Why Black Representation In Politics Is SO IMPORTANT

Why Black Representation In Politics Is SO IMPORTANT

we're gonna talk a little about a two black candidates I want to say one thing though this is just one of my favorite things about this election season because I think it is kind of like say what you want about her just specifically but I think about what it would have been I watched a lot of news I was raised by my grandparents who were also born in 1918 and 1921 so – like really old country black parents raising this you know little girl oh you can tell but I put my shoes on so we watch the news all day and just thinking about what it would have felt like to see someone like Kamala walk by and me asked my grandma you know who is that and she say oh she's running for president that happens for a little four five six seven eight nine black you're black little girls right now I don't know I think that's something representation I think matters more than people realize yeah I do I do like that because it just maybe she shouldn't win but it shows other little girls that they could run and it's something feasible and I think that's cool I don't know something really fast I'm sorry no I'll just say yes to order point so what I my son it's ten and he's born in 2009 and probably about three or four years ago I'm saying to myself why why are you so confident he's got unbelievable confidence and a lot of that is a lot of the young black kids that his aides are really confident and then I started to you know think and I said well he's he was born in a world where there was a black president yeah so for my son like hid his idea of what he can do is far more expensive than I ever dreamed of for myself personally and it was because of that symbolism so much so that when he was at a birthday party during the election of Trump and the kids in the party I'll never forget it literally saw the TV and started booing who when they saw Trump teased or they were 7 were booing and it's so aware yeah and it it was a shift for me because I'm saying well he's gonna transition from this what he experienced and seeing president on TV that he could relate to to this thing that was a complete opposite in terms of just approach focus and how you relate to people so I look at the symbolism as an important piece but we have to be very careful particularly with let's talk about Cory Booker and Camilla Harris I think I just think there's so many different ways we can go with this what do you guys think about how their blackness is kind of being policed by people all around yes and I actually feel for them having grown up in a community that was predominately very much all-white and then what I've returned to black community is when I'd go back to st. Louis for you know family reunions or whatnot it was thought that you're not black enough and so you get from the white communities you're not black enough because you don't meet a stereotype but then you get for the black community you're not black enough because you don't meet another stereotype and it's like you don't have this place and so when I see people call out Booker and Harris for their you know lack of having what a huge black card or whatever it's just it gets old and it's unfortunate and I think that that's also what holds black people back this thought that we are all this whole monolithic one of a kind thing as opposed to individuals with our own individual agency our own experiences and our own perceptions thoughts and ideologies about this world and with that it's it's something that's also taught broadly by our society in general so when a black person acts black cuz I grew up in st. Louis and I grew up wrong both but it's most because the desegregation got be honest right I murder the desegregation program because folks were the busses went to the city and brought them out to other parts in two different schools for better schools no purpose of that and I was put in this particular situation until they were like oh man you can jump all you can play ball oh you run track it was that and then there's this there was this mesh and then I had my preconceived notions about them too because I didn't know so it ended up turning into the chance experience to be shared but it's only because we could identify with each other visually it's a couple years but it got there and but but so in professional settings black folks may think I'm this certain way and when you go in with those settings you get perceived and treated differently so we every one was a coach which it is so we and it happens and then when I've caught myself doing it I'm like yeah I'm still doing that every once in a while you know and just happens it's it's what we're taught and no matter I figured I'm sorry yeah and amongst whoever and then so at one point I was blaming you know fellow black folks but then I had to realize where it came from and then it it was they you know they had the same misconceptions and possible fears about me that I had about them and to learn that was eye-opening it changed you know your perception of life looks like with with identity politics I did it politics is always seen as a negative thing and I think a lot of you can strip away your identity yeah and these identity politics boaters the reason why identity politics is a thing first of all previous presidents before Obama all white men right that's not identity policy no why is that not a bad thing and the reason why is the identity of the person who's running for office is the big deal is because maybe they'll understand my experience and may do something differently about it because previous presidents and the one we got now said you know I am I'm a racist and everyone who believes in racist policies I'm gonna carry those off and he's trying and he's doing a lot in many ways why is that not frowned upon its you're answering the call to your voters so if someone gets the black vote shouldn't people say why haven't you done enough for all those black folks at that you got their vote forces because some reason that's a bad thing yeah why is it why is it a bad thing if someone says yep black folks got me an office these are the policies I'm gonna do the better their lies cuz they're the reason I'm here and I understand what that'll do for the country not just them what it'll do for the country and that's it's it's still an argument I think a lot of politicians aren't ready to make cuz it still will thank you you're just pandering to black folks and we don't really care about them just want their vote um there's something that's kind of been happening this election process so far that the happen laughter – and it bothers me I I think that I will never be one to say that I know what was going through a black person's mind when they made