Why Biden’s First Run for President Failed | NYT News

Why Biden’s First Run for President Failed | NYT News

“The next president of the
United States, Joe Biden.” It’s June 9, 1987, and then-Senator
Joseph R. Biden Jr. has just entered the
presidential race. Look familiar? The 2020 race is Biden’s third
attempt at the Oval Office. He first ran for
president 32 years ago. For those who may
have forgotten or weren’t around in ’87, here’s what happened. Biden started off
as a strong contender. “Senator Joseph R. Biden Jr.
of Delaware.” But his campaign was marred
by some early blunders, like this one. “What law school did you
attend and where did you place in that class?” “And the other question is—” “I think I probably have
a much higher IQ than you do, I suspect.” And he exaggerated
his academic record in law school. “—went back to law school, and in fact ended up in the top half of my class.” And then there were moments
like this, repeated later during the campaign. “When I marched in
the civil rights movement, I marched with tens
of thousands of others to change attitudes.” But he never actually marched in the civil rights movement
at all. Ultimately, it was
accusations of plagiarism in his speeches “I did not know
that was a Robert Kennedy quote.
My mistake.” that forced him
to drop out of the race. “I made some mistakes.” After that, Biden stayed in the Senate, ran again in the 2008 race, became the
vice-presidential nominee, and then the vice president, laid low for a little while and now we’re here. “If I’m going to be able to
beat Donald Trump in 2020, it’s going to happen here.” And certain things,
including a handful of Biden’s vulnerabilities,
haven’t changed. He’s still leaning into
some of the core messages he highlighted during his
first presidential run often emphasizing his profile
over policy, promising to put the country
on the right path after what he sees as the ills of Republican administrations. Here he is in 1987. “I tell you today that
America is a nation at risk.” In 2007. “This president
is going to be judged, and his administration judged,
very harshly by history.” And in 2019. “We’re in the battle
for the soul of this nation.” But Biden has struggled
to project himself as a man in step
with the times. And parts of his
political history continue to haunt him, like his role in the questioning of
Anita Hill in 1991. “It is appropriate to
ask Professor Hill anything any member
wishes to ask her to plumb the depths of her credibility.” And more recently, it was his relationship
with personal space. “The boundaries of
protecting personal space have been reset
and I get it.” Throughout his more
than four-decade-long career in politics, Biden
has become known for his freewheeling
charm and authenticity. “I’ve been referred
to as ‘Middle-Class Joe.’ It’s not always
meant as a compliment.” But his candor has also
gotten him into some trouble. “I’ve done some dumb things and I’ll do dumb things again.” As the Democratic front-runner, Biden will be
under a microscope. The question is whether he
can harness the folksy appeal he’s become known
for without repeating the mistakes of the past.

100 thoughts on “Why Biden’s First Run for President Failed | NYT News

  1. Uncle joe no on, is a pedo and he always parade children in front of the cameras, and he likes killery and Obama should be in prison… Trump 2020 ..!!!

  2. Biden messed up when he exaggerated his academic career, not all nominees can have a big brain like Trump

  3. I will obstain from voting in the precedential election again if this is the DNC's nominee. I have no interest in electing another inauthentic politician to office that will change very little.

  4. Joe Biden is Hillary Clinten all over again, just another mistake that the democrats are going to do to get trump elected

  5. Joe Biden is just too old. He has said that he will only run one time…that makes him a lame duck from the get go! NOTHING WILL GET DONE!!! Please do not run, Mr Biden, DO NOT RE-ELECT TRUMP BY YOUR SELFISHNESS! PLEASE!!! DO YOUR COUNTRY A FAVOR <IF YOU TRULY LOVE IT YOU WILL STEP ASIDE!!

  6. I just don't think Biden is the right man. Why are we recycling the same politicians? He's had his chances and role as a VP already. We need someone with younger energy, ideas and vision.. like what Obama represented

  7. Old white men feeling they deserve to be leading a nation that is turning younger and browner every year. Time to change.

