Why 2 Arrested Rudy Giuliani Associates Are Key For Impeachment Inquiry | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

Why 2 Arrested Rudy Giuliani Associates Are Key For Impeachment Inquiry | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Why 2 Arrested Rudy Giuliani Associates Are Key For Impeachment Inquiry | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

  1. If someone wrote what trump and his cronies were doing as a movie plot , it would never see the screen . no one believe this stuff . they would say this is to stupid !!!

  2. Get money out of politics …. go check out www.wolf-pac.com … The Young Turks are the driving force in this effort.

  3. Given that Congressman 1 met several times with the Fruman and Parnas and that they were successful in their efforts to have the US Ambassador to the Ukraine removed, I'm wondering if there will be repercussions for Congressman 1 (Pete Sessions). That should be the big story here; not that foreigners were trying to meddle in US politics, but that they were able to purchase the cooperation of a siting congressman. This is conspiracy and by coincidence Sessions was a Republican.


  5. Trump is so determined to crack down on corruption in Ukraine that he will get on the phone to Barr and tell him to release these guys with the excuse that there is – "insufficient evidence."

  6. in other news… the Wayne Corporation releases record Q3 earnings… the bus manufacturer cites the drumpf administration as key to their success.

  7. Trump and Giuliani are in bed with the Russian Oleguard. I feel bad for them because the Russian mafia doesn't respect American politicians as untouchable.

  8. When exactly did these guys make the reservations for their ow trip to Vienna?
    How did they pay for the tickets?
    What citizenship(s) do they hold and what passports were they going to travel on?
    Where were they going to stay in Vienna? And for how long?
    How much luggage were they carrying? How much clothing?
    The point: The more hasty the trip, the more suspicious.

  9. I'm here for the Hairstyle tips. Rudy, you know how to do it up!!! and those other two…. Wow. Just a testament to the poetry of ugly inside and out. Pick a good cell mates… you'll have plenty to choose from.

  10. If Giuliani gets indicted, I think it will be all over for Trump. He has already had several associates get convicted of crimes. Trump can't afford to lose Giuliani. Cohen, Manafort and Giuliani have been Trump's 3 closest associates. Giuliani is the last one standing.


  12. We could get rid of our national headaches, foreign interference, and special interest if we allow public funded (with taxes) federal campaigns.

  13. Meanwhile, William Barr is having a "meeting" with Rupert Murdoch today. That's OUR attorney general. Probably a go fund me request, no?

  14. I mean, c'mon… even if you just walked up to these two putzes sitting in a cafe, you'd know they're nematode-brained thugs. And I don't mean merely because they were sitting with Igor Guiliani.

  15. see MAN y
    MAUI teared 
    no tear
    ok this laud sound freaks me AU t s pu k ing
    Spoke Aint
    but how DJT he has no conflict of interest in Ukraine he did not do any oils an gas business and why not learn this information?

  16. As they all go down, there'll only be one body left to throw under the "bus" Steven Miller. I love the smell of deisel in the morning…..

  17. They funneled money to a PAC who have not used it and its quarantined until the investigation ends.

    More liberal tears 😂

  18. jesus christ impeach him already. this is so dangerous. now kurds are being genocided becuase of trump's business deals in turkey.

  19. Domino effect has started Trump and his Corrupt friends should realize people of America aren't Dumb We Put you in Office, We realized we created a monster and will put an End

  20. Phrase of the day " Inbred Trumpers It's over unlike you, we majority Americans are Sane regardless of Dems or Repubs and understand what craatures are in our Government

  21. Now I get why Donald Trump started his re-election campaign straight after being elected. That way he could get money in through 'donations' from the get-go.

  22. America better starts building new high security prisons – for all those republican and trump administration crooks that will soon be sentenced. I suggest to name these prisons "trump Tower One, trump Tower Two, ….

  23. Aha Ha Ha ! What a Circus of Country we Are , how blatantly embarrassing this Republican administration is !!! 🎪🍿🎪🍿🎪🍿🎪

  24. Just to let everyone know as we’re watching this trump is holding the most disgusting hitler like rally I’ve ever seen his base is fired up we must must must all get out and vote in 2020

  25. These morons are so nuts they just keep on lying to America and many of the uber gullible morons keep buying into this hoax, so funny these fools keep falling for it, after 3 years its called insanity.

  26. For those of us who didn't know : What is a super PAC in government?

    Super PACs (independent expenditure only political committees) are committees that may receive unlimited contributions from individuals, corporations, labor unions and other PACs for the purpose of financing independent expenditures and other independent political activity.

  27. "we the people", i.e., us normal Americans…. are sick and tired of the corrupt trump administration and all of their cronies.. they all belong in jail.