certain decisions someone who is 40 50 60 years older than me and I think older black people who weren't supporters of Bernie Sanders weren't ignorant they weren't stupid and I think that there's kind of that sentiment that like they don't know what's best for them and I think that a lot of young people have to watch that when people aren't it's not just name right there was a lot of that there's fun of it period that's why Biden is doing well and he's white like you know what I mean he's a white man there's a lot of white people who like him because of name recognition but I I think that especially with so many different people and so many I just win the CBC I kind of supports Kabbalah or supports Biden or supports Booker I think that there are ways in which we can discuss problems with that without discounting that these are people that have been through things that we can never imagine and and may sometimes you know when I see people like that saying this is the right person my first thought is well let me already say like you know what I mean and I wished it when we're talking about like respect and sometimes before we even get to the point of where they got me here let me listen to them sometimes we don't even listen to people in the beginning and maybe you still won't agree but I don't like how so many of our elders are just discounted as dumb because that reminds me of the past and that's how they were always treated I don't know I may be on my face here maybe do you get what I'm saying how does that kind of been what's resonating among certain campaigns that what I see on Twitter just with you know not necessarily coming from the campaign my conclusions are being made about folks yes before you fully know is their thing yes well for a lot because we're in the bubble of paying attention yesterday and we forget that they're a vast majority of Americans don't have the time maybe the interest or or desire to get that deeply involved in it because politicians will lie to you every day and it's it's a lot of times our job to see what they lied about look back into what they maybe did for or maybe look into the thing that they're pursuing and find out that it really doesn't make much sense but if you just got home from your 9 to 5 and you got two kids you know time to sit and watch these I watch c-span don't watch piercing see so much I didn't watch the worst I got it I got into I tried to get into broadcast to do sports broadcast cuz I was like yeah not gonna be doing any more sports and more time and start doing some broadcast I'll do sports broadcast I can call a game I can analyze and then I got mixed up with Jack Euler and he's like politics politics politics probably sells like okay and whatever and then I had watching c-span so people don't have time to do that or energy to do that because it's exhausting when I do it so whose can watch a for our hearing subcommittee subcommittee hearing about an aspect of life who watched an antenna has two coats this today well then Danny Glover I but this is why so this is why journalism yes is important and like true journalism right I completely for the people that don't have the time in a super nor are overwhelmed with life part of the the the I guess you would say to contract with the citizens from from a journalistic point of view should be that the journalists are presenting the truth to the people so that they're doing the work that every day you know person that's just out here trying to survive doesn't have to weed through and can make a clear decision but because journalism has gone has become as MBA in my opinion the people on TV are these our personalities these are not journalists these people read scripts these people don't deliver the information to the citizens the way that they should so you're literally locking people out intentionally we have literally if we always talk about corruption in other countries and voting rights in other countries we have very little people who are engaged in the political process in this country and it's intentional yes they don't want people voting they don't want people you're knowledgeable about the realities of this of this country and when we're able to sort of maintain these stories and people not being able to respond to the everyday you know they can't trust what's in this paper because you don't know what this writer or what this personality who they're trying to slant you toward you know that's where journalism has to has to stand in the board that's where journalism should be right that's where again I commend you guys for what you're doing this network because you at least present an honest front for a reason behind the opinion I'm sorry Jenna oh yeah well I was just thinking from the standpoint of kind of building off that that media it does very much matter from representation but also to what stories are being told how they're being told and when the media gets too large which it kinda is right now in terms of having a lot of corporate control and government you know we don't end up getting the information we need especially about candidates and you see an incestuous relationship between media companies and government and it furthers the problem and thus the media is not that first line of defense and so you know it's better that independence the actual independence in media the max of access to say the GM I'm glad you brought beauty like the NBA a GM for the Warriors for like a journalist to talk to about whatever trade the draft is tomorrow like who you guys thinking about for drafting if because the GM doesn't like that journalists or that institution he works for it says I'm not talking to you anymore so that reporter nice to go man I can't ask that take the Geum certain questions he's gonna cut off my access completely and I'm gonna get fired from my job that's the way politics works but players being the politicians are like don't ask me that question I can't answer that don't talk to me anymore I don't like it and they cut you off and then because they know if they cut you off that's your lifeline yes they control that they hold the keys and they know that and so now imagine if that report has to lie about what this GM is gonna do or is said or done in the past or even what he's working with just we can get in good with this GM that's what our reporters have had do some have had to do because they want the access so they lie or when the person lies and then they're afraid to write the reality is this but this politician said that because the no go you're slandering me thank such a good point I've never even thought about that analogy but our politicians are treating us like Russell with the TYT Plus app is now available on iOS and Android download to get more TYT content at TYT dot-com / app