  8. the giant plagiarists. did it the 80s and doing it now in the 2019s. this clown should have been driven out with Kerry.

  9. If he is the Democrat Nominee then, Trump will win. People voted for Trump because they wanted something/somebody different, Biden seems to put too much emphasis on his personality rather than his political views/policy.

  10. No wonder he can never become president that what his past looked like I’m worried for this guy.

  11. Hey Joey.
    Sorry, the third time will not be charmed. Enjoy your retirement dude. You and your party are destroying the principles and dignity this great nation has to offer. just came back from Europe, their country is nothing like ours. They are putting the interests and human rights of their own citizens, before anyone else.

    The Democratic is using the poor, less educated and immigrants to advance their causes. None of the clowns in DC lives below the poverty level rather than the gated & safe communities.

    Wake up people. America needs to lead the world not to sorry for everything that she stands for. You can either take it or leave it.

  12. He is the male version of HILLARY.
    Just as phony, just as shifty , just as corrupt!
    He is in it for HIMSELF.

  13. Biden IS a mistake. He's a perv who can't seem to stop ogling and sniffing young girls and other men's wives. Not only that, he probably hasn't had an original thought in his life.!!!

  14. Because he is not good. The failing New York times. Please go outa biz because they take your license / permits away. Stop hurting the beautiful USA 🇺🇸

  15. I hate the Democrats but nobody wants a left wing radical. Nobody wants to pay more for gas, food and housing. And Americans don’t worship government like the eurotrash.

  16. So biased people always talk about Bernies ideas but he's ineffective, he hasnt passed any " MAJOR " legislation Biden has, any politician that is effective will mess up

  17. The New York Times mentioned plagiarism, but it omits the event that caused Biden to drop out of the race in 1987, which was copying British Labour Party leader Neil Kinnock’s campaign speech and even Kinnock’s life story. That was really bad.

  18. He lives on a spinning ball in the random universe. The one Copernicus thought about, and the Jesuit weaponized, and science education proclaimed as absolute truth. Welcome to the Matrix everyone. You can checkout any time you like. And, never return.

  19. "He exaggerated his academic record in law school" How? Saying: "I ended up in the top half of my class" LOL. So Biden exaggerated by stating he was *at least average*. That's actually hilarious.

  20. More on the plagiarism here, direct word for word steals from JFK and RFK. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fmuAB5MqP0Y How can he POSSIBLY think that this won't sink him again once a new generation is reminded? No wonder Obama told him 'you don't have to do this, Joe' – he knew he'd just embarrass himself all over again. What an idjit.

  21. He has not learned his lessons. Recently, he plagiarized Yang's talking points on automation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MgutpMLbPt4

  22. I actually like Joe Biden but…. Face it. The election of Donald Trump has destroyed the Democrats.

    He has exposed them and their inexorable shift to the far left. He has blown their cover, and stripped them naked in the full glare of the American people's court. He has exposed their covert….decades old Socialist plan for this great nation….. and it is corrupt and damning.

    That is why that strange….odd bunch are running and the DNC are glad to let them, just to keep up appearances. They are face savers. Space fillers. Time buyers. The real and most qualified Democrat candidates know it is in vain, at this juncture, so they stand back and let these Hari Kari / Kamikaze oddities fall on their swords.

    When Trump wins another four…. he will consolidate. This new breed of Democrats will be kept out of power for decades. Maybe forever in their current form. Until such times as they flush the weird Occasio Cortez/Omar type of Euro style Progressive Socialists, the Politically Correct lunatics, from their ranks, and turn back the clock to the days of sanity, back to the era of the Democratic Party of JFK, FDR, et al. The Democrats of yesteryear. The Democrats of normality. That……. or they will wander in a political wilderness and die on the vine there, unless and until they revert to being the traditional, sensible Democrats the people of this America respected. The Democrats even Republicans respected

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