  28. other corrupt trump associates / Russians will learn from this and leave (escape?) by private plane; avoiding FBI arrests at public airports.

  29. Stunned by how clumsy these individuals have been in attempting to run influence operations on Republican politicians. I hope this sends a clear message to law-makers on the Hill that they have to do the due diligence on money being funnelled in their direction and the strings attached. I am not surprised, but still saddened.

  30. Wanna see something funny. Check out Fox News reporting. One story, 2 minutes long about this and 98 percent about trumps rally.

  31. That look on Rudy's face being photographed with the pink shirted, forheadless foreign election rigger, is priceless….Gotcha!!!!!

  32. They cropped Pences photo with these two foreign election riggers….You ain't going  nowhere, theocrat traitor!!!!!!!

  33. We got breaking news breaking news… Giuliani is a Flight Risk do not let him leave the country…😂😃😅😨😩😲😤

  34. Rudy will be next all these lies
    Hes gonna mess up between him and drump
    Just a matter.of time
    They are talking but when these guys talk their brains rattle

  35. 5:17 Great summary. It sounds like the Law really scored when it got these two guys
    ….7:00 OMG– they've got Donnie sitting with them! If it's what you say, I love it!

  36. Dems are Playing With Fire , IF they go after Giuliani (who is Great ), Or his friends …!! #2020 Dont do this to Our Country & our President & his Lawyer .. THINK before you act Stupidly .. MAGA Still rules #KAG #2020 #Trump2020 thanks And God Bless

  37. Their biggest mistake was two idiots working together and that was Trump & Giuliani look at how much damage Giuliani has done.
    Now the moment the 2 Ukrainian associates are offered immunity they will tell on everybody that's involved in the United States but I don't think they'll say much about the individuals involved in the Ukraine knowing that can get killed when they go back, this is one of the reasons why Russia wants to take over the Ukraine so bad the corruption there's so much money to steal.

  38. For Christmas, I'm thinking of taking all of the mugshots of Trump's crew and putting them onto coffee cups for friends this Christmas. Two more for the collection.

  39. Mark my words! Both Giuliani and Trump are going to prison for high treason against the United States!
    No more US election meddling by Russia/Ukraine. Game Over

  40. The media thinks they have the public fooled with the lies.
    They think Americans, are to stupid to see through them. Everything they say the truths is always opposite of what they say. You believe them.

    I have a family member who just retired from 24 years of service from the military.
    worked at they Pentagon. always said "don't believe the media" . The truth is always the opposite of what they say. .

    "If they are reporting America is going to war." The truth is America is not going to war.

    The Pentagon decides what the news will be everyday They pass it on to the networks they report the lies and you believe them.

    saw a video . A man wearing a suit and tie

    Told the media to "continue reading the script. Stay with the same narritive"

    They want to keep people in fear. Afraid. Make the pubic think you need them .

    It all a scam. I was shocked. I said The government does that? That was the day I started looking at things in a differnt way. That was back in the 90.

  41. One of the most important contributions of the Higher Power to contemporary politics, at least in the west, is this deep suspicion that power tends to corrupt and when a politician abuses his office and uses his power for his own aggrandizement, clear-eyed—one should never put one’s total trust in political systems, leaders, or programs. God bless North American Constitution.

  42. "PRICELESS MOMENT"….When this #fakepresident comes out stating to reporters and everyone…."He never knew Rudy that well, and he wasn't his Attorney so he doesn't know why he does what he does"! #classic #fatladytiredofsinging

  43. We arrest two Ukrainian men for campaign finance charges, but we don't touch Helllary Clinton for leaking classified information to the Chinese and destroying 33,000 email and the devices they were on she was ordered to turn over ! When it's a Demonrat , we let things slide. Easy to see that even the FBI and CIA are corrupt. It's like the MOB (Mafia) has taken over the Demonrat party, their media machine, and much of our justice system.

  44. Why dont they arrest any of the thousands of democrats donors that have done the same thing. Why do they get a pass.

  45. I don't understand why Velshi has to be teaching n informing criminals n criminality with his repeated 1 way ticket shpeel/lecture. Not everything 1 knows needs to be said. What was the purpose of saying that? …and OVER n OVER at that?? Do criminals need any more help with how to get away with criminality?

  46. These Trump supporters,still think this is fake news and they're taking on Trump's tactics.Point the fingers at others,deny,deflect,inspite all this evidence.Most of these idiots supports him because he's a white man with white supremacy ideologies.Of course Trump uses this to his advantage whenever he gets cornered.

  47. It's No Surprise, Donnie has been Laundering money through his Real estates for decades. Now he's just doing it through different means in the public eye. Career criminals ever stop not even after they've been caught, Donnie the Don is a perfect example.

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