Why Fox News just can't quit Donald Trump

Why Fox News just can't quit Donald Trump

we are witnessing one of the weirdest love stories in American history and no I'm not talking about The Bachelor for Christ's sake I'm talking about Fox News President Trump he's moving very fast to fix the country and keep his promises to you the American people thoughts his treated me very nice wherever the Fox is thank you he is like the New Testament character of Nathaniel and he's creating jobs getting promises it's like he's addicted to results and I will say Fox treated a great they said it was great he's securing our borders trying to stop crimes against Americans Sean Hannity is a great great person Fox and Friends in the morning he's not afraid of anybody he'll go into the lion's den the very honorable people he's the Fox News president it's like Romeo and Juliet if neither of them believed in climate change but like with all Perfect Couples something is off about them because it turns out that Rupert Murdoch the most powerful person in the Fox News empire doesn't actually like Donald Trump he's described Trump as an embarrassment to the country Vanity Fair called him the billionaire Donald Trump can't win over so what the hell is going on why is the man who should be Trump's most powerful critics letting his network become a 24-hour Trump Channel one thing you should know about Rupert Murdoch is that despite owning Fox News he's actually a vocal supporter of immigration reform and as an immigrant I feel an obligation to speak up for immigration so when Trump entered the GOP primary by attacking Mexican immigrants Murdoch was not a fan no less than Rupert Murdoch tweets that Donald Trump was wrong net tweet was just the beginning Murdoch grilled Trump on Twitter saying he had lost it and accusing him of embarrassing his friends and the whole country sound like my ex back on Trump on several fronts that's Gabe Sherman he literally wrote the book on the inner workings of Fox News Murdoch was alarmed at how Roger Ailes the former head of Fox News was advising and helping trumpet using the network to boost Trump so before the first GOP primary debate which Fox News was hosting Murdoch had an idea Murdoch told Ailes and put an end to it and Fox's moderators Chris Wallace Bret Baier and famously megyn kelly at very tough questions of trunk and really tried to bury him that debate sparked a long nasty public fight between Trump and Fox News I don't know what games Roger Ailes is playing but what's what's wrong over there something's wrong Trump's went after Fox on Twitter said Kelly had blood coming out of her wherever he even pulled out of a Fox News debate forcing the network to cancel it Pro Trump websites like bright bar went after Murdoch for his support of immigration calling him an open borders globalist it was all super surreal Trump and his supporters were taking Fox News's media bias stick and using it against Fox you did something very dishonest you didn't report it and it was working a source at Fox News told Sherman that they take a ratings hit every time they ran an anti Trump segment Fox News receive you know the deluge of emails and texts and phone calls from angry viewers who were mad that meg Kelly was feuding with Trump Murdoch's audiences firmly in the Trump camp murdock was losing the fight he had picked the Donald Trump at the beginning of 2016 Murdoch changed his tune Super Tuesday was a sweeping victory for Donald Trump after Super Tuesday Murdoch tweeted that Republicans would have to unify behind Trump Trump and Murdoch met privately and Fox News went back to being the Trump Channel Trump and Kelley had made peace and Hannity was airing hour-long Trump infomercials in primetime all I want is for a guy to look at me the way that Sean Hannity looks at Donald Trump the trumpet vacation of Fox News has only gotten worse since the election not only was he presidential not only was he being honest but he's being funny when megyn kelly announced that she was leaving for NBC Murdoch hand-picked tucker carlson to replace her meaning fox's primetime lineup is now three unbroken hours of Trump cheerleading he let him have it and I loved every minute of it and aside from a few standouts like Chris Wallace and iconic heartthrob Shep Smith Fox News has basically become the Trump PR channel I hear from my sources inside Fox News who are frustrated that almost every story that producers program has to be filtered through a pro Trump narrative and so if we're very clearly seeing Murdoch heavy hand and who's gonna pay for the wall Jakub next ago things between Murdoch and Trump are a lot better now they visit each other's offices sit in on each other's interviews even awkwardly climb into golf carts together and here they are on their way to dinner and for Murdoch there are obvious perks to staying on Trump's good side in January Trump asked Murdoch to submit names for the new chairman of the FCC which regulates much of Murdoch's media empire Murdoch probably also wants to see restrictions put on the proposed merger between AT&T and Time Warner one of his major competitors there's a lot of regulatory issues that Murdoch will want to weigh in on and having a friendly Commissioner at the FTC it clearly to you but if you look past the PDA this relationship is less of a romance and more of a hostage situation for years Fox's business strategy has been appealing to conservatives while attacking all other outlets as being part of the mainstream liberal media Steve Bannon is absolutely right the media is the opposition party and that strategy has worked for them a Pew study found that 40% of Trump voters got their election use primarily from Fox but the strategy has also backed Fox News into a corner take a look at this chart it shows the ideological makeup of the audiences for the cable news channels Fox's audience is way more homogeneous than the others if it loses Trump voters it loses everything that's fine when Trump likes them when he's giving Fox primetime interviews and telling his supporters to tune in by the way thank you very much for the shout-out you gave at your press conference but if Trump is ever unhappy with Fox's coverage again the network is extremely vulnerable Trump has the power of the relationship like someone who can't afford to move out of their crappy boyfriend's apartment Fox News is stuck defending a White House that could get harder and harder to defense you