28 thoughts on “Why Black Representation In Politics Is SO IMPORTANT

  1. Brooke's comments here are a perfect display of what is wrong with identity politics: that identity becomes all you see. When black voters in the south decided not to vote for Bernie, she assumes it was because of some inherent wisdom that they possess due to their identity. However, the fact of the matter is, on average, these voters are simply more conservative than most Democrats, and more wedded to the party machine – exactly the sort of voters that Clinton attracted.

    It's also worth noting that you have no problem calling black people, or anyone else, dumb when they vote for Trump.

    As Adrienne said, we need to learn to treat black people as individuals – just like everyone else.

  2. When my people constantly refer to themselves as “black”, it shows their ignorance and lack of knowledge about themselves… El Hajj Malik El Shabazz (Malcom X) told us, you are the Aborigines… I am Aniyunwiya and I suggest that you Black people should stop participating in the US of America’s cast system and learn about yourselves… You have an ancient name and narrative, find it..!

  3. You can make it into a drinking game you just have to drink every time they say the word White. You would be hammered before the end of the episode. Nothing but a bunch of racist scumbags on The Young Turks anymore

  4. Black Dems old & young need to unlearn name recognition politics, and LEARN policy politics. I am sorry, it is my opinion that if you are voting for a candidate based on media popularity coverage ("Oh, I heard of him from being a friend of a person I like.")…you are an idiot, and possible danger to yourself & your loved ones. Ignorance is dangerous.

  5. Miss Harris is not black or maybe a little bit who cares what color she is what she got to say the American people and what she going to do to us

  6. They basically just went on this rant saying that you shouldn't have any preconceived notions about a person based on their race before going on to say that the most important thing about a person is their identity and not who they are as a person.

  7. Ok Ok Ok, TyT Reported that Corey Booker is a pay to play politician, which is true. TyT briefly spoke on Kamila Harris' recored for incarcerating black and brown people in California. Juneteeth has been around for a long time; with that said let's talk about past juneteeth rallies that both of these candidates have been too. I have been complaining for a while with TyT. Mainly because they have lost their edge. TyT use to dissect everything, and I liked it because no party member was safe. They were working to force democratic candidates to do their jobs. Now they have love fests and picks favorites. Get back to the foundation of telling facts, TyT owes us that at least. This transformation into mainstream media makes my stomach hurt, and TyT is doing a disservice to us.

  8. Am watching my family go under for old white guy who hugs old lady who lies on birth right and you have a hateful that you folks put in with your no votes

  9. I wonder would criminals be exempted from the compensations. It would be disgusting if some Carr brothers (of the Wichita massacre) got compensation

  10. Cory Booker is a nerd has no swag he is a dork. Booker has no charisma he is boring. Ditto for Kamala Harris also lacks personality they are too corporate. They just are NOT black enough. Harris is biracial and she is NOT African American. Booker I believe is part white neither will win the black vote they lack authenticity.

  11. 9116463395 innocent people killed, raped, tortured, enslaved since humans have existed, but ONLY one group should have their ancestors compensated. only ONE historical injustice deserves this. oh please tell me more about this word "privilege." what does that word mean again?

  12. Look at all the racist in their feelings. This country wouldn't be shit without black excellence. Keep spewing your shitty viewpoints about "black mass killing" White people have done more evil across the globe and through time than any other race. You are the cancer. No worries though. Your time is almost up!. Trump is the result of you the fear you have of losing power, Which will happen. Enjoy your privilege while you can spoiled milk skin devils.

  13. Should the blacks who sold their brother into slavery and the Muslim who facilitated this practice be sued for reparations too?

  14. No, you do not deserve to be compensated for wrongs committed against your ancestors let alone 'other people who happen to share your skin color'

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