why lgbtq people need to vote -  (why you need to watch to andrew yang)

why lgbtq people need to vote – (why you need to watch to andrew yang)

my life but I come home and dinners not ready and does exactly as obstructed justice then obstructed justice again to try to obstruct the investigation into his obstruction of justice it's ridiculous I try to sit up since my escape attempt from getting out of middle of nowhere small-town Harrisburg Pennsylvania and relocating to New York one of the most often asked questions that I get from all my new friends is who I'm voting for and I never really put much thought in it I've avoided politics in the discussion of politics pretty heavily I mean jesus fucking christ we've got Donald Trump and fucking my office like out of that even fucking out you've called women you don't like fat pigs dogs take a look at her she's a slob Ivanka why my daughter perhaps I'd be dating her bringing crime they're rapists I want women to know that I did not stand there I did not freeze I was not paralyzed it was a fight it was over very quickly it was against my will 100% he pinned her against the wall he ripped off your tights he unzipped his pants and legally he raped you let me just remind people of how he described encounters like this listen to this I don't know every way any when you were started they let you do it you can do anything whatever you want grab them by the pussy forced to undergo DNA testing to establish a biological connection with their own children the United States is running my friend Bing presented me with the presidential candidate that he wants to vote for it asked me my thoughts on the matter guess who just got Shawn Cooper to vote [Applause] the opposite of Donald Trump is an Asian guy who likes math right all right fucking talk here I went to get my hair cut for this video this is not camera-ready hair oh hello everyone hello cat hello everybody my name is Sean Cooper I'm from a small middle of nowhere town in Pennsylvania called Harrisburg Harrisburg is primarily a track it's where you either go to die or you get stuck with all the presidential candidates and all this bullshit with Trump out of that even happen we have the biggest moron on the planet running our country why didn't anything it can only get worse it happened because we're surrounded by bigger fucking morons I think maybe I should actually step forward and vote for once in my entire life my bigger problem is that I'm stuck in a shitty health care system where I've been stuck in a shitty health care system for the last ten years I've had medical coverage and excellent health benefits through an employer my employer found out about my cancer diagnosis before I did and because they were switching health insurance providers the following new year for the entire corporation me coming on board with a pre-existing condition was going to make me more expensive than you know healthy co-workers of mine that I had so to fix the solution they just fired me before New Year's they fired me for being sick when I got back to work after getting my diagnosis that day I was caught in the office my replacement was flown in from Chicago and was already sitting at my desk they fired me right then handed me that handed me the paperwork so I could continue the company health benefits at a whopping twelve hundred dollars a month how the fuck am I gonna pay twelve hundred dollars a month to continue my health benefits in the middle of starting cancer treatments $8,000 stands between me and maybe another 20 years of my life if I have caught a desert but I find myself now at 53 with drunkenness and a serious need of hope that's just terrible $8,000 should not be the difference between living or dying people without insurance will be split into two groups those who made upwards of a hundred and thirty eight percent of the poverty line would be eligible to buy insurance with subsidies up to a certain point and as for the poorest Americans Medicaid which is previously generally applied to children their parents and the disabled would have been expanded to include everyone else for a relatively little of their own money states could cover all their poorest citizens it was an exceptionally favorable deal but guess what many states chose to do Texas will not be participating in Medicaid expansion they're working hard to change the American dream into the European nightmare would you consider expanding a broken system course not of course not it's like a drug dealer you give them your first hit free and then they're hooked for years and years yeah except in this instance that drug addict has cancer the drug being pushed is chemo and the corner boys have seven years of med school 20 states have so far declined to expand Medicaid leaving over 3 million people in the Medicaid gap I was about to have my neck completely dissected and then I was gonna have to go through numerous rounds of radiation treatment to get rid of this difference between when I was on just like regular like company medical benefits from like your normal employer that's got great health and dental you know my care was completely different I wasn't having side effects for everything that they were pumping into my body I didn't need repeat procedures the quality of the care and everything in my health condition like got significantly worse Here I am 10 years later and I stopped fucking thyroid cancer I had the most curable form of fucking cancer there is I'm screwed they are literally fucking ripping my neck open and stitching it and putting a bandaid on it I got 80 staples across my throat let's put a band-aid I don't care how sick you are I have to see a specialist for the type of cancer that I have there's only so many specialists from where I live I'm either going to Hershey or I'm going to Yuki MC there's gas there's car insurance there's cell phone bills I need my doctor's to get a hold of me I need to be able to pick up prescriptions I need to be able to get to the doctors what's gonna happen when I'm off for two weeks because I had to have my neck cut opening gutted like a fish all over again and I can't move can't get off the couch for a week I have talked at dozens maybe hundreds of Americans around the country who've had to make terrible tragic horrific choices where they're choosing between medicine and food or medicine and food for their children and it has to stop now one of the virtues of this medicare-for-all plan is that if we expand public access we can get the prices for insulin and other drugs way way down one of the things I would stipulate almost immediately as president is look you have to charge the American people the best price you are charging other people in other countries because there are times when they are charging us ten times what they're charging people in another country and how does that make sense so we have to make it so that people like you do not have to make those sorts of choices and obviously if you have medicine you rely on you should be getting that without having to strain yourself economic he calls it the freedom dividend now if you heard anything about me you've heard that there's an Asian man running for president wants to give everyone $1,000 a month and all of those things are true if someone can't pay their bills that mindset of scarcity reduces their functional IQ by thirteen points which is one standard deviation so that's like if you put someone in a position where it's like they're living week to week or paycheck to paycheck and then you ask them to care about something like climate change they're not really gonna have the comfort they're not high enough on the Maslow's hierarchy of needs to bring themselves to care and what we have to do is we have to try and reverse that mindset of scarcity by putting some more money in their hand so that they don't have to worry about they survive we need to evolve to the next form of our economy in order for Americans to have a path for this is my problem I'm doing all of this and I'm still getting up going to work as soon as I can move and then I'm making myself sick her because I'm not allowing myself to fully recuperate from all this crap that I'm going through because I can't afford to recover our healthcare right now you were getting and so if you want to help me on you then like vote me into office I'm currently a photographer filmmaker videographer life right now and on top of trying to move having all these fucking financial setbacks metal fucking setbacks getting kicked off my health insurance and now worrying about the fact if I get sick now die it would improve people's health nutrition it would elevate graduation rates it would improve people's mental health but it would help people make transitions in a time of historic change has $12,000 a year gotta change your life $1,000 a month would be a game-changer for tens of millions of Americans but it would also lead to two million new jobs because of all the economic activity they don't make our labor force much more dynamic because right now a lot of Americans are stuck in place or having a hard time moving for a different opportunity not feeling right this new payments that suddenly no I'm just like freezing cold my hands are like ice cubes and I start fucking shaking look how pale I am I look like I'm fucking dead ra i wouldnt have to worry about whether