the juggler and really have crippled the United States to a point we may never come back from. But then again history shows that the pendulum usually swings just as far back the other way.So they should've beeen careful not to take it as far as they have.It may get a fire lit under some asses and they won't like what happens when that Viking blood starts getting warm.

  7. Usually ppl who are unable to deal with failure and lose are those with gigantic Hindenburg like hot aired egos. It's not that they can't, they won't. Pure and simple.

  8. First, we ought to be clear that most of these folks are not really journalists. Having a cellphone camera and access to Google is no substitute for an actual education and some skill in analyzing a story and writing coherently. I say this because I have been a working newspaper journalist, first as a photographer and then as a reporter, since 1996. In that time I have run into many of these clown-children on the street, getting in my way mostly, then when you ask which paper they are working for they say, "I have a blog." That is when you shove them aside ("How rude!") and get on with your work.

    Second, I am a lifelong conservative and GOP voter so I began referring to myself as The Lonely Republican when looking around the newsroom. Most of my colleagues ARE hopelessly Liberal – getting their degrees in Liberal Arts schools. Not all of them are Leftists. (I refer to Ben Shapiro's distinction that a Liberal is someone with whom you can still have a reasoned debate, a Leftist is just someone who hates anything on the Right and just wants to scream and spit.) The idea that someone's surname (Levin) says all you need to know about their politics is absurd and I base that on my own experience interacting with journalists from a variety of backgrounds.

    Lastly, it IS fitting that a lot of these cupcakes are out on their a$$es. The Internet that these guys so clearly love flipped the newspaper business model on its head a long time ago, providing an advertising resource that newspapers could not compete with. And advertising revenue is where newspapers get most of their income, not from street sales or subscriptions. So news organizations are only going to keep those who can produce and let the chaff fall by the wayside.

  9. Germany: but the news journal "Spiegel" keeps on reporting the way the fired journalist did. Just look at their fake news about the MAGA Hat case!

  10. Journalists didn't care when the oil fields hemorrhaged jobs thanks to Obama. The president they helped get elected. I have no sympathy.

  11. I think what your saying here should be what people naturally think these days,i know its exactly how i thought when i heard this stuff

  12. I think the "Learn to code" meme is very bad and an example of bad taste…

    …because coding actually requires skill and these retards posses no skills at all.

  13. Unbiased news is nonexistent anymore, these fuckin asshole so called journalists pls don’t profess anymore liars and labelers of other people

  14. If they don't want to learn to code, then maybe they should learn to coal. #LearnToCoal. Or maybe learn not to get fired.

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