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  1. Germany is so rich because of it's aggressive economic politics for neighbouring countries.
    Main aim for Germans is to extinguish economic and manufacture powers of other countries to make them dependent and not competitive to German economy.
    Manufacture of other countries should only be low grade support for German economy.
    Project "mitteleuropa" from 1913 is still going on.

    The best example is Poland which used to be powerhouse of sugar production, and coal. Germans bought factories and immediately close it down.
    Polish ship yards were crushed to dust, because it was dangerously competitive to German ship yards.

    What 2 World War didn't give Germans by force, they gain by economic pressure via European Union. Just look at Greece.

  2. I respect and love Germany! It’s a great beautiful and peaceful country. Germany is known all over the world for their quality products. No other countries can beat them when it comes to best quality. GOD bless Germany and the German people always!

    Love you Germany!

  3. Again with VisualPolitik EN, contempt and lies about France…
    An example? Marshall Plan was passed in 1948 and De Gaulle left power in 1946 (He later came back in 1958 during the Algerian War). Conclusion: De Gaulle did not manage funds from the Marshall Plan. Plus, narrowing the European growth after WW2 down to the Marshall Plan is a joke.
    Quick Reminder:
    In 2018, France has a higher GDP per capita and GDP PPP per capita than UK
    France’s GDP per capita is 11,16% lower than the German’s one. It’s a gap but nothing massive (VisualPolitik EN made several videos to explain how German are great)
    In 2019, if the trend of the last 3 years continues, France will have a higher GDP and GDP PPP than UK.
    The average annual hours actually worked per worker is higher in France than in Germany. Despite the much overstated 35-hour workweek law, in average French workers works 39.1 hours per week.
    VisualPolitik EN should drop prejudices and try the facts for once…

  4. Your videos are cool but the music on the background makes it less interesting, lower the volume of your background music, you have a good voice!

  5. Warren wants to force all corporations to have 50% of their board represented by labor, mimicing this german model.

  6. This training model is actually the modern form of a pretty old system, the guilds, only that there aren't that many guilds anymore and the government took over most roles like ensure the quality of the workforce (definition of minimal skillset for a certain job title) and caring for the sick (in addition to all the other people, that aren't able to work in form of healthcare and insurance, so you still get paid)

  7. The Swiss model is actually pretty similar to the German, at least in the ideas, in practise, you have obviously differences in Wages, and the unions aren't as prominent in the public mind due to a virtual lack of strikes, compared to the annual German strike season, where some unions want to make a point (don't confuse it with french strikes, that seem to be a cultural thing).

  8. Germany like it or not is a model country( in terms of production ) people are disciplined well organised and united !! rational people, high standards in most things, the negative side they might be a bit boring, perhaps predictable, not emotional and very strict, sex addicts lots of sex crimes….. well not everybody is perfect 🙂 🙂

  9. The most important thing you left out is That Germany has the most valuable patents in the world. They received money on their patents even during WW II. Siemans owns the diesel engine, and is much healthier than GE, Bayer more important than the Swiss. They make the best tools and production machinery in the world. A company call Hell makes the best printing presses. They own the mP3 format etc., etc.

  10. I love how this dude explains everything by "policies and models" and ignores biology. If an African nation adopted German policy and model would that nation become a powerhouse or would their genetic IQ unable to adapt to it…

  11. VisualPolitk EN
    Don't forget that Siemens and BMW and many more german companies have easy start and big one man support from 1933. THEY SPONSORED HITLER. That's from 1933 to 1945 this companies have big investments and big returns . After war is over they have no competition but big open countries with big wallet , hangry for new technology . Germans robbing all europe from gold's and all historical paintings and lots of priceless stuff , plus Uncle Sam pumped lots of money in west Germany. Any American soldier in west Germany spending all his paychecks in Germany pubs , stores etc. The point is Germany have better start like rest of the world , after they destroyed all Europe mentally and economically.

    BMW Owners Finally Admit Nazi Past

    Corporate history: They admit that “ Siemens’ total workforce of 244,000 included some 50,000 people who had been put to work against their will. The overall number of men and women who served as forced labor at Siemens during the war years was, however, higher”


  12. I complain too much about my country Germany. After all there is nowhere a bettter place to live when it comes to social security and building a carrier.

  13. some facts u forget: germany was world leader in nearly any field in the first half of the 20th century with very good scientists… many patents lost after ww2… germany could get much of the success back for a long time, but this is changing…
    nearly everything u said is getting worse. big problems with low salery, high rent, unemployed people, and so on… many companys are selled to china and production is more and more outsourced. the quality and way of working also changing, because there are not that much germans left in the future, visit a german city of today… germans with high education leave the country.

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