the cancer are starving to death was gonna be what killed me first because that would at least cover expenses in some place like harrisburg but unfortunately it's like I'm in this fucking trap where I got a fuck at work on top of treatment and trying to work in a place like Harrisburg it's fucking horrible because everyone there is broke they can't like I'm doing five hundred dollar rap videos and like literally when you turn around and you think about all the time it that I'm putting into shooting and editing and doing all the work myself I'm like I'm less than minimum fucking wage like that's what I gotta get out of there their systems fucked man it's not broken it's fucked nobody wants to fix it everybody has a fucking ulterior motive they tell us what they want us to hear something that we suck into these suckers into fucking siding with them and then they break all their promises yeah president and the vice president Mike Pence who like wishes I couldn't be married let's just be clear the vice president of America wishes I didn't have the love with my wife he wanted to ban that in Indiana he believes in conversion therapy he has hurt LGBTQ people so badly connect the dots this is what happens if you are in a position of power and you hate people and you want to cause suffering today you go through the trouble you spend your career trying to cause suffering what do you think is gonna happen kids are gonna be abused and they're gonna kill themselves and people are gonna be beaten on the street who seems more honest and realistic and forthright we're in an era of the collapse of institutional trust where Americans do not trust we we don't trust our government we don't trust the media we don't trust the schools and unfortunately you don't trust doctors and so there's this massive rebuilding of trust that we have to earn with the American people why should straight people have all the fun like straight people have had enough fucking fine I saw an article on Facebook about how many how many transgender people have been murdered this year three people killed two others shot prosecutors saying the victims were targeted because they were gay or transgender zoic Jews the one girl was beheaded dude and what kind of Rage do you have against somebody's gender that causes you to t like to put that much force they separate their head from their body like what the fuck is going on my cabin in the administration we'd be appointing members of the LGBTQ community at very senior levels because we have to have a government that reflects our society mm-hmm that's that's the state of where we're in and it seems to it seems to have like increased by an alarming fucking percentage since Trump has been in office like we literally have people in office that are promoting violence towards communities of people then how many people are really happily married anyway look straight people aren't happy 20 years into their marriage they're bored and fucking miserable too so so oh you want to deny gay people that you hate us that much you will deny us the misery of a 20-year marriage what what does have arch it seriously everybody takes this fucking position that gay people want something additional no one has ever asked for special treatment they just ask to be left alone and treated like everybody else since and it's a problem oh my god why should everybody be just treated fairly across the board that is so fucked up why would anybody want to do that it's like literally getting to a point where you are not safe to be a homosexual and if you're a trans person of color you are so fucked not only do you have to worry about like acts of violence and hate crimes everywhere you go the chances are you're probably going to be homeless too I have many friends in the LGBTQ community and what they tell me is that they get kicked out of the house at higher levels they get fired from jobs at higher levels so they're very excited about the freedom dividend because we put economic resources directly into people's hands and they can make themselves better able to adjust if they're economically singled out you know how many women are in the Pennsylvania state prison system like that have some kind of disability or what's the proper term for like mental there's people with autism what's the term for it now listen I don't know the proper terminology now because I don't keep up with what trends are offensive now mental disability handicap shortcomings a little slow whatever do you know how many people with some kind of disability are locked away for simple things like being hungry and stealing a pizza because they were homeless and next thing you know they're you know cutting your prison these are nonviolent people like people that don't need we don't need to be dumping tax money on where are we gonna get that money maybe we could stop locking up people that don't need to go to jail we have people being arrested for marijuana I'm also for the legalization of cannabis we need to remove that from our control subjects we have people being arrested for opioid abuse and when they get upstate and they go through the price in the prison program this is like they just give them more prescriptions while they're upstate to keep them addicted to drugs anyway they're not going to prison to get some sort of rehabilitation or some kind of like remapping to like retrain them how to be better in society they're going to prison to be confined and be still put in the same position that they are they're still being given drugs first are the facts we're eight Americans are dying of drug overdose every hour this is a plague and it's so bad that has actually reduced our nation's life expectancy for the last three years drug overdoses and suicides have overtaken vehicle deaths as causes of death in America opioid overdoses killed more than 47,000 Americans the federal government was complicit in enabling this opiate epidemic because the government stood by while Purdue Pharma dispensed hundreds of thousands of oxycontin prescriptions as a non-addictive wonder drug and now we're all grappling with the after-effects this undercover video of Kermit's main pharmacy shows scores of people picking up prescriptions inside more than three million doses of hydrocodone were ordered by a Kermit pharmacist James Wooley in one year three million doses to a town of 400 people that's around seventy five hundred pills for every resident in comas they gave them government funding to employ people re-entering society their opioid abuse statistics dropped like drastically within like the first or something unheard of that this program was put into place so when I was in Iowa campaigning a high school senior came up to me and he said there are high school seniors in my school that have fentanyl patches and are addicted to opiates and how can we get them treatment when they're afraid they're going to get sent to jail if they step up and say I have a problem we have to do more to help get treatment into the hands of that teenagers classmates there have been countries including Portugal that have decriminalized opiate use for personal use but if we just catch you with a quantity that suggests that you are just using it personally then instead of referring you to a jail cell we refer you to treatment and that is what we need to do right here in the United States if programs were put into place like that here my friend Delaney would still be here she would have been locked up in the state prison system she would actually got the fucking help she needed maybe she would have had a legitimate chance at saving her own life and not going into the fucking ground too early that's that's a fucking problem for me there so so many times something something that happened along her journey that if other policies had been put into place it would have kept her here she would be here but you know what her family has been through and that's one how many people have died from a heroin overdose so far this year things need to change we don't step off and help lead society in the right direction it's just they only get deeper and darker and nastier America is heading towards being majority minority in 2045 so that's 27 years from now what you would expect to happen is for the shrinking white majority to become more and more nostalgic for the past and feel culturally threatened and insecure and then you add into that the fact that their economic insecurity is going up and up because we're getting rid of the truck driving jobs the retail jobs manufacturing jobs and so that's gonna manifest itself as a lot of racial hostility because we do better in a stable society where there are opportunities and hard work gets rewarded and you're starting to see the beginning of a world where hard works not going to matter as much the rules are gonna get written by people and power you the people have the power to make this life free and beautiful to make this life a wonderful adventure then in the name of democracy let us use that power let us all unite every day so five just blue Betty okay get no say this fashion I'm on it I'm not running for president because I fantasized about ever being president I'm running for president because I'm an American and I'm a parent and I can see the country we will leave to our children and it is not something that I'm willing to accept [Applause]

