43 thoughts on “Why G2A Is Killing The Gaming Industry

  1. I honestly don't give a shit. If game developers such as wild card sell their game (ark survival evolved) for original price (60$) for more than 2 years given the game is poorly optimized and has 28-29 fps on consoles and need a fairly good pc to get average 40-50 fps on medium to high graphics of course ill buy it for 15$ from g2a given the all the things listed up above. (i get it that all games are not badly optimized and have bugs but i am adressing this for the ark).

  2. it not stealing bro. have you know that some game are expensive in some country and some are cheap?
    example stormworks 19 dollar in america but in my country,it should be 19 multiply 4,RM 76 but it actually only RM 39.00.
    this reseller buy game from other country for cheap price then sold it for little profit margin. its completely legal. its call regional fee

  3. for god sake you are talking about steam keys not hard copyes after creating the game it wouldnt cost a dollar to create a new electronic copy of the game mybe these devolpers should stop milking every body through dlcs and microtransacions then nobody would by these keys and again the keys have been purchased in a leagle way even if the mony was stolen so what you think that these billionares from the third world who invest infacebook and other companies have earned there money it is just laughle to cray about a cheme that is widly used in every aspect in the us economy you cant name one sector wich refuses invesments from shady charechters and who is investing in chelsie football club a russian bilionare who used to be a goverment oficial who stole billions ask any russian and now he is investing in your beloved premier league now what every person who watches the premier league is dishonest what a fucking ideotic logic there

  4. who gives a shit
    i buy games on kinguin unless steam has a nice sale
    maybe ppl shouldnt lose their creditcards so steve steals it

    so im a despicable human being?
    just for screwing over some guys 2€?
    counting in theres just a small chance the key is stolen
    realise that youre using a very big word for something so simple and insignificant compared to what i should be worried about in the world
    go fuck yourself

  5. But i still want the games on my steam libraryand play multiplayer. So im still gonna buy it, its cheap af and i bought so many games there and have not been scammed once.

  6. The real thieves are the game makers, some of the prices for games are so crazy while their DLC's prices are even higher, so there's that… fuck the game developers, charging so much.

  7. What if you had all of the money on your bank account stolen? Would you be able to recover the money? Would the government give you the money?

  8. I recently bought four games on G2A for cheap… one game going for that $60 pricetag on Steam, and I got it for roughly half. And now I feel like complete shit!

  9. tbh I never liked g2a or any other site. I always like to buy games in Steam sale. And after watching this I am proud owner of 120 games <3

  10. i know im late but who doesn't love the hella sale that is always there instead of waiting for the LORD GABE to give us a sale OwO just keep using G2A noone cares cuase you get a game for hella cheap, as a low income family thats the best <3

  11. Wouldn't buying more from g2a get the money back for most of the average joes? It will screw over game devs but The average joes will be helped then?

  12. It's true, they ripped me off recently. They refund you once or twice then let the hackers who sell stolen keys from stolen credit cards run riot. G2A terms of service states that keys are not checked or validated so this is the perfect place for hackers and criminals to congregate.

  13. i personally try to avoid G2A… 2-3 games i bought there got removed from library cause some fraudulent source… most of the time i buy with HRK, InstantGaming and so on (shops that doesnt have things like G2A Shield) with these shops i never had any problem so im sure that these keys are good and devs get money… and im sure devs provide keys to these stores cause they know there are ppl that cant afford the 60€ prices

  14. Sounds too me like who is directly screwing game companies over is, surprise surprise, credit card companies / banks. The same ones that blame individuals when THEY hand over money to someone that wasn't who they though it was. And before that in the chain is companies all over that can't secure there data. I love how everyone just lets some of the most massive companies in existence screw them, and then put all the blame on some 2bit hoods at the bottom of the food chain.

    I'm not trying to say thieves are blameless, far from it. But I'm about to sell a bunch of keys on whatever site seems like the best deal. I'm not a thief, just a guy who knows a guy that has a humble bundle subscription.

  15. "Please keep giving away your power to our corporate overlords"

    My god you are daft Ruskie.

    In the cases where the cdkeys have been bought by stolen credit cards the private individual very rarely looses their money because they are insured through the card vendor ie. Mastercard or VISA. So the individual doesn't actually lose money as you claim in the beginning.

    Also the whole "stolen credit card" claim is just ridiculous. The keys aren't stolen and nor are they bought with stolen creditcards. In 9/10 cases it's a matter of "parallel import".

  16. BW WA HAHAHAAH no dear EA, Activation,ect are killing the industry, g2a is a market effect of their constricting the industry and not allowing people to own the things they buy.

    DRM should work in such a way the key/ownership check is via a
    universal system and the DRM is done via the vendor/middle/storefront,
    we can;t have that because consumers are happy with no real
    competition and the industry more than willing to harm consumers and those lower in the market who can't protect themselves well from piracy of thier products…..

  17. Perhaps the solution here is to stop issuing people with keys at all, and just have the purchase linked to their steam / origin / battlenet / etc account.

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