Why 2020 Democrats Can't Take the LGBTQ+ Vote for Granted

Why 2020 Democrats Can't Take the LGBTQ+ Vote for Granted

this month a slew of presidential candidates showed up at an Iowa pride fest one ran for the cause another silent disco and in New York City the DEM in the lead took a turn behind the bar at Stonewall for the only openly gay man in the race pride means merch and magazine covers candidates might see this community as a block of votes for the taking not surprisingly that's not what we heard from a panel of LGBTQ Americans can I have everybody go around and just tell me their names and how they identify and if you want to volunteer your pronouns as well that's great well my name is Donnie and I use he/him pronouns and I identify as a transgender pansexual or bisexual man my name is Blair I'm transgender and I'm a Republican my name is Caleb by UCC and they pronouns and I identify as a non-binary queer I'm Raquel Willis pronouns she/her/hers identify the black queer transgender woman my name is Sarah long Lola and I identify as a lesbian my name is Jamie I used they/them pronouns identifies a queer non-binary trans femme i also identifying the a spectrum of asexuality i'm benjy I'm a guy and I I'm an American my name is Paul I identify as a gay American male my name is Zachary Zane I use he/him pronouns and I identify as bisexual and queer and Brandon Strock and I'm a gay man David Bell branch see him his identify as assist same gender loving man all right my name is Lucy I'm a lesbian I think that it is clear from the people who are here that the LGBTQ community is not a voting monolith folks who are conservative and Republicans if you could go around and tell me who did you vote for in the last elections for president I voted for Donald Trump okay and I'm gonna do it again Donald J Trump and he gets my vote again all right Hillary Clinton never again chopped 20/20 all right then I voted Trump of nah I'm planning on voting for him again I did not vote for Trump and I will not be voting for him again so I think I may be the only conservative on the panel who is not on the Trump train do you want to tell me why I don't think Trump is a conservative I don't even think he's a Republican even though I can say do I support tax cuts or judges or some of the the policy areas where I think I would overlap with some of my other Republican friends this is a values question for me and Donald Trump does not reflect my values okay Lucy mr. Trump I won't vote for him again though okay I like what he's done and I agree with a lot of his more financial decisions when it comes to our country but his executive orders they're not what we need I don't believe the government should be so involved in our lives how do you feel about Trump the Trump administration when it comes to to LGBTQ folks do you feel that his policies have either helped or harmed the LGBTQ community I think Donald Trump is really changing the Republican Party by working with the gay and lesbian community he wasn't a racist or homophobic till he ran for president his best friend was Joan Rivers who was like the patron saint of gays if there was a homophobic drop of blood in him we would have heard that 20 years ago I would push back and say he was a racist when I actually have here the op-ed that Trump put out about Central Park fire there's nothing here mentioned about racism if anything he's talking about having a safe city for black and brown and white people that's a narrative keeps getting pushed and pushed and pushed and we're going to talk about this man going back to the original question which is has the Trump administration's policies helped or harmed the LGBTQ community when the Trump administration or perhaps just Trump via Twitter puts out a state saying that no no more trans people are allowed in the military that's it we're cutting you off and anybody ends got to leave that affects the lives of transgender citizens of this country it makes us appear less than two other people who now can justify their bigotry and their transphobia because look at what the government does look at how the government treats transgender people or thinks of transgender people as being less than if you're so less than that you can't even serve the country that you live in and go and fight and die so that we can continue to have these rights that everybody says that we should have and we should celebrate then you know how worthy are you you're not worthy I think the material reality of trans people have not improved under Trump at all like full stop and so I do think that the ways in which he moves in our government makes it more difficult particularly for black and brown trans women to just live their lives right because that violence is being stoked yeah I want to know as a trans woman do you feel supported by the Trump administration I feel supported as an American um I my life as a trans person has been impacted positively or negatively other adults um Trump I live my life and I'm just fine all right 2020 president Trump is running again and there are about 50 billion Democrats running right now is anybody exciting you you know I'd be happy with anyone anyone I'd be happy with anyone who was in trouble for I get attacked um Elizabeth Warren if I had to vote right now would have my vote Kamala Harris and you know mayor Pete's adorable but he's not quite adorable enough yeah my frontrunner right now is senator Elizabeth Warren as well I appreciate her her approach on student loan debt because I got it but also like her calling out the issues they're black trans when transgender women are facing right now and not being afraid to say their names really meant a lot to me um so I'm watching her I think Democrats are gonna have to get over their issues and their egos and they're gonna have to work together and so I could a combination of Elizabeth Warren and someone else or Joe Biden in someone or someone just or someone just yeah someone just younger like it's exhausting like Barack Obama was 47 when he was voted into office like all these and this is no I'm not trying to be ageist or anything but like when all the candidates are like in their 70s I'm kind of like how long are you gonna be around what's gonna happen and and seriously like we need somebody with a little bit more youthful energy mayor pete has been mentioned mayor Pete is gay he's been on the cover of magazines with his husband this this having somebody who's gay running right now does that make you want to vote for him it's great have a gay candidate be great table lesbian Kennedy or a trans candidate I believe the policy I could not care less I mean the fact that he is gay that doesn't mean he has my back as a trans person it means nothing to me that he is a gay person because he's also sis and he is also white I don't know why I'm not more excited about him than I am there's something missing and it because there's nothing fresh he's an Obama sequel I'm surprised that everybody is so anti Pete I mean I think I know a lot of sort of peek curious conservatives is that I think you know I think he's very progressive but he's totally moderate and I think even just listening to us I mean everybody's so angry all the time to have somebody who is somewhat aspirational and who is trying to make a pitch for something something better and more they you know something more uniting like why is that so terrible I think it's I think it's nice one of the reasons I walked away from the Democratic Party and liberalism is I'm so fed up with identity politics I am so fed up with political correctness I am so fed up with all ability and everyone here has already said it's lack of policy all identity and that's what he is I think having him out there and being visible is fantastic for for the community I have a nephew a 12 year old nephew who is a little gay boy and for him to be able to see that there is a gay man who was running for president is fantastic is meaningful to you it's meaningful to have him there absolutely okay I'd rather have a beer with him than vote for him because he seems like you want to lean in and talk to him some more you know and his fabulous theater loving husband they sound great but okay I don't necessarily think that he's ready to run the country you