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  1. this is really well put – I live in Korea but actually we can vote from here : ) The majority of Americans living here vote for progressive candidates

  2. Awesome vid shawn! Tho i literally cried….it was needed to be watched. Its so distressing. And many Americans including Trump etc….have the nerve to say other countries are racist etc and cruel to humans. Geeeezus!!!!
    If i was there….Yang all the way!!!
    Unfortunately….your country has alot of "white only" and haters of people who arent like themselves. America has taken a huge leap backwards.
    Thank you for your honesty and compassion Shawn.
    What you are doing.. I beleive…. Is your lifes calling. Make Shawn President !!! 👌👍

  3. i feel so bad for you shawn the things you have to go through.trump is the biggest idiot on the planet my cat is smarter than him.

  4. I havent even finished the video yet, cause here I am in middle of my breakfast crying. Your situation is so freaking unfair. The whole system there. Arrrhghhhhh.. 🤬

    Very powerful video indeed. Everyone needs to see this.

  5. Wow… so very powerfully moving. Thank you for sharing this. Our Hopes and dreams are the same. A world where human consciousness is advanced. We hope this gets 10m likes. One love. Welcome to the #YangGang

  6. This was a great video, I agree with you 100% Shawn. It breaks my heart the way this country is being run by an excuse my language " douche bag like Donald trump. I hate politics, but if voting keep more jerks like him from being president , I'm in.

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