Who’s Who In The Ukraine Scandal | NBC News Now

Who’s Who In The Ukraine Scandal | NBC News Now

40 thoughts on “Who’s Who In The Ukraine Scandal | NBC News Now

  1. And now we have chemical weapons being used on the Kurds, everything trump does and everyone who supports him is evil. Any wonder he is orange, he is a devil with his horns in his feet. 🤢

  2. No President has been perfect. But this one is appallingly inept, callous, greedy, embarrassing, manipulative and TERRIFYING! How even 1 person still supports this narcissistic sociopath is beyond me!

  3. If I was running democrats, I would get coupla loud mouthed black women to run against Trump.
    And then ask these black women to slam Trump mercilessly 24/7 on all possible medias.
    Sooner or later Trump would slip out the n-word, and that would be that. End of Trump's political career.
    Very simple plan, and it would work. Unlike this impeachment…

  4. Another video with 300 views in 2 hours in a world of billions. You've lost your mojo nbc with your lies and propaganda. You're not trusted anymore. Your fault.

  5. Read the transcript people, it only takes 15 minutes. Then you will see for yourself what crap journalism this is. Trump is looking into how the Russian Collusion hoax got started. I think it is something we should know the origins of given the media pushed nothing but this for years.

  6. NBC News is completely corrupt and the American people know who our enemies are now. It’s the MSM. The democrats have been getting rich off “foreign aid” by laundering money through shadow corporations in other countries and your covering for these traitors. Just like the supposed Kurdish massacre video you showed last week that was footage from a gun show in Kentucky. Why don’t you tell the American people how Hillary Clinton got rich off selling enriched uranium to Russia?

  7. I'll get over it as soon as the impeachment trial finishes….then I'll sleep better because there's no more gaslighting! Get on it Dems!

  8. You forgot about Trumps crayon letter telling Erdogan we had done lots of things trying to help him…when he wanted a cease fire.

  9. Then there's a side story attached with Giuliani which basically includes Russia, Ukraine and Turkey. Giuliani is currently under investigation which also includes counterintelligence concerns and circles back to Trump. All this ties together with many (if not all) the criminal investigations Trump is under like money laundering through his hotels which includes foreign money. There are at least 50 banks included in the investigation with Igor and Lev, who donated big $ to Trump.
    Seriously, this call is just .0001% of the story as a whole.

  10. Well it didn't take long to see the media doesn't know what they are saying. Because the start was 3 years ago. Trump wasn't in office

  11. yes 2 soviet comrades in league with anti soviet government officials from the country that split from the motherland.

  12. This situation started several years ago… you actually need to check out Glenn Beck who has the correct time line.. He also interviewed Andrii Telizhenko who stated Biden was doing George Soros's bidding to get rid of Victor Shokin who was investigating Biden's son and was never investigated for being corrupt. What lies. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R86awAp4uIw&t=1448s

  13. This is why they ARE impeaching Trump
    Oh, wait no one has voted on an impeachment anything.
    This is all BS or they would have voted already

  14. That's right, J-Law's Publicist has been using my ex-girlfirend's persona to hurt me with her new client Jennifer Lawrence, not Jessica Thomas, now Meghan. I love the ring to that name.

  15. How can I hate xomeobne more? Using the worst times of my life as a weapon against me, using the mass media. I hate hate Jennifer for being a pawn in this.

  16. You guys should see the Blaze TV Version that this one copies. Isnt it interesting how she smacked pictures of the Biden's up top and then left them alone?

    See the Blaze TV chalkboard in order to see all of the tape attached to the Biden's.

    If investigations are illegal, the decepticrats have been impeachable since 2015.

  17. is anyone shocked. this happens all the time. thats why voting is a pick to shoot yourself in the left or right foot. Old rich people, why should we care? we have no control over their fate. Only other old rich people get to decide

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