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  2. Actually CNN gives trump way more air time than anyone because it’s the only way they can get railings

  3. Why Vox can’t quit Fox News? This is one I would watch. The obsession is pathetic at this point and potentially diabolical at worst. Listen to our narratives only!…but I promise we support free speech 🤞

  4. I am not american and i have never been there, but i wanted Trump to win because as of what will affect me, Trump wanted to stop intervening in the Middle East and for that reason Bashar Al Assad has defeated the US backed terrorists and stayed in power, Iran has gotten more powerfull over all the region (everyone loves Iran because they are the major power in the Middle East that stands up to America and Israel) and also China and Russia gained more influence in the region instead of the United States which is better. I am also happy for our brothers in North Korea that have been able to develop nuclear weapons amid all this pressure from the US and other puppet nations.

  5. Although I disagree w some of his views (particularly on Trump) i find Carlos to be an excellent moderator. Thumbs up, Vox!

  6. I dont like this video because there are so many news channels like this that are biased but why not talk about them all but we only see one about Trump I dont watch the news because all news channels are biased Fox News which is conservative but we never talk about the biased liberal media why dont they talk about others

  7. Trump pulled out of debate and instead had a fundraiser that supose to benefit veterans . THe money raised was never given to veterans until the news media brought it up at which time he reluctantly gave funds to a veterans group . No one knows where the rest of the money went.

  8. Sooner the evil twisted vampire is put back in his coffin the better 4 mankind, the most evil speciman of the past 50yrs, has destroyed democracy in every country his creepy far far right news corp is involved, look wat he did in england over the phone taps scandle, guy has no shame woud have been right at home in hitlers time in power, gutless to the core !

  9. Obama had all media except Fox. Obama went after media if they didn't write what he wanted! President Trump 2020 💖. What you fail to state is that the pure corruption of our MSM with Obama's favor! Or force!

  10. Wait a minute Huckabee, Nathaniel was a man in which Jesus said behold an Israelite in whom there is no guile. Guile, you DECEIT. Surely you jest…

  11. $$$$$ to PAY their LIARS to LIE to their GULLIBLE VIEWERS! They’re #1 so there’s an awful lot of DumDums out there who identify with PSYCHOPATHY?
    How screwed up do you need to get to become a FOX VIEWER who believes LIARS?

  12. If Fox News treated Trump the same was as did CNN, MSNBC, NYT and all the other FAKE NEWS, they would be going broke too.