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  1. VICE News put together a panel made up of 12 members of the LGBTQ+ community and asked them about their politics โ€” which were extremely diverse โ€” and who they like for 2020.
    WATCH NEXT: Pride Doesn't Mean What You Think It Does For This Stonewall Veteran – http://bit.ly/2IGlO1c

  2. I don't understand how they can support the party that bullied their community, Trump is not a republican however when he leaves Republicans remain. The same conservatives attitudes fought against by Stonewall rioters is GOP policy. Bernie will give everyone dignity that is their right, I believe in Bernie.

  3. The myth of intersectional identity politics lost Hillary the election. These candidates have not learned from her lesson.

  4. I was so proud of the LGBT community all the way through this video for not giving in the identity politics until this moron 7:27 this is the type of shit that makes you the laughing stock of society.

  5. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ‘… Blaire White snuck her way in… priceless. ๐Ÿคช

  6. So they're all insane. You can tell that from looking at them! You can tell that from them saying their views!

  7. Eh.. Pete worked at McKinsey. That alone qualifies him more than the entire field of Democrats. At the very least, he can identify a problem and provide a solution.

  8. There's actually a medical and clinical reason why transgenders were not admitted into the military. It isn't about nursing their feelings.

  9. 8:19 this guy pretty much sums up the political climate perfectly, No one is talking policy anymore it all identity, When i get to know a person i don't care about your sexual preference.
    It tells me nothing about who you are as a person, other than you have no identity of your own and hide behind a shield of progressive nonsense.
    its also tearing this county apart and slowly brewing hatred for one another.

