30 thoughts on “Who should own South Africa's land? – BBC News

  1. Who should get the land, you just said the concurred the land so you give it back to the people you concurred it from

    Simple as that: concurred for you= stolen from them

    You can’t play politics with people who do not know what your talking about, that’s just deceiving, corrupt and unjust

    And if they bought the land, sorry if the outher person doesn’t-even know what implications that brings and what the deal means than that’s also just shitty, haven’t the “europeans” not learned from their mistakes, you took the land you give it back, you guys are even just getting angry about immigration, legal immigration imagine those “immigrants” took, stole your land, made you second class citizens and took all the best resources and didn’t share just after conflict they would and year later still won’t give you back what the owed, stole from you sorry, immigrants already get shit just for birthing your air,….oh damn this is ridiculous as hell

  2. Uhhhhhh, Isn't the ANC supposed to be communist? Why don't they just seize the farms and create worker-owned cooperatives or communes? I don't see how land reorganization could take this long unless officials are being bought…

  3. The whole of Africa is a shit-hole.Why do you think so many blacks want to move to ‘white’ countries.

  4. UM, HOW do you take back LAND that was STOLEN FROM YOU in the first place!  Can some one explain this?

  5. Do you think blacks should go to war and take 90% of the land in Europe from white people??how will they feel…I wonder???

  6. BBC, In this you say land was taken from black people . Which is not that true as koi san where in the cape area , cape town was trading area in which all traded in peace… Then as most people do they want more power. I was born in 1994 .. so called freedom baby. Although my generation and future are paying for what has happen in the past. History is great don't get me wrong but its there to learn from mistakes and not to do the same mess again. I believe that South Africans who all colours and all ancestry should own our land. As like you Brits , we were born here.

  7. Looking at the comments here makes me think that people think that just because you create infrastructure on stolen land, you automatically gain the right to own it. Nobody cares whether your people built infrastructure or not. The land did not belong to them. If the land was unoccupied then why did the settlers have to go to war with native Bantus all over the country to attain it? If the argument is that whites built infrastructure, we will help you dismantle the infrastructure and you can carry it on your backs all the way back to Europe. Problem solved.

  8. The BBC is a leftist propaganda group, not worth their weight in sh*t, if ever you want to watch real & honest news, switch to RT.

  9. The British implemented the land act, but after they lost control of SA they implemented boycottsanx evdntually resulting in the incompetent ANC running the country. All this to protect the minority rich of the UK's "investors". The black people arrived in Southern Africa long after the Europeans, so what's the problem? "European investment" always follow the money.

  10. Thanks BBC for telling the Truth and you should do a Documentary on how land was taken from the San in the Cape as it was legal to hunt them until the 1930s, South Africa has an evil past but our White privileged Brothers and sisters are in Denial….. Thanks BCC for being honest and not taking sides according to Race !!

  11. Each ethnic group owns its ancestral land, not the country as a whole. And if someone wants to farm there's plenty of idle government land, they should start with it.

  12. Kudos to the BBC! Very factual reporting based on understanding of the history. Some people in the comment think that the strife in South Africa rose out of thin air. Also, I am neither South African nor British

  13. Those now in charge will be shamelessly begging the white man, tan man, yellow man, red man any damn man for food in a short amount of time if all white farmers lose their lands. Then, they will keep all food and medical aide from the weak peoples that currently support them. Expect a bloody and extremely brutal civil war to break out soon after that. History has shown just how savage they can be while at war with each other as well. Experts at savagely raping, mutilating, enslaving, beating, sodomizing, torturing and worse, regardless if civilian, child, elderly, etc! Machete wielding savages!

  14. If you have to ask that question then Obviously you are on the side of the whites. The land belongs to the people who were already there. Why can't the whites go back to their land? They're land is not valuable! Nothing good came from Europe. Everything good was brought to Europe from other places and people!

  15. it is a question worldwide. why does the governments of this world deny people the right to their land? why is the land only for the benefit of some and not all who desire it?

  16. By actually starting your discussion with a factually incorrect statement that the first settlers got the land by conquest and displacement one can assume that the rest is as full of rubbish as the BBC can normally come up with. Anyone taking this seriously have no clue of the true history of the country. Unlike the British who took occupied land by force from its rightful owners, much of the land was either unoccupied or scarcely occupied in the beginning. For people who caused over 50 000 woman and children's deaths (whites) in your Anglo Boer War in YOUR concentration camps and even more of the black people whom YOU kept in separate and even harsher conditions, you really have a lot of nerve to continue telling others lies about our history. Do a program on your country's holocaust of the people in this country, black and white (Google "Anglo Boer War Concentration Camps" and the "Scorched earth policy" if you read this and find out what your country did to all of us).

  17. 2019 anyone?

  18. This is totally wrong lol. The original natives from South Africa is the kio san any other black traditions came from Northern Africa just before the time of White settlers. Also the Anc is a black Government ruling South Africa for the last 24 years and nothing has changed regarding land, lifestyles and housing they keep empty promises and then people get mad and start murdering the farmers. Also land that has being taken and given has no gain to the economy as the farm slowly starts to die due to the people now living there is only contributing to themselves and not the farming community due to them not having the skills to run such environment. This is all to blame on the ANC, but the rise of the EFF parliament is now causing more problems in South Africa as the whole Northern Cape is ruled by them. They are emotionally playing on black peoples believes and past to aggravate them to racism and take brutal actions to justify whats being wrong in their believe system. 0:14 in the video is a clear example of a mad racist EFF member. So the problems in South Africa will never end as a young citizen i see all my friends black or white leaving this forsaken place for first world countries.


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