  13. With all the other networks talking down to Trump. Fox News was smart to make friends with him. People like to fake hate on Trump too much anyways. Like as if its the thing to do, because most are not smart enough to think for themselves. Fox needed a win to stay in the running btw… If life was like a game of Chess, then they played a smart move:)

  14. 2 years on, the very throwaway "Romeo and Juliet" comparison might actually be painfully apt, considering their relationship leads to suicide through misunderstanding.

  15. TRUMP…is actually Fox News' patsy…actually..who ever controls Rupert Murdoch…has influence over trump…and they do it literally…in plain view. Genius actually…until you consider that how diabolical it is…and how it affects not just us, but literally every living thing on the planet….and for all of humanity going forward. Everyday is like living in a movie where the forces of evil always win. Good folks are discredited…or die early somehow.

  16. My money says "VOX" has nothing to do with "FOX" or the news. This has a publish date of over two years ago. So, beware the propaganda networks. Lying is main form of their "reporting" ; trying to form opinions is the main objective, not news. It is an editorial, and may not contain any facts at all, just opinion, as that is the purpose of the channel. Love affair ? Fox news isn't having a love affair, they are just being a news channel. Both positive and the negative of the propaganda channels are presented. Do a site count of all the CNN and MSNBC channels and their spin offs to see what our mass media is up to. They hide behind being news channels, but are much less. This is OK. Just be sure you separate the two for the sake of your children.

  17. Look at the date on that article at 0:59. It was from 2015! Few conservatives thought Trump had a chance then and were rather shocked by his unprofessional manner at times.

    Supporting "immigration reform" 1:22 is not the same wanting foreigners to just jump into our country without asking us first. And the only "immigrants" Trump was "attacking" 1:30 were illegal ones.

    1:40 Yeah, no one liked that about candidate Trump.

    1:55 This guy lost all credibility when his book synopsis suggested that Fox has created a "divided country." Sure, everyone would be a leftist if it wasn't for Fox, but if you think that's a good thing, then you, sir, ma'am, or whoever, are the definition of intolerant (google it!).

    2:58 I'm sure CNN's ratings would plummet if they had pro-Trump segments.

    4:17 Ever considered that they might support him now because he seemed like a terrible candidate but has actually done a lot of good things since he won?

    5:45 It seems to me that conservatives watch the news more, based on the fact their numbers are greater than or nearly equal to the liberals'. And if there are so many left-leaning stations and only one conservative one, those numbers are nothing to be ashamed of. (Also, shouldn't Fox liberal's and moderate's bar sizes be flipped?)

    6:12 Why "boyfriend"? Sure, that might be more relatable for Mr. Maza (I mean no offense), and yes, Trump is a man, but he was describing not the type of person Trump is but the type of situation he claims Fox News is in. Girlfriends have the ability to be abusive as well. But I get it; it's the natural stereotype for someone to use as a metaphor. I would probably end up saying the same thing, but these people need to keep in mind that sexism goes both ways, and if they're gonna make such a fuss about it, they ought to be shining examples of inclusive language on BOTH sides first.

    Why does the relationship between Fox and Trump have to be romantic? Nothing about that last bit proves anything about the video's claim of Trump being some kind of abusive boyfriend. Has anyone watching this video ever had a genuine, platonic relationship over shared interests or ideas?? Their relationship could just as easily be like that.

    If there really was some kind of conspiracy behind Trump and Fox, as this video wants you to think, I have a feeling they would have a lot more than 6 minutes of video exposing it.

  18. ''Why Fox News just can't quit Donald Trump''

    Are you talking about yourself? Because Trump can't even take a leak without leftist idiots throwing a hissy fit over it.

  19. That is the kettle calling the pot black.
    The real difference is: what fact checking to these nerworks do? Do they get it right? Well look at the recent record… Covington, Smollett, Mueller…
    While Fox is biased to Trump as much as CNN and the rest are biased against him… Fox retains some integrity by fact checking. Oh and don’t try to make some petty semantic point about confusing “mexican” with “south american” . … it’s facile.

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