  10. The amount of things trump has done for the LGBT community goes beyond any other president. Also, Blair white is a wonderful person

  11. Can someone explain how can you be Republican and part of the LGBTQ+ community? I guess it's easier in New York but what REPUBLICANS have said about trans people in the last few years has not been nice. Obviously not all Republicans. But it stands. They especially dont care about women. Idk the party that I see it shifting to doesnt care about you unless you're a white straight Male. Our opinions dont have to line up but you do have to consider the facts

  12. Why the fucking hell that some of those LGBT people support Trump?! Did they just come out of a rock from 2016?

  13. Unbelievable!!! I thought I knew what MAGA people were, I did not expect this community to betray us!

  14. Such a stupid topic. The Democratic Party should definitely take the LGBTQ+ vote for Granted. Who else they can vote for? And you will not get gay Trumptards vote anyway.

  15. Bet you $20 that not a single one of them has read one of the candidates' platforms or policies. They claim they don't like being used in identity politics, and yet they all argue over each one's public persona, and not the ideas they stand for and the policies they are presenting. You don't like Mayor Pete? Ok, why? Is it his stance on foreign policy? Or his handling of the police shooting and racial violence happening in South Bend? Have they looked at Kamala Harris's plans for wage increase, workers union protections, and banking regulations? How about Jay Inslee's expansive and all-encompassing climate mission that covers policies pertaining to the economy, housing, indigenous land and water rights, improving infrastructure, mitigation plans, environmental regulations? What about Elizabeth Warren's …… policies on every given subject under the sun?

    To hear them say things have improved under Trump's admin shows a laziness and aversion to following the results of his policies. "My life has not been personally effected, therefore I know we are doing better, because he told me so." That's the impression I'm getting for pretty much everyone on that panel.

    And really? You show up with a print-out of the slander ad Trump took out against the Central Park 5, as a means of "proving" he's not racist? You brought that with you in your coat pocket assuming it would come in handy? Not like he's had a recorded history of denying housing to black people in Queens, or claimed wrongly that thousands of Muslims were celebrating 9/11 across the bridge in Jersey, or that time he called Miss Venezuela, the winner of one of his pageants "Miss Houskeeping" because she's Latina, or how he insulted a Gold Star family of Pakistani origin while he was campaigning, or how he bashed Florida Rep. Frederica Wilson for shaming his "condolences" to a grieving war bride over the phone. Ever notice that those teams he invites to the White House almost always exclude their black and Latino players? How he pilloried Colin Kaepernick for peacefully protesting police brutality against black people? Did you ever stop to wonder why Antisemitism and racial discrimination cases have been on the rise again? Nope! Nothing racist about this guy! Not at all! Never! I'm sure if you wanted to go, you'd be called upon at his next rally so he can point you out in the crowd and crow, "THERE'S MY AFRICAN AMERICAN!" But you're soooo not about identity politics, huh?

  16. Most of these people stated nothing but mediocre reasons and identity politics as reasons to vote for their centrist candidates. Any Bernie, Tulsi, or Yang supporter wouldโ€™ve given you SPECIFIC POLICIES if they had been asked the same question.

  17. Homosexuality should not be promoted. In my country, it is illegal.

  18. Its just not that many gays man.
    People juat dont wana admit that.
    I hate trump. But the dems about to get fucking SMOKED

  19. i don't believe Trump is a racist, but he is not mentally fit to be re-elected, I am old enough to remember how Reagan declined during his second term in office, plus he despises Obama so he will Never win with my vote. Biden,Bernie, and Elizabeth Warren are has-beens, Warren is from Massachusetts, that fact alone should make the Dem. party bypass her. I could vote for Kamala Harris or Pete Buttigieg, because that guy on the back row was right, the party Needs some new blood.

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