18 thoughts on “Why democracy is still the best form of government | Alex Tan | TEDxChristchurch

  1. I have better idea. Remove Political Party System and make a group out of most educated people of the country. Let them decide 5 people who would fight for election. Then let 1 out of these 5 people be chosen by common people.

  2. It is a wise way to use critical thinking to think about everything, what thing is the best in the world? "Everything has two sides".

  3. Tan contested under the Reform Party banner in 2011 as his party, the Singapore People's Party, was not interested in contesting in the Prime Minister's ward. As the main organizer of the two parties' joint walkabouts, Tan sought the Reform Party's help to contest in Ang Mo Kio GRC. The Reform Party then "loaned" Alex from the Singapore People's Party to contest in the ward.

    In his maiden election speech, Tan underscored the lack of a social safety net for the elderly in Singapore and the influx of foreigners that has diluted Singaporeans' identity. Other campaigning issues he took on included the state of overcrowding, cost of living and the lack of transparency and accountability in the national retirement fund, the Central Provident Fund, and the national reserves. In one of his speeches, Tan questioned Dr Vivian Balakrishnan about statements Balakrishnan had made about the government wealth fund GIC's portfolio having returned to pre-crisis levels and claimed that no statistics or figures were provided to back up the statements.

    In an open letter on the States Times Review, Tan challenged law minister K Shanmugam to face-off against each other in a Single Member Constituency at the 2020 general elections.[7]

  4. Another thing is that America isnt a democracy but a constitutional republic with an almost democratic presidential election

  5. Its intellectually dishonest for him to only use subjective opinions by citizens who live in a democracy, especially because by definition most of the citizens in a democracy believe in democracies.

  6. Democracy or Dictatorship is not the issue, economy is. In all country with any political system, once people are rich, there will be no problem. People will be happy, nobody will be complaining that much, and their political system sustain. Once the economy is bad, all sorts of issues arise. The immigrant country is turning against immigration, war emerges between left and right, and everyone is complaining about virtually everything.

  7. A bit akward listening to this after watching "The Death of Democracy" and "Our democracy no longer represents the people".

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