48 thoughts on “Why journalists have an obligation to challenge power (with English subtitles) | Jorge Ramos

  1. He is being paid to victimize himself to reinforce the victim mentality. Im going to become a journalist, not a sellout.

  2. What I like about Jorge Ramos, is that he keeps it 100!

    El es reportero/periodista que hace más de su trabajo para sacar sus historias.

  3. Journalists are doing what they always do, present information to the public. It's public responsibility to search through different journalist bias for a relative truth. It's impossible to find a piece of information that is not molded by it's source.

  4. Grande Jorge Ramos. Siempre atento a tus entrevistas, a tus alcances. Eres una gran aporte a la humanidad. Admiración y mucho respeto. Saludos desde Perú.

  5. Sorry, but you failed in your home country to do what you say journalists should do. Instead of challenging power there, you ran away/escaped. What Jorge is encouraging, gets people killed in other countries and he wouldn't of done this in Mexico. You stopped being a journalist when you did what you did in that briefing room. You let your personal beliefs come out instead of being impartial. You have that right to do that, but don't call it journalism. You basically started a protest with journalism access to the president. Like any other presidential candidate, I don't agree with everything they say or do, but they are the president nonetheless. You would be immediately banned from ever attending any event that you were that close to any candidate. Please play the followup video when you were allowed to come back in. I am the son of an illegal immigrant. His quote was in reference to the illegals who commit crimes. Sorry you took it as all illegals or as you like twisting words in the video like many crappy journalist like you phrase things, "all immigrants." Comprehension is important. Being an a Latino, I don't want Criminals in this country, but they are citizens. I certainly don't want illegals who are committing crimes in this country.

  6. I feel like the "fake news" of today and the journalists of today you see on the news dont do justice ti the good and real reporters who wirk hard to get the facts without any bias involved. Me at the age of 17 already have published 1 news article from Yale C-Hit news and dozens of newspaper articles (also editting them) for my school newspaper my dream is to work for Vogue, AP magazine, or CNN, but the problem with that is that journalism going dead not many people like journalists because of biases and incorporating opinions into it (which would be fine if it was an editorial) but it is unfair that other great journalists who only use facts and truth into their articles dont get the attention they deserve. Opinionated articles are unethical in news and I vow to never use them unless its an editorial.

  7. Jorge tu determinación y valentía deberían ser el sello de todo periodista. Este vídeo es uno de los más inspiradores que se han publicado en este portal.

  8. A lot of people have zero accurate knowledge about immigration, yet they assume their opinion can have validity on this topic. Thank you Jorge, that's was a great truthful speech!

  9. I feel like there's a shitload of people commenting on this video who know NOTHING about journalism and don't realize that journalists are essential for a functioning democracy.

  10. I feel like there's a shitload of people commenting on this video who know NOTHING about journalism and don't realize that journalists are essential for a functioning democracy.

  11. Jorge picked sides in an election between two candidates most Americans found repulsive, unethical, and unacceptable.  This talk is just his justification for why he abandoned integrity and objectivity, and stopped focusing on facts and truth.  These "journalists" gave the previous administration an eight year pass on unlimited war, endless scandals, and overwhelmingly obvious crimes.  Real journalism would actually report all sides and aspects of the issues to get as close as possible to perfect knowledge and inform the citizenry.  People like Jorge masquerading as journalists are damaging their profession by obfuscating the misdeeds of one side and relentlessly attacking the other.  The media failed to do its job miserably and spectacularly in 2016.  Generations of Americans will never trust the "news" ever again.  Jorge is part of the reason why.

  12. Am I correct to assume that the reason why this video hasn't had many down-votes is because the undereducated people who usually come here to down-vote and vomit hateful nonsense in the comments section didn't bother to click the link to this video because of "with English subtitles" in the title?

  13. One of the most passionate men I've ever seen He deserved this platform 👏🏼 White people stay maddddddd racism won't be tolerated even from YOUR president.

  14. I am spanish but this guy ramos is a globalist, people don't know this guy who really is. He is a puppet. He was so disrespect to Trump that's why he was kick out from there. He brain wash most of the spanish people through univision. Somebody from his family was campaining for crooked hilary.

  15. says the king of the popular jorge ramos, he is trying to get a job at fox and nsbc propaganda machine, a bigot , a groupie, and a corrupt, a guy that never points the finger at nobody unless its a popular move in univision headquarters, could have waited your turn if you really wanted to bring a point to the table instead of that propaganda move to benefit yourself against a candidate no worse than hilary, from a latino to a latino COMA MIERDA!

  16. Had he not interrupted president Trump, he would have never been called. The way president Trump treated him showed hatred towards the latino community. "Go back to Univision" (back to mexico) or comments like "you dont belong here," proves how our community is targeted by the one person who should be unifying our country.

  17. The problem with modern journalism, even with those alternative people online who rely on donations. Is that they're political activists; not journalists. When you're dealing with people who have that mindset. Then you can be pretty sure they're going to be narrative over facts.

  18. Here's a wild idea, how about just reporting objective non fake news. The only side ya'll take are profit margins and corporate growth. There are REAL journalists out there but just gotta shift thru all the corporate shitters to find them.

  19. This guy is silver haired and has not had to challenge anything significant in his home country. Maybe a new YouTube channel can be a translated Univision. He did nothing significant in attacking President like the rest. Put action behind words and do what you did in this clip in Mexico. Right end up in a ditch.

  20. The people will always challenge liars in power trying to deceive the public. People are created to seek truth and expose liars. We are born this way.

  21. Where was this crusader attitude for "truth and ethics" during the Obama administration?

    Like Obama, Jorge Ramos is an elegant, well-spoken man of little substance without principle!

  22. Brainwashed stories are like art,,, 🎅 and its works because is your present 🎁,,, if we had good leaders on earth, we just might have a real life and not real líes 🤥📺😴😴😴😴😴 but is better to live the dream that is only a dream 😳 wake up from the holy fart 💨 because there is nothing holy from something that only stinks 😷

  23. All of you who are criticizing this man are the biggest anti Americans and should be ashamed of yourselves. The points he's trying to make is to choose the side of the oppressed and never of the oppressor, y'all aren't self conscious enough to know which side is which, so y'all bickering about some bs you can come up with. Pathetic.

  24. If you listen to this without looking at the screen, you'd think Robin Williams was talking in Spanish.

  25. All these upset trollies. I don't know why I expected more than that from a ted talk comment section 😞.

  26. You are an amazing journalist Jorge Ramos! I wish more journalist had the same courage as you do!!!

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